His Word is Our Light, Or is It?

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path," the Psalmist wrote (Psalm 119:105). Reading that verse today, we may not grasp the full impact of what he was saying. During his day, they did not have electrical power and exterior street lighting for you to see your way. At night, streets were pitch-dark. You could see your way only by candles or lamps. And what he was saying in this verse was that the Word of God was the light for the path of his life, lest he stumbled along the way or went awry. The Word of God should play the same role in our life today. We are commanded to not lean to our own understanding, but to acknowledge God in all of our decision-making (see Proverbs 3:5-6). And I am sure that many of us claim that we do. But what about when there is a conflict of interest? In other words, what if the Word points you in a particular direction and that direction is diametrical to the way in which you are bent on going? In those instances, who wins, you or God? Let me give you a couple of examples. One has to do with dating. For Christians, the Bible says we should not yoke ourselves with unbelievers (see 2 Corinthians 6:14). But what if you are a Christian, and you are dating someone whom you are crazy about, and would jump at the chance to marry him or her, but the person tells you he has no interest in the Christian faith? Having been a pastor who had members involved in those kinds of relationships, I know that can be a tough one. And, yes, I know that many marriages between two unbelievers turn out even better than some Christian marriages. I am not here to debate that point. The question on the floor is, to what extent do we allow the Word of God to be the light for our Christian journey? Here is another example. This one occurs in the voting booth. One thing that baffles me is how many Christians vote with more loyalty to a political party than to what they say they believe as Christians. My purpose here is not to promote or bad mouth any political party. What I am talking about is much bigger than that. I am talking about Christians who dont care about a candidates platform or his position on key social issues because their practice is to enter the booth and vote along party lines. I believe that when we allow the Word of God to be the light of our life, we will vote for politicians who reflect our values as Christians, regardless of their political affiliation. Our loyalty must be to Christ and not a political party. The two examples I used here are among the more difficult ones. That was done on purpose. You see, most of the time, we dont mind forsaking our way to embrace the direction given us in the Word of God--as long as its rather easy to do, and it costs us very little. But what about things we regard as sacred such as things that have been handed down to us by family tradition or our culture, to which our continued loyalty constitutes a failure to walk in the light of Gods Word. In those instances, who wins, you or God? Frank King


What a thought provoking, insightful blog Brother Frank! My most recent battle was either a. playing not so Christian music in a band or b. playing music for His glory! God wins! This was battle which went on for almost 3 years! Good examples. although I have never been married, but I do vote! Yes-let us walk the Light more and more! God Bless you mightily! Dave

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Brother Frank, many times we want God's help but we do not want to follow His words or live according to His words. Yet when things happen wrongly and badly, many blame God and say God is not real anymore.

Surely the word of God is full of wisdom, divine guidances and principles that still is relevant and still works in this technological age. Read and read and read the Word until it becomes part of our nature, that's the way it should be and that when the word of God becomes light to our life and to our path.

May the Lord and His words be my light and my salvation to the end of my life. Amen [img]http://anointedhealing.com/files/users/1/535D6469CA422048E040A8C0AC002D4E/Reading_bible.gif[/img]

Thanks for sharing

Blessings always

From Hwa [img]http://www.thesmilies.com/smilies/office/fountainpen.gif[/img] Silvepen

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