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2009 has come and gone. I thought really hard about some words of wisdom I
2009 has come and gone. I thought really hard about some words of wisdom I could send you for the year 2010 and this is what I have come up with...

When you pray, do as the Word says... pray without ceasing.
If you feel led to pray for me, or someone else, or even your self at some point in time (and I hope you do) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do NOT pray a protective hedge around us. For the love of Pete... do you realize what a hedge is? It's a bush! Why in the world would you ask God to put a hedge around me or you or anyone else at the matter. I'm five feet, 102 pounds, and as petite as I am..I can dive right into a bush. Think of what satan could do with that! So this you spend some earnest, fervent prayer, down on your face before the almighty and you feel led to pray I challenge you to pray with boldness approaching the throne room of God and speak forth with full authority..."Lord, forget the bush..bring around a cement wall and on the top of that put some barb wire fencing with some hot wiring to help:)" Now that's what I call praying protection over someone you love. I am praying for each one of you this year..your families, your ministries, and your health...but forget the hedge bring on the ROCK!

Be blessed...I am!


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Published: Jan 06 2010 07:32:41pm

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John B. Abela+ (@abelajohnb)

Interesting insight! Nice blog. Will be something to ponder on.

Jamie Degonia (@girlforgod)

Thank you John... It was meant for humor but as PTL reminded me this is a spiritual warfare and God's "hedge" of protection is always the strongest of defense. Be blessed friend, I am!

Alan Nethery (@shadowalker)

Interesting blog, G4G... PTL is right, of course, but does the average Christian know that? Would they feel more secure if I prayed for God to put up that cement wall with razor wire... but wait! ... had that happen to me already, and trust me, I did not look upon it as a blessing! -No, me... I think I would pray that Jesus just never let me out of His Hands... cause I've never known anything that made me feel more secure. -But wait! ... those are of the Rock! Amen?

Thanks for the chuckle, and the new point of view... and enjoyed Diva's video too.

God Bless!


Anita Sorensen (@2gvhmpraz)

Hmmm power in the tongue. Guess what one word means to one doesn't necessarily mean the same thing to another. Yes, a hedge is a bush. And as you asked, "do NOT pray a protective hedge around us." Similar words for hedge' can be barricade/encircle/guard against... So instead of praying a 'protection hedge' around us...can we just pray for a barricade of protection...or encircle us with protection? Wait! that's what angels do! Wonder what they call it? It is a funny way to say things though but do we have to be politically correct in the way we ask the Lord to do things for us? Thanks for the mental image and giggle.

Billy Beard (@billyb)

Now you young folk, behave!:) I have to say, I did enjoy the thoughts and the video, the message was there in the end.

I have to agree with PTL, it is Gods protection meant, as you'all also stated. Even a rock wall with barbwire, if not protected by God, will fail. Job 1:16,18,19. It may not be in scripture, but I believe we all would agree, if God just draws a line in the ground, if it was made by God, it will keep satan and his troops out. And again, that is what is meant, however it is said.

God Bless!

Jamie Degonia (@girlforgod)

Just wanted to note... I LOVE LOVE LOVE to laugh. I asked the Lord to give me a laugh and He did. He also reminded me of my favorite verse in Psalm 125:2 As the mountains are round about Jerusalem so the Lord is round about His people, henceforth even forever. God LOVES to hear his children laugh and that was what this blog was meant for. The seriousness to this is what PTL has said..yes, we do live in a spiritual war fare. It isn't something to be taken lightly and it isn't a struggle that we fight every once in a while. As a child of God we fight daily but His word says in Lamentations that we are not consumed because His mercy is new every morning...Great is they faithfulness. As the mountains surround Jerusalem ('s rock:) He surrounds his people. Gotta love that! Billyb, you caught that in the end when I said.. the ROCK:) He is the rock of my salvation, the stone that the builders rejected, and He is the mountain that stands around me. You are so right, if God draws a line in the ground it WILL keep satan and his troops out...just look at the woman caught in the act of adultery... made the religious leaders shut up and walk away. I LOVE LOVE LOVE God's people and I love how bold we can be with each other on standing up to something we believe so strong in. No offense taken by anyone and I appologize if the message I sent out was offensive to you. God bless.

Jamie Degonia (@girlforgod)

Thank you ptl... love you friend:)

Eileen Algaze (@ladyvogue)

Hahaha thats sooo awesome! Didnt know a Hedge was a bush! Oh my! LOL your too funny! thanks for making me laugh! lol

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