Another Birthday Goes By

Another Birthday Goes By [img] Less than a week ago I woke up with a new reply to that oft-asked question, "How old are you?" You know, even though my body is chronologically older each and every single day that passes, I have the luxury, just like everyone else, of having my very own day to declare, "I am still alive! Older and hopefully wiser than the year before!" As I look back upon my life of the past year, I find myself looking at footsteps. You see, I know that God has a perfectly planned route for me. However, I need to see where my footsteps landed. Were they on His path or my own? I can see some footsteps that didn't fall exactly where God would have liked them to be - times when I lost patience with a family member, times when I didn't show Christian hospitality, times when I didn't read my Bible to hear what God is saying. But, I can also see those footsteps that showed evidence of my being on God's path for me too. To be sure, the path is narrow. Perhaps that is why it's so easy to see the footprints that don't land true. The times when I know, I mean beyond ANY doubt KNOW, that I was trusting and acknowledging God, I see perfectly placed steps along God's pathway for me. Yet, the times when I decided to listen to myself instead of listening to the Holy Spirit within me, I see haphazard shoe scuffs leading down a path to nowhere and to you-know-where. So, as I look forward to this year of my new answer to that age-old question, I know that I must trust and acknowledge Almighty God in all my ways. Seriously, I am getting too OLD to walk so far out of the way, anyway. I am figuring out that God's path has fewer detours due to hazardous conditions. And it's only taken me 38 years! :clap: Won't you join me on God's path this year? YSIC, Virginia

Samantha Shemer @youaregolden ·

[quote]I am figuring out that God's path has fewer detours due to hazardous conditions.[/quote]

Our pastore was talking about this on Sunday how on the road to life you are looking at the Emerald City, and all of a sudden the road ggos in a direction that is totally oppostie of the Emerald city. We think "oh NO! I am going the wrong way, I have to go back!" We go four wheeling in the land unknown, beat oursleves up, but if we stayed on the road, we would have ended at the Emerald city. God knows where He is taking us. Great Blog!!

Love ya!
-Goldie :flower:

Mary Shellow @awesomewonder ·

Happy Belated Birthday!!!! :birthday: Happy and I know without a shadow of a doubt that he will continue to bless and keep you in His strength day by day. Those are such true statements you mentioned. Keep acknowledging Him in all your ways the best is yet to come:wink:

In His Love


Tl Sia @doulos ·

Amen! He made us, He knows us, and even every hair on our head is counted! So He's gotta know what's best for us and He must lead us onto paths where things will always work out for our good ...but for Him to lead us into His pastures we gotta let Him direct our paths! I'm joining you on God's path for sure!

And Happy (belated) Birthday :birthday: to you too Virginia! I'm praying for all His blessings to be upon you my dear sister :)


Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

If only our foresight was as keen as our hindsight. I suppose that's where trusting God to direct our paths comes in, huh? And using His Word as a lamp unto our feet.

Wise words from an older woman!:mrgreen:

Great blog, sweetie.

Love ya bunches,

Andrea Lynn @allforhim ·

The path that God leads us on is not the well traveled road, that is smoothly paved or without bumps. His road is often the one we least want to travel because it, at times, looks dark and foreboding, the first part of the verse you quoted explains it:

[bible]Proverbs 3:5-6[/bible]

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, so even when the path is dark, even though it appears it is leading AWAY from the Emerald City, we trust Him and know He can see past the bend, past the scary trees, past that wolf hiding in the bushes and we know He will guide us, protect us and be our helper in the time of trouble.

Happy Birthday again, sweet sister. March on, follow His path and and Trust in Him, alone!



Melissa Horrocks @jesusmymainman ·

Hi yes I know what you mean. Sometimes we walk so far away from God whilst other times we are on His path. I think it is human nature to do that. We are not perfect even though we need to strive to be like God we will get it wrong at times. God is a good and forgiving God and He welcomes us back into His arms. I enjoyed reading your blog and I pray that God will lead you to write more. Happy Birthday I hope it was a good one. God Bless you.

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

I like to believe God's word addresses birthdays? While as stated a birthday is milestone in one's life. Birthdays are like the word of God, either you rejoice in them or they bring you heartache. Either they bring you promise and thanks-giving or misery that this youth you had is passing away. I hope your birthday bring you rejoicing. Maybe you somehow are not as fair as yesteryear, but if we are gaining wisdom year by year, the parable of the ten virgins illustrate to me 5 virgins who were wise and saw each new day and year as a new opportunity

to worship and serve God and thank him once more again before he calls us home. The 5 foolish ones had no oil in their lamp, they had no understanding of what God was really doing in their life and saw each passing year as sad affair. So there are path were you have a lit lamp to guide you and you have a dark road in darkness where you don't hear the voice of God guiding your life. May you lamp be ever shining. Happy Birthday. May you be blessed. And may God's glory shine forever and ever. Amen.

Barbara Vanausdall @truecolor ·

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! I hope you had a great day. May you have anew blessed year and new opportunities to enjoy and serve our dear Lord Jesus Christ. Peace. truecolor

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Our times are truly in His hands. As we trust Him, we can be assured we will be where He intended us to be, doing what He intended us to be doing with whom He intended us to be with.

Birthdays are as good as time as any to really search our hearts and evaluate where we have been and where we are going. Actually, birthdays are better than New Year's when the world does such things (supposedly). Birthdays should be our personal equivalent to "Happy New Year", for we made through another year and have our sights set on a wonderful new one.

Happy belated birthday Happy.

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