Getting Over A Very Sad Day

May 21, 2009, dawned a day that I had not looked forward to seeing. Carley was going back to her mom on that day. How do you let go of a precious child for whom you have cared and grown to love over the prior seven months and not have your heart ripped out? I've cried more since that day than I remember crying in a long time. I know that God has a plan, but I certainly am confused by what He's doing. Of course, His Ways are not mine, this I know, oh this I know. As I type this right now, tears are streaming down my face. My heart hurts for her, for me, for Madison who grew to love "her sissy" in the time Carley was a blessing in our family. God please, Father, take away this pain. Let my heart begin to heal. Let me move past this experience of pain, please. I have a daughter to raise as she should be raised, in the way she should go. I cannot do that without You, Father. Please don't let the root of bitterness grow up in my heart. Please, Father. I've been gone from CB for quite a long time, and it has taken me a lot to even come back, much less put my pain down for all to read. I guess I need my family back. YSIC, Virginia

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

Oh, sweetie.


What a privilege for me to be the first to welcome you back. As you know better than anyone, I came to CB to blog away and process pain, and you were so instrumental in my healing process. Of course, when I say you, I mean the Holy Spirit.

As for Carley, do not minimize the influence you have had in her life. "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is older he shall not depart from it" (that would be the Gracie paraphrase.

I love you.

We love you. Welcome home.


Tl Sia @doulos ·

When I first had to part with my daughter when she was three, it broke my heart too. She had to leave to live with her mother thousands of miles away and I would only get to see her during summer. As much as I love her and miss her when she's away, I have come to be healed about it and I simply enjoy her company whenever she is around. Other months, I get her on skype and when we're together it is as if we never spent a day apart. In some way, even though we can't see how, He is going to make it all right and you are going to be alright sister. We've missed you here. Welcome back.

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

wb happy. i just received pictures of my daughters the other day.the 17 is graduating h.s and the baby 14 is going to h.s. next year. my x wife put a letter included that made a snide remark on how well her and her husband are raising them. keep me in prayer about my relationship with my daughters i know god is able to do all things. i will have you at the top of my prayer list as usual happy. be blessed

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·


My heart aches for you and you are in my prayers. (((HUGS))))

[quote]You, O LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light. Psalm 18:28[/quote][quote]When I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me. Micah 7:8 [/quote]

I also want to let you know about a new womens group I lead her at CB. Gracie can tell you about it too. She's one of my "officers". It is called [internallink=] Princesses of God.[/internallink] Check it out and join if you wish. We'd love to do life with you as we all do life with God.

Great to see you here again! I've missed you! :welcome: Back!

Blessings! :heart:

K :princess:


Welcome back love :) It is an honor to see you again!

Diva :heart:

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

I feel confident in saying that God led you back here to this family you have known and served for so very long. I believe God has a way to put the pieces of your heart back together again, but it probably involves a lot of us helping. It is just too big to do on one's own. Give God and your family here the opportunity to heal the wounds that are obviously very deep.

I am so blessed you are here and I pray that you will stay awhile. We need you and you need us. That's a good situation if there ever was one.


Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

First, V I want to give you a b))[/b] and tell you that it is so great to see you again.

Secondly, when I read your blog what came to me were the words "look upward". Start to focus on the months of love, stability and guidance you and your family have put into Carley. Ask God to reveal to you some of the seeds that you have planted and watered. You may or may not see the fruit, but be assured my friend that Carley is so much the richer for the time she has had within your family and God will continue to tend the seeds you planted.



Virginia Sills @happytoberestored ·

Thank you so much to my wonderful family members here on CB who continue to amaze me.

The encouragement and warmth y'all all provide is why we're here. This is what Jesus Christ meant when He told us that people will know us by the love we have for one another.

I am so blessed and I will look upward.

Much love.




Abigail Guevarra @pievenicole ·

Oh V!! :)


so glad you're back!


i dont know what to say.
im in pain too..
but just like what kbird had said.. "let's look upward"..

Erin Cochran @throughfaith ·

For 18 months we had a son named Chris. We were asked five times to adopt him ... and five times told they were going to give the mom another chance. Last September when they sent him home it tore our hearts apart and left a big hole in our family. Nine months later we still hurt, we still grieve but God has been good to help us heal. I still don't know why we have to go through this ... but know I understand and I know that without my Christian family I would be lost.

I've missed reading your blogs and am glad you are back. You've always been so positive and helpful to me!!


Shirley Hooper @mumbly ·

Welcome home V. I have missed you so very much, here at CB, and I am so touched at the amount of emotional pain that you are going through. My heart aches, to think you are going through all this separation from your loved little Carly. God is so faithful V, and I know that you already know this, so just rest in Him, dear V.

Much love.......mumbly x x

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