The Love of a Friend

I sit here this morning in true awe of the amazing community of wonderful people and family we have here on CB. I am wiping away tears of joy as I type this because I know, and I mean KNOW, that God brought me back home here due to the support that I would need from my family here. I am going to thank so many people, first and foremost Our Most Awesome God, Who invested such wonderful talent in John to create this website. John, you are a servant of God who deserves our support in many ways. (Disclaimer, this list is in no particular order, except perhaps having Gracie at the top) :mrgreen: Gracie, there is no one like you. You are my spiritual twin, my prayer partner, my beloved sister in God whom I love dearly and am so thankful for the day that God created you. KK, you are my spiritual mom here and I could not have grown so much over these past two years were you not part of my life. Your candor and precious wisdom have helped me more times than I can remember. K, I am so inspired by you and by your way of approaching and tackling any mountain that comes our way. You make me remember that God's Ways are not ours and we should be so thankful for that! Pooh, you are my other spiritual mom and you've always been there for me, helping me remember the Grace of God and His Glory. You are such a gift! Vettie, my brother, you give me joy by even thinking of you. God gifted you with so much, and you share that with me. How much more can anyone need than joy? B2Y, you are truly my pastor on CB. I know that I can find wisdom and guidance in your counsel and in your blogs. Your honesty has never failed me. Sia, my brother from so far away, I feel like you are just next door many days. Your humility and graciousness have helped me in many sticky situations. I am so grateful for you and your presence here on CB. Mums, you truly are a jewel in my life. You've never failed me once for hope and for joy. You complete our family here on CB. Papa, you are my steadfast friend in whom I can always find strength and courage. Thank you for being a true friend to me since I first joined CB so long ago. Diva, Shani, Bethy, Anna, and Sarah -- I can always count on y'all to make me chuckle 'til my cheeks hurt in the chatroom. Laughter is indeed good for the soul, and here I find much good. God's Holy Word tells us that a cord of three is not easily broken. What does that say about the cords of friendship here? Much love in Christ. :heart: V

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Yes God is good in earth and sky
In forest glade and shady wood
Let all creation stand and cry
God made us all.. and God is Good

ok singing maybe not so good first thing in the morning..but Im sure you get my drift

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Tears are running down my face to as I write this, thinking about beloved friends here who have chosen to do life with me as we all do life with God.

You know, I went back and double-checked this to make sure. In early December 2007, I had a diagnostic mammogram after a suspicious mass was detected during a routine mammogram. The results weren't in but when the radiologist leans over you, takes your hand, you notice she looks like she is about to cry and she tells you it probably is cancer rather than gives you the "most of these are benign" speech... well, you take it seriously.

I came here and wrote about being in God's hand even if it passes through cancer. The very first person who commented on that blog was you. You shared with me about being an ovarian cancer survivor and your words reminded me that God was bigger.

Oh how I remember reading your blogs and comments as I went through cancer treatment! Thank you for being a friend who follows Christ and opens up their heart with love!


K :princess:

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Thank you for the kind words and truly what you write is true. We are a loving community here as well as somewhat of a thriving and growing "church" in some ways.
Blessings 2 You dear friend

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

Gracie weeping


Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

KraftyKatz :cry: weeping also
and :clap: rejoicing she has a friend like you along with all the wonderful people here at CB.


Thank you V for including me :D) You're such a sweet :princess: of God!

Diva :heart:

Tl Sia @doulos ·

V, when I joined CB you were the first person to respond to my first ever blog, the first person I called a friend here and the first person I really chatted with. You are the live-wire of CB! Thank [u]YOU[/u] for being a dear friend and sister in Christ... I can certainly say that you are one of the few people who has enriched my life and spiritual growth :)

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Pooh is :cry: ing and thanking God for bringing V into her life.

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

ty for the kinds words happy. i remember when i first joined 2 years ago, you were one of the"original 7 or is it 12/( sorry i just had a birthday and a "senior moment lol). got 2 pieces of cake might have your name on it9 if you stand up on your roof as my plane passes by to drop it off so it wont slide down the side of your house lol) be blessed

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