"The Secret" -- What a Bunch of Hooey!

I've never done this "blogging" thing before. Never really wanted to until Jesus opened the eyes of my heart to understand that this is one of the many ways in which I can share my faith with others. So, here goes! I am an avid, even voracious, reader. I read Christian fiction in addition to the Holy Bible. I will read secular fiction that I know will help me relate to those lost lambs who need someone to help them back to the Lord. The good Lord blessed me with a keen mind and quick understanding. How great is He! Yet, there is one book that I cannot bring myself to even touch. That book is The Secret. I am saddened that our society is driven to every gimmick out there, but as a whole cannot grasp the one truth of this life -- Jesus is the secret. The Bible is chock-full of the ways to live our lives in pursuit of ultimate happiness -- a life walking with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Yet, in this land of plenty where those in need still have more than most living in poverty in Ethiopia, the majority of our population always looks for another "get rich quick" scheme that will fulfill their lives. I thank God every day that He did hold me in His hands and open my eyes to His everlasting, unchanging love. I pray every day that all the lost souls of this great nation will open their eyes and see the love before them. Because of Calvary, Virginia:pray:

Nathaniel Torres @jclover ·

I don't find what I've heard about The Secret to be a book I'd like to read. These publishers are always looking for the nex best inspirational book that will make them millions. Man, I could be as despressed as a stuck pig and still write some positive-thinking book that they might buy from me. Do you really think it's that hard? No, I will not tell you how to do it, so don't ask. I was about to give you guys an example then decided against it. Paul said I'd rather you do not learn about evil. So I'll leave it at that and not cause anyone to stumble. It is enough to say that thoser books come a dime a dozen; what ends up being popular at any given time is luck and marketing. Oprah has done more for the book than the publishers could ever do. Don't ever trust the boobs behind the **** tube. They are wolves in sheep's clothing. They are evil disguised as angels of light. They don't know how to save anyone's soul, especially their own.

Robin Clifton @brokenreed ·

Unfortunately, I have two dear friends at work that have bought and bought into this book. The one keeps telling me they are not sure if they have bought into the "spiritual side" of the book. Both of these people have been in my prayers.

My first thought is that is a book about relying on one's own soul instead of God and really - it probably has little to do with things spiritual at all. I read a book once called "The Latent Power of the Soul" that has in a real sense innoculated me related to this. There is another book I want to read as well for the purpose of "innoculation" -- it keeps coming up in my thoughts, so I will have to find it to read it. "Spiritual Reality versus Obsession."

I will need to eventually delve into this book "Secret" for their sakes.

Pray for me and pray for them.

I can report what I see related to this book when I read it if you like.

Thanks for the post!

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