Cloning and a "Viable" Food Source? EGADS!

Okay, there is rarely a time when I feel such need to "vent" about the direction that "American Science" is taking in the name of advancement of society. But, check this link out: [url= okay for food?![/url] So, now the American government is telling us that it's okay to eat animal clones, as they present no danger to human life. Wow. Somehow I just don't know if I buy it. Of course, I am opposed to cloning another living being anyway. God created the life-cycle of reproduction for those purposes. Granted, I know that there is the argument that God created science. Of course He did. BUT, He also gave us moral reasoning to help determine right and wrong. In the article, I read that no one is going to be eating any of these "clones of perfect specimens" any time soon, given that they are so highly valuable. Okay, let me dissect this for a minute -- clones of PERFECT specimens? Well, perhaps my idea of perfect is a bit different than theirs when it comes to the belief of achieved perfection. And then further, because these clones are cloned, perfect specimens of perfect animals, they're TOO VALUABLE to eat? Something is not making sense here. Wasn't the whole point of animal cloning to help sustain a FOOD SOURCE? Or, I may be wrong...given that I am not perfect. Lord, Come Quickly! YSIC, Virginia

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

Vent away, dear V!! (Should anyone wonder why I've shortened her name to V, it's because we are lazy typists. And when we meet to chat in the pre-dawn hours, my fingers don't work well either.)

But for the overwhelming grace of God, He shoulda zapped us all a long time ago. But He is patient and longsuffering, not wanting any to perish.

The things we call "progress", well, sometimes you gotta wonder if it's progress at all.

Love ya bunches!

Andrea Lynn @allforhim ·

I just read this in yesterdays newspaper and I just sadly shake my head. There was a quote by someone at the FDA that said something to the fact that if you have a problem with this, well that's too bad. Yikes! Makes me want to raise my own food even more so. I distrust so much that is out there and this sure doesn't help. This is NOT progress, this is compromising the health of all. Thanks V for posting this! Blessings! Andrea


I read awhile back where the biggest contributor to the FDA is the drug companies. Between those lobbyists, the health care lobbyists, big business lobbyists, is it any wonder the path this country is taking? I realize this country was set up on Capitalizm, but do we have to do everything for the sake of money?
I try to eat "organic" as much as possible, I realize it cost a little more but I do think it's worth it. Hopefully the organic companies will stay non-clone.
I also heard that cloned products will not have to have markings on the packaging to indicate so.

Ruth Papalii @deanna ·

Yeah! I also heard about cloning those babies, as well very bad!

I just hope? it does not backfire! in there face. (taken Gods Way! of making babies into cloning. I would take to that scripture! do not go Where? Angels tread to go).

Your sister in Christ.

Billy Beard @billyb ·

ugh! this is disgusting. We all know the direction we are going, God help us. Jesus come, my thoughts too!

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