The Haiti Horror, What is God Saying?

We have all seen the horrible scenes associated with the recent earthquake in Haiti. The death toll has been estimated as high as 200,000! Whatever the number turns out to be in the end, it will be staggering. Being a preacher, I can't help but wonder what God is saying through this event. I'm sure that many people are tempted to ask the question, what did the Haitians do so bad to reap such cruel devastation? Since God and I have not had this conversation, I won't speculate as to whether that line of questioning has any place in this matter. But there are several things I believe God is saying through the tragedy in Haiti. One is that we are to help relieve the people's suffering to the extent we can. America normally does outstanding in this area. Remember the Katrina disaster? To date, billions of dollars have been pledged on behalf of the Haitians, who by the way live in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The Bible says that when we have compassion on the poor, we lend to the Lord and He will repay (see Proverbs 19:17). Secondly, God would have us to seriously pray for Haiti. Even though billions of dollars have been raised, and people from all over the world have descended upon that troubled land to do search and rescue, provide medical assistance, and security, etc., the challenge at hand is immeasurably larger than all of this. When devastation happens on the scale that it has in Haiti, we are on God's turf. Only He can heal the soul of the Haitian people. Thirdly, I believe God wants us to acknowledge how fragile and uncertain life is. Think about it. On January 12, 2010, one minute in Southern Haiti, it was business as usual, and the next minute, the place turned into death and hell. If there was ever an example as to why we should never take life for granted, the immediacy of the horror in Haiti is certainly that.

Eileen Algaze @ladyvogue ·

HI efrank! I was discussing this with someone the other day in a small bible study group. Its crazy how it takes a devastating earthquake to get people to react and help others out in a time like this, otherwise we wouldnt react or help anyone. ITs sad to see this happen. My prayers do go out to Haiti and my support as well.

Godbless you

Lee Chung @leeinnyc ·

Hello, welcome! (I would insert the cute welcome sign that everyone else does, but haven't learned how to do that yet.)

Just this evening, I was thinking about writing a blog addressing the devestation in Haiti. But fortunately, I came upon your blog. The verses that immediately popped into my mind upon learning of what happened in Haiti was Luke 13:1-5:

"Now there were some present at that time who told Jesus about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mixed with their sacrifices. Jesus answered, "Do you think that these Galileans were worse sinners than all the other Galileans because they suffered this way? I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish. Or those eighteen who died when the tower in Siloam fell on them -- do you think they were more guilty than all the others living in Jerusalem? I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish."

When Christ returns, He will be vindicated from all our accusations of injustice.

Thank you for the courage to write your blog regarding the very difficult questions that arise about God's righteousness.

God Bless,

Chris Graham @brokenbutsaved ·

Good evening Efrank... The people of Haiti are probably still WAY TOO CLOSE to the pain of the devastation to say God will turn this huge tragedy upside down and not get a uproar started. But quite plainly, this is one of the things our Lord does best... No disrespect meant to all the Haitians who lost everything they own and possibly numerous people close to them, BUT this is a country where roughly 90% of adults practice VOODOOVoodoo is by FAR the biggest obstacle to Christianity in this small country. The infant mortality rate there is 1200% higher than in the US and the average Haitian lives TWENTY-THREE years less than the average American. Also 80% of the Haitians live below the poverty level. I AM NOT SAYING THIS WAS GOD's JUDGEMENT (ala Pat Robertson) but the Lord will use this devestating tragedy to further his Kingdom here on Earth and Haiti will be a better place for all their countrymen in the long run for it. BUT OF COURSE, its way too close to the tragedy to even suggest this and not be called insensitive. My family has sponsored two children in Haiti through New Missions for the last couple years and we have been acutely aware of the extreme challenges this poverty-stricken island faces. Just like God was the only one who could save me from my own self-destructiveness, just maybe its ONLY GOD who can turn this thing around for the Haitians. One thing for sure... Haiti has the attention of many of the world's most powerful countries. Lets pray God can work a miracle through this tragedy like ONLY HE CAN!


I agree the ultimate conclusion should be your three well made points.

The question was raised "who is your neighbor?"
This boils theology away and presents one with understanding of living life as a true Christian.
It is time to help our neighbor in whatever why we each are able.

Thank you for promoting Christian love.


Dear Preacher,

Thanks for your wisdom from our Lord God. I strongly agree what you said last that God would like us to know how wrong we have been for taking life for granted.

I just thought about this, and I remember that Lord God had said in a chapter in Bible( don't remember the exact page;)sorry) that He is our Father, and He is entirely love. Love won't harm us, but the pain that love brings is that it sometimes has to be hard to understand, and few could. So please just regard Him as a father. A benign Father, who is so benign that He is almost being misunderstood all the time. When we got into trouble, we questioned Him, we complained toward Him, we cried to Him, just as every kid of an ordinary father did. But kids are always too young to understand the love of their fathers, for we could only see what is lost in the present. But Father has more profound plans for us. He now punished our bodies, however refined our souls. Seek Jesus God Son, we see it, love, right there.

Dear preacher, I would like to be someone like you in the future, you know, being a preacher.;)I really like it. Although it now seems completely incredible to my family and my friends now( I live in China, Christians here are not as many as in West), I believe that this dream will someday come true. I want to go to the West, there, I want to find more brothers and sisters, and to find the trace of Lord God. And I feel that I am destined to do that.

Again, I pray for the wounded souls in the earthquakes, in Haiti, and also in Sichuan China.

little Gabriel


Amen brother ... Amen!

Teresa Carroll @wordgirl ·

"The enemy comes only to steal, kill, and destroy..." God's not saying anything, He already said it! Haiti dedicated theirselves and their country to 'other gods" many years ago!!! Many of the haitian people believe they can say they are Christian and still use voodoo and serve other demonic and occultic gods! NOT SO, remember the 10 Commandmnents "no other gods". They've not been dicipled in the Word of Truth (bible), or they've been taught by those who are ignorant where the Word is concerned! Hosea 4:6 "My people die for a lack of knowledge..." God said HIS people, not the enemy's but His. How much more shall the enemy's people die from lack of knowledge! I have compassion for Haiti but not pity! There are too many professed Christians especially in America, who say "we're under grace" but do not have any idea what that means, because they've never studied it out in the Bible! Remember the parable Jesus taught regarding the virgins awaiting the bridegroom and oil. It speaks of responsibility and accountability, two things that a good number of folks don't want anything to do with these days. We as believers NEED to be crying out for these two things to be taught in our churches!!! I get annoyed over this, please forgive me. Oh, James 1:16-17 tells us not to be decieved only good and perfect gifts come from the Father! (Teresa Paraphrase) It's time the "Body of Christ" decided to grow up since perfect translates as mature!!!

Anita Sorensen @2gvhmpraz ·

Please see my blog in response that I will be posting soon. Title "Vodou - Voodoo - Christian - Call it what you want."

Louanna Faine @louanna123 ·

I would have to say that I agree that it is going to take more then food and shelter to help Haiti. As believers we also have to understand that God has all control and if he feels like moving he will do so. We should up lift this country in prayer. Through the power of God people can be saved and repent from their wicked ways. As Christians that is are main goal is to save souls. We as people need to stop looking at everything in the natural and not lean on to our own understanding we need to seek God for Haiti and received answers on how we can help these people; instead of judging them, God has all power.

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