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Good morning to the bloggers once again. I have been thinking lately, why d
Good morning to the bloggers once again. I have been thinking lately, why do people betray each other? Why do they choose to rather take the sinners side of the road? It is a big question, and I would like to share why I ask this.

I am a competitive swimmer, and recently my coach asked me why I haven't been training so hard. I told him the matters and he said that if I wish to talk about anything else, I need only ask and he will put aside what he is doing and come to me. I took that as the truth and told him everything that is wrong and troubling me. This was three weeks ago. Last week I had another problem and went to him, as he said I can trust him. I think that the matter was maybe too serious or possibly too deep for him to handle. He told me sort it out myself and hasn't spoken to me since. Now the question stands: why did he tell me that he wanted me to tell him everything and when I warned him that these things go far and beyond what most can handle, he still said AI should tell him "because a coach and a swimmer hide nothing from each other". It hurt me deeply that he chose to leave me in the dark waters. I put my trust in him, did I not?
We get told by society to lean on others when we need to. But what of God? I know that I made the mistake of rather talking to another person than to pray to God.
The lesson is this, and I learnt it the hard way, we shouldn't want to lay our problems and questions on others because they can't give us the right answers. Yes, there are those who are chosen by God to speak his word and to help the helpless. So rather choose them, than the ones whom you think are not pure of heart.

I hope this makes sense.

God bless,

Published: Nov 21 2006 11:34:04pm

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John Heintzman (@revjch)

It makes perfect sense. There is nothing wrong with seeking godly advice, or counsel, if that is what we receive! But ultimately we rely on God. We have to! people are fallbile, we all fall and make mistakes, but it is God who will never let us down. Im sure all of us could think of a few, or more? That are godly people we can trust, but even they are not perfect. So hence we must give them some grace. The hardest thing is when we have been betrayed by those closest to us. It is very painful, and can be very deep. but it is in these times that it takes God to help us forgive the, something not easily done in such a hard time, especially in our humanly resources, whiohc ar enot much fo anything! But God is able to help us. and sometimes it takes a long time.

Young Kim (@unusualteenchristian)

Sometimes if we are in deep trouble or in deep worries...we forget that others have problems too...i had some issues that i could not carry and i had a friend who had problems of suicide...well i leaned on him too much and as a result he said...please.."get off of me" i learned in a hardway that i am not the only one who has problems in life...and sometimes we have to solve it ourselves...even if it is tearing my heart... ... in a sense...we want to take people's burden...but when it seem like too much...we back away without knowing how much we hurt the person... do not take it too personally about the coach issue...because it is common world problems... there is a saying in the bible about many choose the wider road than the narrow does not mean about the road after we die but the road now...many choose the wider road because it has many people walking in it...and also we are not "challenged" by other things...we barely choose the narrow road because it is full of pain and suffering...or at least it seems... i guess the bible is trying to say that in life...we have to go through hardships and hard times to get to heaven... and the wide road is not ganna prepare us for heaven... choose to take sinner's pathway because it seems like there is less hardships and suffering... Betrayal can be one of the bad things that humans have...but we betray one another because we do not know or overestimate the responsilbity that is need to not to betray...if that make anysense... ..and another reason that we betray others is because of our self pride...betrayal is going to happen everyday and every turn that we face in life...but try not to ram your head in it...but ease it down...and also...just because the "coach" betrayed you does not mean that you should betray others...rather try your best not to betray anyone else because you know how that is sorta like the golden rule... peace, james

Nathaniel Torres (@jclover)

Yeah, this is a tough one. Learn your lesson and walk away wiser for it. I'm very big on not trusting anyone, because I never had anyone to trust (and anyone I did decide to trust in disappointed me), and because the Lord commands me not to trust in men. One only confirms the other until I've built up a hard resistance to trusting people. What ends up happening is that people get mighty offended when you tell them you cannot place your trust in them, and even doubly offended when you tell them why - because they don't believe there's a God - so they think you'd rather trust in some phantom non-existent idea than in them. We'll they are just fools, because God is real and they are in darkness, and they have not one wise bone in their bodies. They cannot see how God proves himself to us every day in the small ways in which he takes care of us. They also cannot see that God is taking care of them by sending rain upon their heads - they take too much for granted. So, yeah, you confide in someone, you do not trust in them. You share your troubles, you do not believe other people can solve them. You get things off you chest (we all need to now and then, even David had a best friend whom he loved) but your very best friend is always the Lord. I have made my motto "Woe to the man who trusts in man" so I will never forget that the Lord is the only one to place one's complete trust in. Most people would rather choose a happy, redemptive, constructive verse than what I chose. But if you think about my choice carefully, it is very happy, redemptive, and constructive; it just happens to be a very truthful thing (and to many very insulting) to say about mankind in general. I've had parents that lied to me, brothers that beat me up, friends that abdandoned me, teachers who hated me, strangers who stole from me, landlords who tried to put me out on the street, celebrities I admired who turned out to be cross-dressers, preachers who cursed me, animals that bit me, bosses who insulted me, girlfriends who manipulated me, etc, etrc, etc. We all go through this kind of stuff, there is a lesson to be learned and many never learn it. If you never trust anyone, there's no way they can disappoint you, because you always expect the worst. It got to the point where I would meet a woman and I could not trust that she was not a lesbian until I found out otherwise. She could just be hiding it from me for whatever reason. It is a horrible way to have to live but I had no other choice. People are just liars and I simply cannot trust them. I remember telling a friend who thought my view of the world was beyond his comprehension. I said to him, "Every woman is a lesbian to me unless I find out otherwise." "How can you say that?" he asked me. "It's the only way I can protect myself." My friend simply did not understand why I had put up this strange wall of unreasonableness. It got to the point where every guy that came along was a silent-homosexual trying to lure me into his apartment or trying to steal something valuable from me. And this is simply because such things had happened to me way too many times - too many freaks had tried to use me and harm me in the course of many many years. So, yeah, I learned a very difficult lesson. Was it worth it? You bet it was! I dare ask people nowadays what their true intentions are when I first meet them, and this makes many of them run for the hills. Well, that was easy. Better they run now than I suffer later, eh? Good job. Sinners are trouble. Don't trust anything they say. They are not here on this good earth to help people, they are here to get what they want and blame whatever the consequences are on you. Take this to heart, it is the truth.

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