Give God What's Right, Not What's Left

Give God What's Right, Not What's Left Time is a precious commodity that can never be retrieved once it's gone. Unlike those other necessities in our lives, such as air and water, the continuum of time is linear, not cyclical. How many times have I said over the past four weeks, "Wow! There is just not enough time in the day to get done all I need to get done. What do I need to do here?" The answer is obvious to me right now, whilst not in the heat of "battle" - so to speak. Prayer and praise are the only solutions for effective time management. Yet, as the war for time availability rages on around me, what are those activities that I choose to delay for the sake of "more important" things, such as laundry and vacuuming, getting done in a timely fashion, to my own liking? probably guessed it. Somehow prayer and praise have not made my "list" of necessary activities over the past few weeks, much less be present at the TOP of that list as they should be. :doh: Oh, I've prayed - when I've "had time". Yes, I've praised God - when I've "been able to take a breath." Yet, aren't we admonished to give Our Holy Father the FIRSTfruits of all that we have? :confused: Father God, please forgive my failures. The only way that I can manage my day is to give You my day to manage. I wonder if God has a big Day Runner up there with all of our days' activities penned in it. May God manage all of our days! YSIC, Virginia

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Ah, the constant "battle" to put God first; it never seems to end. About three years ago, I finally found an instrumental worship CD that reached into my heart and inspired me to pray and praise. I made the commitment to God to begin each and every day listening to anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour of this CD while drawing my heart into communion with the Father in prayer and praise. Over the past three years I have missed all of about 4 days where I haven't upheld my vows.

To say this simple activity has changed my life and eliminated the constant battle of finding time to do the most important thing in life would be the world's greatest understatement of all time. The habit is now so deeply ingrained in me I could not imagine a day where I don't get up, make my coffee and then sit down on the love seat in the living room and listen to the same wonderful and inspiring music day after day with the same beautiful results.

My wife asks if I will ever get tired of this CD, and I tell her I doubt it, for it has become a part of my very life and worship of my God. She smiled and wished she could find such a CD that she loved enough to listen to every day. We are praying to find her one.

Blessings 2 You

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

Excellent idea B2Y. I have a 5-dc player and I usually have five of my favorite Praise CD's in and play them most of the day. However, the past few weeks or maybe even months, I have had the TV on watching for political news.

It is time for me to turn of the TV and turn on my CD player. And read Psalm 46, the refuge Psalm.

Psalms 46:10

Thanks for a great reminder Happy-V.

:coffee: drinking tea

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Yup I think we all get distracted at times and like Katz this election has sure distracted me. Definately time to return to praising Him while I work instead of worrying while I work!!

Thanks for the awakening Happy

(and B2Y I have such a CD by Micheal W. Smith love it love it love it -awesome way to praise and pray!)

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

Firstfruits is the key, as you say. If you don't do it first, it will get crowded out. A Mary and Martha lesson if there ever was.

And B2Y, the CD I like to listen to is purely the sounds of ocean waves with some soft piano accompaniment. I always feel closer to the Lord at the beach.

V, you might ease up your standards on the vacuuming with two little ones in the house now :mrgreen:



Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Sometimes if we look at the praise/ bemoan ratio, I ask how much time do I spend praising and believing in God's miracles and how much time do I spend looking at the knob of a closed door or opportunity? Sometimes we want to bemoan a loss for an endless period, but how much time do we spend marveling at God creations. Certainly we will have heartaches in this life, but ask the question when has God ever let you down on the most important issue of your life?

If we have food and clothing we shall be content. Paul. But sometimes we are taken away with the cares of this life and the comfort which only bring us grief and sorrow. And I'm not saying that God is not interested in the little thing that we are fond of, But are those mosquito cares choking the life out of your thanksgiving. Little by little they take a little blood here and there and you know how and what a pest mosquito bite can leave.

Sometime we forget to know how to be content with what we have, but just think of all the endless time you spend bemoaning something you don't have and could have better spent the time praising and worshipping the solution to all your problems, God. The Lord is my sheaperd I shall not want, but have we put him ahead of your or my agenda? May you be blessed. Amen.


Anna Jones @annajones ·

Happy, oh how true it is for us who have children,home and look after on a daily base. But am like BY2 , I have several cd's I listen to and a very good local christian radio station I listen to every day. I have about a 20-25 ride to and from work,so in my passenger seat sits Jesus every morning, So we talk and sing back and forward to work every day,its my time with him that i can truly say whats on my heart,and no ones hears me but him. Others that pass me looks at me funny sometimes because my hand is lifted and they think am waving at them. But it just makes them wonder who was that,,or what was she doing? Either way, its my time along with God. Thanks for the blog, in that we must take time with him,if its but in our minds and heart a praise or prayer.

Love AJ

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

hhmmmm I hear you. I am even listening to you
And ok im meditating on this blog
Which I guess, means I need to heed it.


Samantha Shemer @youaregolden ·

Amen. I have been struggling with the same thing too. Thanks for this! I needed to hear it!
-Golden :flower:

Natasha Brown @tashab ·

I 2nd that Amen! :)

Thanks so much. We all should look to God & reach into Him through prayer & sincere worship, more at this time, for a time of refreshing especially as we draw to the close of 2008 & prepare for 2009.

God's best to you always.

Warm regards,

John Garcia @diggingwisdom ·

If we can be honest with ourselves. We all need it. I need it, because no matter how much time we find for Him or how much time we give Him we still need to and should want to find and give more.

I think want is a huge key and the enemy will discourage us to not want to, so we will find something else we want to do so we don't do what He wants us to do. Did that make sense?

How much better our days would be if we just gave him FIRST and even when it is not a good day we ca still sing praises, because our time is His.


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