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All are under sin, so the promise of freedom is made to all. The NLT Bible
All are under sin, so the promise of freedom is made to
all. The NLT Bible says that we receive God’s promise of freedom
only by believing. If we do not believe we are free; we won’t be. We
will never rise above our own paradigms.

Religion brings us into protective custody. Religion will
always take away the freedom we have in Christ. It will place a
bunch of religious obligations upon us. It will use fear and
punishment to get us to conform to its demands. Protective custody
is the condition of being captured, arrested, and detained. Religion
will always withhold us from freedom. When we are under the
religious system, we place ourselves in bondage and in the endless
struggle to find freedom. Jesus not only died to free us from sin, but
also to free us from the religious struggle.

Freedom is, “not being subject to the control and domination
of another.” Freedom is to have the ability to choose for yourself.
True freedom is to be free from anything that hinders or restricts.
Believers who have true freedom do things, because, they want to
not because of religious obligation. Religion is the opposite of freedom; it
seeks to bring us under the control and domination of man or law. Religion
seeks to take away our ability to choose to be led by the Spirit of life. It seeks
to hinder and restrict us through religious obligations. Religion will
always bring us to the place of protective custody, but God’s promise
of freedom comes through believing you are free in Christ.

Paul wrote, “But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a
schoolmaster.” This is a nice and polite way to say, that those who
are mature no longer need religion. Freedom is promised to those
who decide that they are going to believe and trust in Christ, and
not in themselves. The church-world should be the ones on the
frontline, proclaiming freedom from religion. But most of the
church-world is on the sidelines, proclaiming that God is not
satisfied (like what Jesus did was not good enough). Either Jesus
satisfied all the requirements of religion, or He didn’t.

The NLT bible translates Gal 3:25 this way saying, “now
that the way of faith has come, we no longer need the law.” We have
no need for religiosity of any type. True freedom comes when we
know we can live without our religion that has worn us out through
guilt and shame. True freedom is the freedom to love from a pure
heart, and not out of obligation.

God always leads His children to understand that they are
united with Christ. The Spirit proclaims that we are all one in
Christ Jesus. There is no need for any mediator between us and
God. As Paul wrote, “for ye are all the children of God by faith in
Christ Jesus.” Religion on the other hand always proclaims (the
clergy) are the sons of God, But you (the laity) are the scum of the

The Bible proclaims all under sin, so the promise could be
made to all, not a chosen few. Those who decide to believe and place
their trust in Christ, become part of the family of God. All who
believe become daughters and sons, and we become all one in
Christ. This means there is no difference between you and I.
There is no clergy and laity division in the kingdom. The
clergy are the laity and the laity is the clergy. The Bible proclaims
that we are all sons and that we are all one. The biggest sign of
religiosity is the hierarchy of the clergy. It is here that Paul
destroys the class distinctions among believers, by proclaiming we
are all the same and there is no special elite, who are higher in
status. “It makes no difference, whether Jew nor Greek, there is
neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all
one in Christ Jesus.”

What we have today, among Christian circles is something
called “dominion doctrine.” This teaching says, the special elite are
the ones who rule over the masses. They take the Bible passage
about having dominion over the earth, and come to the conclusion
that they are to have dominion over God’s people. No where in the
New Testament church, will you find a special elite ruling over the
people of God. Paul the Apostle was a man who walked in
unprecedented authority, yet he said to the church at Corinth, “Not
for that we have dominion over your faith, but are helpers of your
joy: for by faith ye stand.” Paul never claimed to have dominion over
someone else, if fact, he said that he did not have the authority to
rule and control others, but his job is that of a helper. Ministers are
not rulers but servants.

Jesus said the same thing saying, “Ye know that the princes
of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great
exercise authority upon them. But it shall not be so among you: but
whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister.” Jesus
does away with the idea of positional leadership in His kingdom.
There is no rank, there is no exercising authority, and there is no
place for dominion over other people. The only authority a Christian
has is that over his own life.

Jesus warned, “For many shall come in my name, saying, I
am Christ; and shall deceive many.” To paraphrase this verse,
“many would come saying they are the anointed ones and deceive
many.” Any man, who is a self proclaimed anointed one, causes us
to be dependant upon them. They have the special powers that we
need, and we can receive them for a fee of course.

These special anointed ones proclaim they have found the
secret to Gods power, and have paid the price to walk in their
powerful anointing. But, the man who is truly anointed proclaims,
we all have the anointing abiding with in us, and do not need to be
co-dependant upon a man. We can connect with God in our own
hearts, and we don’t need to pay for our miracles. These special
anointed ones, misquote scripture saying, touch not the lord
anointed. Yet the true anointed are the people of God. God reproved
kings (those who desired to rule over God’s people) saying, touch not
mine anointed (His people), and do my prophets no harm. The
special anointed ones are not those who desire to rule over others,
but those who have become servants to all.

Religion always goes against the priesthood of all believers.
Martin Luther was one of the pioneers that sought to renew this
truth. He was recorded saying, “the clergy was not to be elevated
above the rest of mankind, because all believers were priest.” This
was also the mentality that Jesus said that he hated in Revelations,
“He said, but this is in your favor: you hate the evil deeds of the
Nicolaitians, just as I do.” According to the Strong’s concordance the
word, “nicolaitian,” means; to be above the common. This is the
mentality of pride that thinks we are different, or better then
others. This is a paradigm that says climb the ladder of special
elitism, to be a self proclaimed mediator. Jesus Christ hates it all,
because, it springs forth from the pride of man to rule over others.
The Religious are still fighting, wondering who is the greatest in the

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Published: May 31 2013 12:19:00am

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Steve Hurt (@serveonlyhim)

Excellent post with some good strong statements of truth. It is well to explore this further; to bring the Family aspect into the picture. My prayers hearts and minds receive and understand. SoH

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