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I was out in the field, minding my crops. The wheat looking golden as it swayed in the early morning sunlight. 

The tips glistening as the gentle breeze of a Kansas morning flowed across the countryside. 

Then I noticed something strange, out of place...


My precious wheat was crushed. 

pushed to the ground looking like natures version of the yellow brick road. 

What in the world had happened? 

Had Elton John gone through and was now waving goodbye?

(think about it..I'll give you a minute.) 

Had someone come through and created crop circles? 

actually that would be kind of cool. 

no, that wasn't it. the wheat was pushed down straight. 

Much like the forest after the eruption of Mt. St. Helens.

Something or someone had trampled these stalks and this something was still out there. 

Moving to a higher perch I looked across the 7 foot high sea of wheat.

that's when I saw them..

Coming at me. 

cutting through like a combine..

they were coming in all directions, only the tails could be seen as the trampled grain showed there path..

I understood now…

I knew what they were...

can you guess? thats right 


A slight scream erupted from my lips as I sat up bolt right straight in bed...

My heart thumping hard in my heaving chest...

What a nightmare. I placed my hand over my heart the feel its rapid pulse. 

Thank gosh it was over...

Or WAS it. 

as I looked towards my feet, still covered by the warm comforter. 

I saw the movement...The same that I had seen before.

coming from 4 directions.

all converging on my unprotected toes..

their movements silent, only noticeable by the ruffled movement of comforter.

They were like the raptors in the wheat field, stalking their prey..

I threw back to covers...

4 sets of eyes looked deep into my own, their roar cutting to my very core.


Yes my friends they were Raptor-cats!! 

My toes were toast. 

In unison the kittens leaped at my feet. I couldn't move and soon my toes were a kittens play toy. 

In the midst of pain from little razor sharp kitten claws I was laughing a full, and hearty laugh...trying to move as they chased my feet across the bed..

It is fun to watch a child laugh and play. 

running around with abandon excited about every new opportunity. Everything is fresh, and ready to be explored or experienced. 

I know that I love it. 

I have loved the vacations, traveling to places not before seen, or revisiting old places that I have grown to know and love. 

I think that was part of what excited and still concerned the disciples as they traveled to spread God's word to people. They went to new cities, met new people and experienced different things. 

They would not have always been received well. 

they would not always have been treated well. 

And yet they went. 

They followed what Jesus wanted and told them to do. 

Can you imagine going into a place like that? 

Today with social media and all the other things that we have a message can get spread fast and reach great distances. 

back then, you had a few people, walking from place to place. Telling the story of the love of God. Telling their own stories of how God has worked in their lives. 

Much like today though the story can get misconstrued. 

Back then you got the message straight from the horses mouth, so to speak. or second or third hand from friends or family. 

We all know how that can turn out. 

Social media is really no different. Recorded? yep. 

Background story, nope. 

it is so much like trying to understand lyrics from 70's rock and roll. 

Many times I have sung the wrong lyrics. Only to feel less than intelligent later on when I find out the right words. 

How great was it when musicians started publishing the complete lyrics with albums, Oops I mean CD's, nope thats not right either. Videos with lyrics.

My goodness how things have changed. 

oh, a bit of trivia here, the first album to contain the complete printed lyrics was Sgt. Pepper by the Beatles. 

Do you know we have the complete printed lyrics from God?

Yep, you got it. The Bible. 

and yet how often do we NOT go there but rely on second hand, third hand and not find out for ourselves. 

We take it out of context, with out reading more. 

Maybe things have gotten too easy now and we don't want to do the work ourselves. We rely on someone else to do it for us. 

I am guilty of such, hearing without understanding. 

I think its called being a parent..or in my case a grandparent. 

I forget I no longer speak 2 year old, 4 year old or heck now im not so sure I speak 20 year old. 

I try, but somewhere along the line I am paying attention to something else as they are trying to communicate with me. 

Much like I do with God. 

I hear, but I don't listen.

Recently I was traveling with my 4 and 6 year old granddaughters. We were listening to music and I put on "God's not dead" by the Newsboys soon I realize that they are singing along the best they could. especially the part of the song that  says "

God's not dead he's surely alive. 
He's living on the inside 
roaring like a Lion"

Made me think.

Is He?

Is He alive in me? 

Is He roaring like a LION in me?

or is He pushed to the back not so much roaring like a lion, but meowing like a kitten.

The next song was "Shake" by MercyMe

My 4 year old loved that one. She loved the part where they implored you to shake like you've been changed. 

"Shake, Shake, Shake like your changed."

And I thought..

am I changed? am I shaking like that?

Then soon the lyrics of the two songs combined and she was singing

Shake, Shake, Shake like a lion...

Bingo, the lyrics might be mashed but the message to me was clear. 

God is ALIVE in me. He IS changing me everyday. 

I need to let Him roar like a lion through me, in me. 

Maybe my call is to 

Shake, Rattle and Roar like a lion. 

To tell the story of God working in MY life, and how he can work in yours too. 

The story of God and what he has done for you is only as alive as you will let Him be in you.

Your not too old, or too young to let God come alive in you. 

everyday is a new opportunity. 

To misquote a movie line.

Your future is NOT written yet, nobody's is.

So make it a GOD one."

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

A good refreshing blog that brought joy to my heart and a smile. Missed your contribution over the past months

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I loved this blog as well and I agree with John Knox (@watchmanjohn). I loved seeing a blog from you again.

John B. Abela @johnabela ·

Hey Dale, nice to see you back at CB and hope you have been well.

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