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I recently had another birthday. Not a decade marker like 40 or 50. I turne
I recently had another birthday. Not a decade marker like 40 or 50. I turned 53 - nothing to get uptight about, right? So why do I keep having this part of me that is screaming " You're getting old! " Maybe it's because the youngest of my 4 children will turn 25 next week. That's a quarter of a century! When did that happen? He was just a boy yesterday. & my girls are all around 30 give or take a few years, how can this be? It was just yesterday I was about 30.

Time does not stand still. Thankfully, both of my parents are still living. Mom has her aches & pains but otherwise is pretty healthy for her age. My dad however has weathered some pretty big storms & keeps on ticking. He's had a stroke, 3 different cancers now - or should I say 4 since the current one is both basal cell & squamous cell. Basically, the mortality age in my family is pretty long with the exception of my paternal grandfather who died in his sleep at the age of 63. so why do I keep checking the obits to make sure I'm still alive?

My health is not the greatest, but could be much worse. 25+ years of smoking has taken a toll. I'm still telling myself I'm going to quit. But accomplishing that is yet to be seen. My family seems to not only be prone to cancer but also seem to have a knack for coming down with rare disorders. Mom years ago had "massive osteolysis" At the time she was the 13th person on record to have it. My brother now is wrestling with "cavernous angiomas". I have "eosinophilic gastroenteritis" which lately has been under control with medication. I have a list of other things to, but I won't bore you with that.

So...what am I getting at? I think there comes a time in everyones life that they realize their mortality & get a little scared. That's normal. But I seem to do that a lot lately. When I get in that place I have to remind myself that I am a born again child of God. What is there to fear? I am someday going to be in the most joyous place there is where there will be no sickness, no crying, no worries. When I let myself think on that, I relax.

My prayer is "Thank you God that I have that to look forward to and please ..PLEASE! Let all of my children meet me there someday"

I look forward to meeting all of you.

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Published: Oct 05 2012 03:18:39pm

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Tan Yeowhwa+ (@silverpen)

Sister Evan, as we grow older, we must realise that we are only passing by this world. One day we will meet our Maker and give account of what we have done or not done in our only life.

So take stock and walk the way of God for the rest of your life on this earth, for you will be glad that you have chosen to follow the King to the end.

Thanks for sharing and I pray that the Lord will strenghten your mortal body and the bodies of your family and will guide them in the days and weeks ahead.

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

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