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Saturday, April 18, 2009 Understand What Will Happen In The Last Days Peter
Saturday, April 18, 2009

Understand What Will Happen In The Last Days

Peter wanted his readers to know that God is faithful to His promises. One promise He wanted them to know is that Jesus will come back again for the final judgment day.

2 Peter 3:1-7 (NCV)
Jesus Will Come Again
1 My friends, this is the second letter I have written you to help your honest minds remember. 2 I want you to think about the words the holy prophets spoke in the past, and remember the command our Lord and Savior gave us through your apostles. 3 It is most important for you to understand what will happen in the last days. People will laugh at you. They will live doing the evil things they want to do. 4 They will say, "Jesus promised to come again. Where is he? Our fathers have died, but the world continues the way it has been since it was made." 5 But they do not want to remember what happened long ago. By the word of God heaven was made, and the earth was made from water and with water. 6 Then the world was flooded and destroyed with water. 7 And that same word of God is keeping heaven and earth that we now have in order to be destroyed by fire. They are being kept for the Judgment Day and the destruction of all who are against God.

We know what will happen in the last days...or at least we should. People will laugh at you when you tell them about Jesus and the judgment day. They will not accept the truth. I see people like that now. "Well if Jesus is coming, where is He?" "When is He coming?" and worst of all, "There is no God!" I know sometimes people think that if there were a God that everything in the world would be peachy keen. Since things are not peachy keen, they believe there couldn't be a God. I feel sorry for them on judgment day when it will be too late.

2 Peter 3:8-9 (NCV)
8 But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: To the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as one day. 9 The Lord is not slow in doing what he promised-the way some people understand slowness. But God is being patient with you. He does not want anyone to be lost, but he wants all people to change their hearts and lives.

The Lord is really patient. He wiped the world out once with a flood that covered the whole world. This time He is being patient I'd say since I see all kinds of sin in the world. I think of those that are still coming to the Lord today. God does not want anyone to be lost. So He waits. We may think it is a long time, but Peter says that time means nothing to God. I believe that in heaven since there is no darkness, there is not night, only day. Therefore, a day equals eternity and eternity equals a day. We will not need sleep in heaven. Right now I could use some extra sleep, but that is because of this weak body my soul is in. When we go to heaven, we will have glorified bodies like Jesus. There will be no more sickness, pain, tears, sadness, or weakness. All I have to say about that is, "Let me trade in this old body now."

2 Peter 3:10-13 (NCV)
10 But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The skies will disappear with a loud noise. Everything in them will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be exposed. 11 In that way everything will be destroyed. So what kind of people should you be? You should live holy lives and serve God, 12 as you wait for and look forward to the coming of the day of God. When that day comes, the skies will be destroyed with fire, and everything in them will melt with heat. 13 But God made a promise to us, and we are waiting for a new heaven and a new earth where goodness lives.

If you are wondering what kind of person you should be while you wait for the Lord's judgment day, Peter says you should be living a holy life and be serving God. Why, because you do not want to be in the group of people who are destroyed by fire. So wait, because God promised a new heaven and a new earth where goodness will live. If you are sick of seeing all the sin in the world, wait. God has patience, shouldn't His children too?

2 Peter 3:14-16 (NCV)
14 Dear friends, since you are waiting for this to happen, do your best to be without sin and without fault. Try to be at peace with God. 15 Remember that we are saved because our Lord is patient. Our dear brother Paul told you the same thing when he wrote to you with the wisdom that God gave him. 16 He writes about this in all his letters. Some things in Paul's letters are hard to understand, and people who are ignorant and weak in faith explain these things falsely. They also falsely explain the other Scriptures, but they are destroying themselves by doing this.

While we are waiting for our Lord's return, we should do our best to be without sin and without fault. Notice it says do our best, not be without sin and fault. We will still occasionally fail, but we have a Savior who forgives us and pleads with the Father for us while we are transformed into the holy servant of God. Are you not there yet? Neither am I. However, we are being transformed. I am not the same person I was the day I was saved, are you? We continue to grow into what God made us for.

2 Peter 3:17-18 (NCV)
17 Dear friends, since you already know about this, be careful. Do not let those evil people lead you away by the wrong they do. Be careful so you will not fall from your strong faith. 18 But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Glory be to him now and forever! Amen.

Peter talks about those who do not understand Paul's teaching; they are ignorant and weak in their faith. So they will teach others falsely. They will claim to be Christians, but because of their ignorance and lack of faith (which I believe is because they do not read their Bibles, seek, and ask for God's wisdom) they will be teaching others the wrong things. Little do they know they are destroying themselves by doing this.

So Peter leaves us with a warning to be careful we do not fall away from our strong faith because of those people who are ignorant and weak in faith. Instead, grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Prayer: Father God, I thank You that some day Your Son will come for His bride the church. Prepare all of us for that day Lord. I pray that none would stray and become lost again because of lack of patience waiting for Jesus to return. Keep our faith strong in Your truths. Give us wisdom to know Your right truths and not fall for any lies given to us by false teachers.
For those who are sick Lord and have been waiting for healing, help them not to lose hope. Even if they are not healed here, You will give them a new body in heaven that will not have sickness and need healing. If nothing else Lord, let that be their hope in You.
Lord, we wait patiently for that day. We want it to be in Your timing, not ours. You are the God who created the earth and all that is in it. You know when the right time is. We trust in You. We wait on You. While we wait we continue to do our best to be without sin and fault and serve You alone God. Thank You for your patience with us Lord.
Transform us now Lord into the beings You created us to be. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

In God's Love,
GFCC Brother

Published: Apr 18 2009 03:56:48am

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