Hearing From God in Many Ways

Hearing From God In Many Ways Sometime about mid-morning today, I hopped into the CB chat room to see if I could get some others to join me. When I logged on this morning, I noticed that there were quite on few on the site, but no one in the chat room. I was in the chat room no more than a few minutes when a dear brother in Christ joined me. I knew that God would bring me someone with whom to chat! Woo hoo! You know, there are days when God brings two people together in such a manner that you just KNOW there is a distinct reason for the occurrence. As we chatted a bit, my dear brother seemed to be in need of a "word" or two that would be of value to him in his current circumstances. No more had that flash of need recognition entered my mind before I KNEW exactly the Scripture to tell him to go read. Without even really thinking about it, I told my dear brother, "Psalm 46 - go read it right now, and let me know what you read." Now, for some of you this might make sense because you've read Psalm 46 and can understand its application in our daily walk. But, I have to be honest here. Outside of having Psalm 46:10 "kinda" memorized - I know the "Be still and know I'm God" part - I've never read Psalm 46 in its entirety. As you may have guessed by now, my dear brother and I were reading this at the same time, probably both on BibleGateway.com at the same time too. When he returned to the chat room, this very special brother told me, "Thank you, Happy. That was just what I needed." Folks, that was in no way me. THAT WAS ALL GOD! I merely obeyed the whispering of the Holy Spirit - despite my own lack of knowledge of the Holy Text. I mean, after I "told" him to read that Psalm, I thought to myself - or rather the enemy of us all planted the thought, "Now aren't you going to feel dumb if that scripture is about something that has no connection at all to your brother's needs?" Somehow I just "knew" that this wasn't going to be the case, so I rebuked that enemy and told him, "You have NO business in THIS business!" And the enemy went slinking back to the rock under which he belongs. Just like every other time when we listen to God and obey, His GLORY REIGNS! Praise His Name! Virginia

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

ty happy have we all treated te bible like a all you can eat resturant? picking and choosing what we want to read?

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Thanks Happy that Psalm turned out to be just what this friend needed too.:)
Love Ya

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

I always marvel at the economy of God. We think a situation is helpful one time, or to one person. But as we see here, God uses one circumstance, one situation in multiple ways.

Go God!:clap:

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