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We have coined the phrase, "You are what you eat." Not only does this apply to the natural foods we consume, but also this is true about the spiritual food that we eat. Just because someone attends a Christian church will not guarantee him that he will be fed sound doctrine. Those who minister the Word of God must meet certain qualifications. Hence, Paul the apostle instructed Timothy, "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" (2 Timothy 2:15, KJV). Timothy was a church pastor, and Paul wrote to advise him on a number of matters in the church. Note the phrase "rightly dividing." This comes from the Greek word orthotomeo, meaning to cut straight. You see, God does not speak in vague but specific terms. If we are not careful to rightly divide what He says, we can totally change the meaning of the Scriptures, thereby causing those who listen to be fed error and not truth. A number of errant church doctrines has occurred this way. If you needed surgery on your body and it required some cutting, you would want a surgeon who is skilled in what he does, and one who has a steady pair of hands so he can make incisions with precision. Similarly, when churchgoers attend a service during which the Word of God is ministered, they should expect nothing less than one who is skilled in the Scriptures, and one who can properly divide the text. And not only must the person be ABLEto properly divide the Word of God, but he must be WILLING to. My point is that there are some who know how to do so, but choose not to so as to make the Bible say what they want it to. Though Timothy was a pastor, and we refer to Paul's letters to him as Pastoral Epistles, the requirement to study and rightly divide the Word of God is not limited to pastors and preachers. For instance, churches often use other church members to teach Sunday school and lead small study groups. Again, those who do so should be regarded as qualified. This does not mean that everyone involved in ministering the Bible needs to go to Bible College or seminary. But it does mean that he or she should be recognized among the mature members of the congregation as being qualified. When a congregation just throws anybody up front to teach from the Bible just because no one else is willing to, this is a disservice to the body, and that congregation as a whole will suffer. The same thing applies to workers in the church who teach children's church and who minister to our teens. It is imperative that we lay a good foundation during the critical years of these future leaders of the church. Those who minister to them must be willing to put forth the extra effort to impact the lives of our youths in a way that's relevant to their world, always being careful to rightly divide the Word. It is a privilege for us to be made stewards of God's Word. But with it comes great responsibility. Let us take this stewardship seriously. Study the Bible faithfully. Be a stickler for searching out truth. Model it in your life, and teach the same with passion. The people of God deserve nothing less than our very best. Frank King

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Brother Frank, anyone who loves Jesus and walks clsoely with Him are teachers of His words in one way or another, be it at church, or Sunday School but also at home teaching our children values from the Bible, talking to our friends about the ways of God and even conducting our daily affairs with intergrity of the Bible.

May the word of God fill us daily that we may be teachers of His words in all ways, big or small, formal or informal. :studying:

Thanks for sharing on the importance of God's words abiding in our life.

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

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