What is Love? (Reflections on Valentine's Day)

I am posting this just three days before Valentines Day. This is the time when love is in the air. The problem with that statement is that people have such twisted definitions of love. Some months ago, a [url= was done, and according to the results, almost 40 percent of Americans say marriage is becoming obsolete. That one finding says volumes about our idea of love. In other words, if the trending view is that marriage is becoming obsolete, that suggests that a growing number of people do not view marriage as a core objective of love. First, let me state up front that I am addressing this subject from a Christian perspective. Why? One, because I am a preacher. Two, because God is the one who came up with the idea of marriage. He decreed that, "Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh" (Genesis 2:24). Moreover, the Bible says, "What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder" (Matthew 19:6). Hence, in God's view, marriage is a core objective of a man leaving his parents and cleaving to a woman. Assuming there is some validity to the study I mentioned above, a clear message would be that the world has its own concept of love. For instance, two people "love" each other because they both desire a relationship in which they can have affairs with other individuals outside their own relationship; or two people "love" each other because they have similar social interests, and they live for the moment of spending time together in public; or a younger woman "loves" a much older man because she sees him as a father figure, and he gives her the sense of security she has been looking for, etc. I don't question the love such couples have for each other because of the chemistry between them, but the love God has decreed that a man and woman are to have for each other goes so much deeper than that. It is a love that embraces the idea of a man and woman spending a lifetime together in a legally recognized union. It is also a love that calls them to save themselves sexually for that special person they want to spend a lifetime with. Yes, I know that sounds so old-fashioned. This kind of love will find little or no reception in the sexually revolutionized society we currently find ourselves in. What I have said heretofore is not meant to suggest that the first person a young Christian meets in his first experience with dating should be viewed as an obligation to marry her. There is nothing wrong with a Christian dating for years prior to marriage. God gives us the liberty to decide if we will get married at age 20 or at age 50. In fact, He even gives us the liberty to forgo marriage and choose to just serve Him. At any rate, we do well to seek His timing and direction for finding the right person for yoking ourselves with. Our society continues to drift from God in its concept of "love" and romance. Some of our youths engage in "friends with benefits" activity. Our states are becoming increasingly open to legalizing same sex marriages. And so people toss very loosely the phrase "we love each other."€And it creates all this love-chatter in the air on Valentine"s Day. Frank King


Brother Frank,

I also read an article proclaiming the statistics you cited above. I believe there is an inverse relationship (one increases, one decreases) between the value and practice of marriage and promiscuous non-biblical sexual behavior (i.e., homosexuality). For students of history they all understand that homosexuality has been around before written records. It has never been okay by the Lord though.

My point is, as society redefines marriage and makes it less valuable, less important it opens up opportunities for the promotion of sinful sexual behavior. Think about how things fall into place based on previous activities. In the 1950s this country was very prosperous and many individuals are given opportunity to attend college or vocational schools. Colleges became breeding grounds for insurrection in the 60s among the youth. Among them were women. Women moved into the work force.

The home began to degenerate because children did not have one parent who was providing constant moral guidance. Those children, with lesser values, grew up and voted into office people who thought just as they did. During that time women's liberation (feminism), environmentalism and sexual revolution blossomed because of the newfound freedom and prosperity women and others were enjoying. In the 70s, abortion was legalized as a result of further societal degradation. The course was set.

As the snowball began to grow in size it becomes unstoppable. Women are equally as rich and powerful as men are today. And, they are equally as sinful and disobedient to God's word. Marriage is inconvenient when the "partners" have no intentions of staying the course and sacrificing for a lifelong marriage. And without marriage all the other social partnering becomes more pronounced and acceptable. It is okay today to be openly gay, bisexual, a transvestite or any other abomination against God's word.

In the name of the Lord Jesus,
Southern Christian

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

It is also a love where both parties are willing to make sacrifices for one another... in other words, love is NOT selfish. It never says, "I'm going to do what I want to do regardless of what is best for my spouse and family." I am thinking of the many marriages that have suffered because one (or both) spouse puts their marriage on the back burner while they pursue their own desires such as position, money, elevating the status of friends and family above that of their spouse, etc.


K :princess:

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

Great blog my brother. The last part of your latest comment is so true. There are tools and resources from a Godly perspective out there. It's time for us to stop waiting around hoping they will fallout of the sky or get mentioned in some sermon on any given Sunday. So recently,I took another step and whatever ministries other than this one is blessing and encouraging me, I found out it they have a link to that popular social network and post it on my account there.being a godly role model doesnt mean how big and white your smile is or checking to see if you have any lint on your clothes.. be blessed

Joe Volpe @joe4jesus ·

My dear brother Frank, all of the problems that have been mentioned here is what I like to call the symptoms of sin. The symptoms of sin is more sin. The further we go into sin the further we get from the light, thus leading to more darkness. Overall the less light there is, the less we see to be wrong with what we're doing. Thankfully, but at the same time regrettably, the end is near. I look forward to being called home, but at the same time am frightened for all the lost souls.

Be blessed for the Lord is coming back, seek to save the lost and never allow yourself to lose your way.

Jesus is Lord

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