Discovering the Ways of God

To make any system work for you, you must first understand how that system works. Similarly, in order for Kingdom principles to work for us, we must first understand how Kingdom principles work. Too often, Christians interact with God based on their ill-conceived notions about Him, and they are disheartened with the results they get. The problem is that when we deal with God we must deal with Him in a manner that is consistent with His ways. The Bible says, "How unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!" (Romans 11:33). This means that we don't intuitively know the ways of God. Since His ways are past finding out, you and I can't go on an expedition to discover His ways, as NASA does space explorations to learn about space and the universe. The truth is that the only things we know about the ways of God are those which He reveals to us in His Word. We have no other means of discovering His ways. Note, I did not say that we cannot discover some of God's works, such as through archeology. Scientists have found many relics that confirm certain accounts in the Bible. But what I am talking about are the ways of God; His modus operandi. Because our sole source of understanding the ways of God, to the extent that He reveals them, is the Bible, we should never seek to learn His ways through books outside the Bible, unless they are based on expounding on the Scriptures. Sometimes, when I listen to someone sharing his testimony about some experience he has had with God, some of the salient points of the experience are not consistent with the ways of God as revealed in Scripture. When that happens, I tend to shut down on the person. Listen, God always operates consistent with His ways as revealed in Scripture. Imagine how impossible it would be for us in our dealings with Him, if that were not the case. It should be clear that in order for us to properly interact with God, we must learn His ways by studying the Bible. As we study the four accounts of the gospel, for example, Jesus often introduces His teachings by saying, "The kingdom of heaven is like... "€ When He does that, He is revealing to us a Kingdom principle and how it operates. Why are these teachings important? Because, again, in order for us to make Kingdom principles work for us, we must first understand how those principles work. The more we study the Bible, the more we learn about the ways of God and how the principles of His Kingdom work, and the better we learn them, the more we can make them work for us. A new convert's dilemma is that whenever a person accepts the Lord Jesus Christ, he knows little if anything about the ways of God. Because he does not know how to interact with God, he simply does what he knows. Some tend to reduce God to a man because human relationships are all they have known. But God is not a man. What works for us in dealing with our neighbor or a colleague will not work with God. That's why we must study our Bible. It is God's gift to us. He inspired holy men to write it so that we would have it. It is our only means to discover His ways. This is important because God always deals with us in a manner that is consistent with His ways. Frank King


And only in the Bible is Truth and His Holy lessons-our daily bread! Thanks for this very insightful message Brother Frank! The Bible is His Word-our Guide Book! Take care and God Bless you mightily! Dave

Billy Beard @billyb ·

I do the same. In this wishy-washy world it is comforting to know that all God has given us, is sure and steadfast. Because of that I know what the future holds, how to find peace. I also know that satan will only seek to destroy and devour. His word tells us all we need to know. Appreciate you. God Bless, Billy

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Brother Frank, the ways of God are too profound , too Heavenly and too divine. We need the Holy Spirit to show and to guide us in all ways that our ways be pleasing to Him. :wink:

Actually God's way is very simple, never complicating. It is men who make them confusing. God's way is pure, always of good intention and of good purpose, never evil , yet more of love and sincerity. That's what God is with His ways.

May the Lord teach us more and more of His ways that we will let go of the ways of the world .:teach::heart::teach::heart:

Thanks for sharing

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen


[quote]The truth is that the only things we know about the ways of God are those which He reveals to us in His Word. We have no other means of discovering His ways.[/quote]
I whole heartedly agree with this statement, the blog for that matter.

But one doesn't read the other books to discover the ways of God. And one better not go off reading some of them without prayer and the Holy Spirit's guidance. There are many reasons to read some, I suppose as a Master of Theology you can think of a variety of reasons.

How else do we know that the last hold-out of the Disciples, Thomas, who's doubt could be from what some thought about ghost and taught during this period. Thomas said unless I can see and touch, Jesus said here Thomas see and touch, Thomas's doubt falls away knowing this is no ghost or apparition and declares my God and my Lord.

Proof no, but a possibility. Does it help us to know God's ways, maybe, He is concerned about every little detail about us and welling to go the extra step to secure our faith in Him. He really does love us beyond what we can imagine or understand.

Every bit of my extra reading has begun from the word of God - I ask why and what even when I shouldn't sometimes.
I do agree, if you want to know read the Bible, but more than that, remember, it is the Living Word of God so do the Bible too, then you learn and grow in understanding God's ways.

His peace and joy with you always,

Billy Beard @billyb ·

"He has given us the Bible as the standard by which all other christian works are judged" A definite Amen to that! I don't know about everyone else, but I am personally finding that the majority are doing the opposite, accepting other teachings and claims, instead of seeing they do not concur with the scripture. Good intentions are still bound by the scripture, it is why we have it. History can certainly confirm this. Anyhow, a definite amen. God Bless, billy.

Brandon Burdette @brandon86 ·

I had a disciplined time reading your blog here.
That's a compliment, and it's the way I'd prefer to read anything relating to the Lord.


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