Snipitz - A Scream By Any Other Name

Darkness covered the city like a cloak.

Streetlights offered little to no light, only shadows prevailed.

Long, dark, frightening shadows.

My date was clinging tightly to me as we made our way to the waiting car.

As we approached, my date and my friends date waited at the curb as David and I

Checked out the car.

Carefully looking in the front seats, the back seats, the trunk and yes even under the hood.

Surprisingly a ’71 Ford Maverick has a lot of hiding places when your spooked.

The girls were frightened, David and I were just longing for the hugs we were getting during the suspence movie we had just seen.

Convincing the girls that there was nothing frightening in the car they moved to get inside. Still wary of what might lie inside. With our backs turned to the street all at once we heard it.

“Are you kids alright?”

the screams were so loud that you could Hear them from Yakima to Seattle some 150 miles away.

The screams from the other 3 were loud too.

The poor policeman that had seen us looking over the car and was worried we were broke down had no idea just how high he would make us all jump!

Michael Jordon would have been proud,

If only I had had a basketball to dunk.

I have never been one to enjoy the jump from behind things and scare the heck out of my sisters, daughters or son.


I would NEVER make them jump out of their skin just so I could  measure how far their feet could leave the ground.

My record is 3 feet 5 inches…

Sigh….I have done it, I admit it.

Always in fun, and never meant to hurt.

But, I am a hypocrite at heart, because I do NOT want it done to me!

I do not like being scared.

I don’t want anyone walking up behind me when I have my headphones in and tapping me on the shoulder.  Screaming like a little girl and flailing my arms around like bird trying to lift off just is not pretty.

Now don’t get me wrong I like a good mystery novel, I love a suspense movie, or even a good roller coaster.

When I scream in fright, my voice reaches to heaven where my heavenly father, He who created my scream some 57+ years ago, pauses and says,

Yep, Dale got frightened again!

Think I’m exaggerating?

If you are a parent you know what I am talking about, you know that you can identifly YOUR childs scream from within a group of 100 or more, That you can identify the meaning of the scream from the pitch and intensity of the scream.

Case in point,

Woodland Park Zoo 1990.

My then 5 year old daughter was going inside the nocturnal house in Seattle’s downtown zoo.  An amazing display of animals of the night…

Including snakes and bats…

My daughter went in the one way in, one way out exhibit with her mother, while I waited outside with my 2 year old daughter.

Other parents went in with their children…

The scream I heard was loud, long and my daughters.

Every head within a 30 mile radius turned my way, traffic in downtown Seattle stopped and I spread my arms waiting for my daughter to come out the exit.

But, I was WRONG. She created her own exit…

Coming out the in door, pushing old and young out of the way, my daughter looked like a defensive back cutting through the offensive line making a B-Line to the quarterback.

I was blindsided by my horrified daughter.

I hit the ground with a thud as she sat on me screaming


Once I regained my faculties, I held the trembling child in my arms, while bystanders looked on not sure what to think, my parents looked at me with those eyes that say awwwe….and my then youngest snickered.

There are things in life that are going to frighten us,

The first day of school, going to the doctors or dentist, going away to college, getting married, having kids or the spider on the wall!

There is ALWAYS a comforter there for you,

Could be your parents or spouse.

But is is ALWAYS your heavenly father.

He made that promise to us that he would be there, that he would send a comforter to us to help.

Prayer is the way of asking for it.

The prayer may be quiet, and on your knees,

It might be alone, or in a group of many but it is a call to God that you need help!

That you CAN NOT do this alone, and you know that He is there for you always and forever, from ages 0 to 100+

My middle child called out for comfort some years ago when she was facing stiches in her head. I was out in the waiting room unable to watch. As a team of dr’s held her still she screamed her academy award winning scream that she received for best vocal performance…


Yep, I know you all hear it…That was my child.

And I was there.

I have been there for my Son too as he has gone from the challenges of being a kid to an adult and father.

Life is tough, always has been, always will be.

Challenges are there and how we face them and how we come out on the other side are a testimony to Gods work in us.

We are an ever changing being, what scared us today will seem mild in comparison to what lies ahead.

Growing up and growing old is NOT for the faint of heart.

There are good screams too, screams of joy and excitement.  Screams that put a smile on our faces, at the happiness that someone has found in life.

I know I screamed the first time I got an Ace, while playing disc golf.

And, I am sure there will be screams of joy as we enter the pearly gates to join our Father in heaven.

Soooo many screams….

I wonder if St. Peter wears earplugs?







Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

I thoroughly enjoyed this.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

You wrote: "If you are a parent you know what I am talking about, you know that you can identifly YOUR childs scream from within a group of 100 or more, That you can identify the meaning of the scream from the pitch and intensity of the scream."

Oh yeah. My son, who appears to be about the same age as your daughter, got distracted by something one day when we were at the grocery store. My husband and I were in deep conversation about if we should get this brand, that brand or skip the item altogether when suddenly in that busy, crowded store, we heard a strangled, half-sobbing cry. "Mooooom!"

As shoppers continued around us, ignoring that cry, my husband and I instantly stopped what we were doing, looking around wildly, cried out our son's name and went into action. He had turned the wrong direction and wandered off down the wrong aisle.

You're right. A parent knows our child's cry and even if they do not immediately respond (because sometimes they shouldn't), we are listening.

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