The crowd turns

Hosanna! Jesus our Savior; save us please.
The cries of the people fill the streets.
They call him their King and shout praises to his name.
The long awaited Messiah has finally came.
Those same voices who declare "Hosanna in the highest"!
would five days later shout "crucify him"!
When things don't seem to be going our way.
We grow angry and cold and refuse to pray.
Our praises turn to rants and requests to demands.
All us sinners have Jesus' blood on our hands.
We ask for peace, we don't care what it cost.
We expect quick fixes, not suffering and a cross.
We are blind as the day we first received sight.
We are still that wretch, will we ever get it right?
Amazing grace is just a song we sing.
We so easily lose sight of what it really means.
When troubles are doubled and life hurts real bad.
We question God's plans, shake our fist and get mad.
Oh how we long for our mess to finally end.
We forget to give thanks, we cave in to our sin.
How could a God so loving and just;
Allow suffering and hardship for all of us?
Why me, why them, why is life never fair.
Do you hear all our cries? Do you even care?
How many times have we moaned and whined?
Not even thinking, just out of our minds.
Who am I to question God's perfect plan?
There is knowledge that scholars could not understand.
His ways are not our ways, but His are the best.
Our trials and suffering put our faith to the test.
Do you truly believe that Jesus died for you?
Then nothing can change what you know is true.
You won't get all the answers, you won't be pain free.
But if you trust in The Lord one day you will see.
How the messes and struggles we face day to day.
All have purpose and meaning in mysterious ways.
The cross did not make sense on the dark Friday night.
But come Sunday morning it all came to light.
Alive and well no grave could hold our king!!
Jesus Christ is resurrected death has lost it's sting!

By Deborah Pinnell


This is fantastic. Good to see you dp.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I agree with Bethy, DP. This is fantastic and it is very good to see you!


K :princess:

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Wonderful, wonderful - thanks for an uplifting poem first thing in the morning.


Billy Beard @billyb ·

The wounds caused by a friend are so hard to bear. How our Lord Jesus Christ must have suffered to that end.

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