Snipitz - An Espresso Overload

Reflections of an Espresso Overload!

Our flight home was going to be very early.

We had stayed up WAY too late.

So, deciding not to go to bed at all seemed like the best Idea. After all we were traveling with 2 small children and one infant. Surely they will sleep on the plane.

The flight from Portland Oregon to Kansas City , Missouri was straight through and was going to last about 5 hours, so there was plenty of time to sleep!

I, ONCE AGAIN, was wrong. Oh, so very, very WRONG!

Early that particular Saturday morning the festivities started.

My Brother in law Steve decided that we might need some coffee to keep us awake. My favorite at that time was a particular drink from a place called €œCoffee People€ located in one of the suburbs of Portland. The drink I love is called€€The Black Tiger Mind Sweeper€ €€.mmmmmmmmmmm.

As I eagerly jumped into the car and we started our trek towards the coffee shop I began to salivate. Just the mere mention of going to get a €œMind Sweeper€ gets me to start acting more like the family dog.

€œDale want to get some coffee?€

€œhas Dale been a good boy?€

With the obligatory pat on the head and perhaps a little rub behind the ears they say...

€œyes, Dale needs some coffee, yes he does€

My tongue begins to hang out and I run around in circles like a dog chasing his tail!

This morning the only difference was I was NOT hanging my head out the window and panting into the wind, but I was none the less excited.

As we entered the shop I swear they could detect the glint of a tear in my eye as I smiled and ordered my drink.

Oh, I should tell you more about this drink. The Black Tiger Espresso Bean has 33% more Caffeine than regular espresso. The barista takes the steamed milk and adds 4 shots of the dark black, delicious liquid.

For the coffee drinker it is like nirvana in a cup.

Drinking the Mind Sweeper kept me awake as we packed our belongings into the car and headed for the airport. Our scheduled 7am flight growing closer we drove the streets of Portland in route to the airport. Our particular path this morning took us past the Coffee shop€..Well not exactly PAST but more like..

INTO the drive through where, once again, 4 shots of Black Tiger espresso slid past my lips and down my waiting throat. 8 shots begin to course through my veins and my fingers begin to twitch€€..

Arriving at the airport we proceed through the terminal and come to our gate only to discover that our flight has been delayed€€.

OH MAN!!!! What are we going to do for 2 hours?!?!?!

Looking to my side I catch a glimpse of a neon sign and I glance at my Brother €“In-Law, smiles cross our lips€.the sign says€€.

Yep, you guessed it€..


4 more shots entered my now twitching body€. For a total of€€.

4 4 4= 12 shots of espresso!

I was now ready for the flight€.Heck I was ready to fly there on my own without the assistance of anything as trivial as an airplane!!!!

I LOVE coffee! I LOVE espresso and I am now banned from ever having that much caffeine in one day!

The resulting plane ride was enough the make my wife wonder who was the bigger child, the two girls, the 4 month old boy or the husband.

My personal vote€€was the husband.

Try as I might I could not calm down€.up and down€..bathroom and back, shaking legs and the inability to concentrate were my M.O. (modus operandi )

It was a flight that would not end€..first the espresso€.then the chocolate covered espresso bean that I had purchased and then€€

Our flight was re-routed to Oklahoma City, Ok because of tornado activity in the area. Then on to St. Louis before finally ending the 10 hour trip back in Kansas City. I however would not stop this caffeine overload until I finally crashed and slept until noon the next day.

It has been said that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. I now believe that.

We as humans, God's creation, enjoy the pleasures that God has blessed us with. We enjoy the mountains, the beach. We love chocolate, apples, spaghetti and ice cream. We can't live without our morning coffee, and so we partake of them, and very often we over indulge ourselves and make ourselves sick or leave us hurting or tired.

God wants us to enjoy what he has given us. He wants us to enjoy life and what it has to offer. He also wants us to remember that we need to do all things in moderation. Balance your life and allow yourself the time to experience ALL that God has blessed us with. The only thing we can't over indulge in is the love that God has for us. The more we take, the more we share God's love with others, the more he will give us in return. Espresso and the caffeine only sustain us for a little while and then we crash. God's love sustains us for a lifetime€..

And beyond.

I realize now that I can not overindulge on my caffeine intake. I must be wise with how much I put in. and so, as I type this today, I am sitting here sipping on a 2 shot Black Tiger latte that I made at home€

and off and on I am munching on a few chocolate covered espresso beans.

Want some?


I enjoyed your blog... especially about coffee effect and travel. I travelled for more than 14 years across Asia Pacific as a regional auditor , with cup loads of coffee(no often local not specialty) with a difference that they never kept me awake. Praise the Lord He made each one of us different.. to enjoy His blessings.

Keep enjoying His blessings and blogging, bragging about them. I would love to hear more!


Patricia Newton @trician ·

I can relate in a different way. I'm not a coffee drinker, but Ilive in the land of you are never more than a mile from a Starbucks. I asked one of my son's was there a coffee drink he thought I might at least want to drink. He recommended the Caramel Machiatto.
That evening at midnight I was as wide like it was noon. I cleaned the house and started dinner for the next day. I learned my lesson. Coffee is not my friend.

Too much of a good thing is never good. I believe that's why every now and then we get our portion of sorrow and trouble. It keeps us balanced.
Thanks for sharing.

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