Blessings We Take for Granted

I make it a habit to render thanksgiving to God daily. But this past weekend, I had a couple of experiences that made me realize how we tend to take many of God's blessings for granted. First, I was at an Office Depot in line waiting for my turn to be attended to by the cashier. As I waited, a man entered the store and came in my line of sight near the cashier. This man was blind, and had a dog to guide him. He told the cashier he needed some assistance to pick out some office supplies. The cashier asked the man what items in particular he needed so as to determine which section of the store he needed to go to. He replied that he needed things from several areas in the store. And so the cashier called for an employee to come and assist the blind man. As he and the employee proceeded to shop in the store, I was convinced this was going to take a while. Then I thought about myself. I had come into the store, selected several items, and in five minutes I had finished shopping and was ready to check out. And so I thought to myself, how often do I go through my day, taking it for granted that I can see and need no one to lead me around to do the simplest of tasks. The truth is that when I offer thanksgiving to God, I don't thank Him for my sight as often and as seriously as I should. Later that same day, I went to the hospital to see a friend whom I used to pastor; this lady was in her sixties. She was a strong person of faith who had spent her life feeding the poor and homeless and helping those in need. But her health took a nosedive during the past few months. When I came in the hospital room, she had just finished trying to feed herself. While I was there, she tried to reach for something to drink that was on her dinner tray, but her hands trembled so badly, she couldn't grab the glass. I picked it up and positioned the straw in her mouth so she could drink. And I thought to myself, thank God that I am blessed with health. Believe me, the mere ability to feed oneself is a blessing. I almost always start my prayer time with praises to God and thanksgiving, before I make any petitions for anything. But what these two encounters did for me (or to me) this weekend was help me more deeply appreciate these two areas in which I am blessed. And I can extrapolate the impact of that experience to many other areas of my life where my thanksgiving should come from a deeper place in my heart. God has blessed us in so many ways that we think little about. Let us not take any of them for granted. Sometimes, God has to help us in this area by bringing us face to face with those who lack what we have. In prayer, we should think on our blessings more intimately. As we go through our day, and we are reminded about an area in which we are blessed, we need not wait until we get home to thank Him. Rather, let us do it then and there. Consider what the psalmist said, "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits"€ (Psalm 103:2). Frank King

Kathleen Williams @khw4christ ·

Yes Brother it is true that we take so many things for granted and this blog has been a reminder to me today. Lord thank you for all the things that you have blessed me with, there are so many and I do thank you for each one.


Thanks Brother Frank! Exactly! God Bless you and your family richly! Dave

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

i was going to mention about still being able to drive my van but one other came to mind. went to work last night thinking,"did i turn the oven off?" got off this morning and went in the kitchen, the oven was still on from yesterday. thank god my dog wasnt overcome with fumes. i'm going to be more thoughtful of the stewardship he gave me over my dog.thank you my brother for always coming when i can use the encouragement from whatever you blog about. we'll talk about if i ever enter the"betty crocker or "pillsbury bakeoff, i could use a "cake taster or two.. be blessed

Savvy Borden @frequentyinspired ·

You are absolutely right Brother Frank! There is so much the Lord has blessed us with, and it is very easy to overlook everything!

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