Getting Prepared for the Swine Flu Pandemic

So, part of my job as a member of my mill's HR team is to guide and direct our health services team. We are fortunate to have an on-site triage clinic staffed 24/7 with nurses who report directly to me. Trust me, paper mill work can be extremely dangerous and when your mill is more than 35 miles from any type of medical assistance, this clinic is a critical function of business operation. Back in May when we first heard of this "Swine Flu" most of us just likened it to the "Avian Flu" that has yet to infect a human being. And those of us who thought this way were wrong, very wrong. The next thing we know young men and women are dying in New York. All of a sudden the news waves were rampant to overflowing with the latest information on the Swine Flu epidemic and then pandemic. It's gone quiet again. That is disturbing. You see, I am also part of a team, Critical Business Continuity Planning, at the corporate level that is charged with developing a contingency plan with trigger-point scenarios based upon the imminent spread of the Swine Flu to our local communities and beyond. Let me tell you, tabletop exercises in which you basically wargame how to run your operation with less than 50% of your workforce available are stressful and intimidating. You almost just want to stick your head in the sand and let the pandemic pass by, as if it would. Where am I going with this? I remember when I first accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior -- I was ON FIRE FOR GOD! Everywhere I went I was all about Our Father's Business. Yet, over time my fire dimmed and my passion weakened. I put my light under a bushel. My Good News Waves went silent. Now, as I look around our nation in its most critical state since the Great Depression, I ponder God's timing of returning me to His Fold in a critical time for me. God's timing is always perfect. There is no doubt. And His desire to stir the faith in my heart to 100 degrees kelvin sends a message to me that I believe many of you may already sense -- it's time that we are about Our Father's Business. Time is short and there is harvesting to be done. Let's get out there. Prepared and steady, with the Word of God. Much love in Christ. :heart: V

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

I don't know that I've talked to a Christian who doesn't feel the heaviness of the times we suddenly found ourselves plunged in. We do need to get our fires heated up to passion level -- and now more than ever, we need to draw near to each other and stay near to our Source of Strength and Life.

Great reminder, as always.

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Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Amen and Amen V. Now is the time!!!


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