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To All My Brothers In Christ, I ran across a survey that the Harris Brother
To All My Brothers In Christ,

I ran across a survey that the Harris Brothers at [url=]The Rebelution[/url] are doing. Since I am an advocate for modesty and since I took the survey myself, I want to encourage as many young men and dads to get over there and take this survey.

It has a wide variety of subject matter and allows you to add personal comments to the questions. You can take it in sections and come back to complete it as time allows you. The objective was to pull together questions, created by ladies, that pertained to modesty, then have the guys answer the questions. Once 1000 men have completed the survey, the results will be tallied and shared with the public.

I think it is a great idea! What better way to be hear then to simply answer the questions that they are asking. I was surprised a alot of them. To me they didn't seem to even be necessary to ask if this ot that was modest or not, but they are. So take a few moments and be the voice of Modesty and let's set the record straight on what is acceptable and what the society today has told our girls ought to be acceptable.

Let's spread a bit of truth and let them be shocked at the consistency of what us we, as men, think of fashion today as is measures up to our own ethical(truth:right & wrong) versus todays moral(society's general consensus, whether actually right or wrong isn't an issue) opinion!

In Christ,

The Modesty Survey

Join other Christian young men and women in's new and exciting project: The Modesty Survey - scheduled for launch on January 8th, 2007. The Modesty Survey features hundreds of modesty-related questions from Christian girls to Christian guys. It's the discussion you've always wanted to have.

Real Questions From Christian Girls

One of the most exciting aspects of the Modesty Survey is that the questions weren't authored by just one or two people. Instead, hundreds of Christian girls from around the world have anonymously submitted 360+ questions about everything from glitter lotion and painted nails to swimsuits and skirt slits.

Though the questions will be edited for clarity and consolidated to reduce redundancy, the Modesty Survey will strive to faithfully represent all of the topics that were raised by the submitted questions. We are confident that through this survey Christian girls will find the answers they are looking for.

Honest Answers From Christian Guys

The anonymity of the Modesty Survey allows young men to be honest about how immodesty affects them, and a built-in screening mechanism will guarantee that girls only receive feedback from Christian guys who care about modesty. This is an excellent opportunity for godly men to serve young women who are without fathers or brothers to advise them in this area.

On the flipside, this is also an opportunity for Christian young men to educate Christian women regarding our inner-battle so that they won't unwittingly contribute to our struggle. If you have ever wanted to tell a girl to go put on a sweater, this is your chance to do so - anonymously.

Help Make It Happen

Please pray for the Modesty Survey. We want each step of this project to glorify God. Pray that our team will use wisdom and discernment as we craft the survey, that God would bring the right young men to take the survey, and that we would be able to present the results in a powerful way.

Help us spread the word about The Modesty Survey. Feel free to tweak this post and republish it on your own blog or send it as an email to any friends who you think would be interested in observing or participating.

Published: Jan 15 2007 11:18:21am

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Rob Henson (@greybear)

Dear Modesty Survey Participants, Don't lose your chance to let your voice be heard! The Modesty Survey is quickly nearing completion. Over 105,000 answers from 1,100 Christian guys have been submitted in just 10 days! At the current rate we could be closing the survey as early as Monday, January 22nd. This means that your chance to share your thoughts on this crucial issue is quickly slipping away. If you have not yet completed the survey we would highly recommend that you do so over this weekend. To complete the survey, click here. Thank you all for your participation. May God richly bless you! In Christ Alone, The Survey Team The Modesty Survey

Rob Henson (@greybear)

The option to participate has been extended to January 28, 2007. Get over there and have your own say about things! In Christ, GreyBear

Rob Henson (@greybear)

The Rebelution: ]The Survey is Closed The Modesty Survey is now officially closed. Over 1,750 Christian guys (ages 12-50+) submitted nearly 160,000 answers to the 150-question survey-including over 25,000 text responses. More important than the numbers, the message is strong and clear. The Survey Team now embarks on the mammoth task of processing the gathered data. We hope to release the survey results within the first few weeks of February. Keep checking The Rebelution Blog for updates on the release date. If you only completed part of the survey, don't worry! All of your answers were processed as you submitted them. We know we speak for thousands of women who are thankful for any time you invested in this discussion. If you only just found out about the survey, we're sorry you were unable to participate. Please continue visiting for continued discussion of the important issues facing our generation. If you a Christian guy, whether you participated in The Modesty Survey or not, your greatest contribution to this effort is yet to come-and it will only take a minute or two of your time. Keep checking The Rebelution Blog over the next few days for details. Thank you all. May God be glorified.

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