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Today my dear family,



those who love this blog,

those reading this blog for the first time,

those reading it because they know me and feel obligated,

the store clerk I gave this website to,

the mail man

and the pizza delivery driver that I gave this to instead of a tip... .

I would like to talk with you a moment about a danger that is sweeping our nation.

They are everywhere...

They are accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, political preference, favorite NFL, MLB, NHL team.

They come in various sizes, shapes and colors.

Weights and styles...

Today my friends I am talking about my fear of flying... ..


They seem innocent enough. They are placed in the toy isles of major department stores... the racks of high end sports stores and can be found at yard sales, thrift stores and just about anywhere.

They are even given away as promotional items with the names of business and radio stations, clubs and fundraisers..

And yet NO license is required.

NO classes are given on their safety AND

There is NO waiting period required on their purchase. (chills are running through my veins already)

They seem soooo innocent, they are NOT!!

In Selah, Washington around 1975 an older sister has been tormenting her younger brother... she had him pinned down on the floor flipping her long brown hair into his face... squirming he managed to get away. She took off running down the polished wooden floor of the hall way, well ahead of her trailing sibling. As she was just stepping to turn into the kitchen her once sweet brother slung the plastic disc down the hallway... its brown plastic edge skimming over the smooth surface. That is when it happened. as her foot lowered to meet the floor, the disc slid directly underneath it.

You can guess what happened. The disc took her foot out from under her. BOTH feet left the floor and there was nothing left between tush and floor and with a loud thud that is what happened. Knocking the air out of her. As she looked back at her now doubled over in laughter brother, flames of revenge filled her eyes. Seeing this her frightened brother did the only thing he could... .run into the bathroom, lock the door and pray that a new millennium might quench her anger... .only 25 years to wait... .

Another case...

In Orrick, Missouri (not the place that Mork came from) A family was meeting for a wonderful Easter Sunday.

After a wonderful service and the required Easter Egg hunt, the very large family was awaiting a feast extraordinaire.

A man and his son set up their portable Disc Golf Basket and began to practice the ancient art of putting. The children gathered as one disc after another landed in the cloth and chain contraption. Giggling and family laughter could be heard across the farm. The children began to pick up the wayward discs and throw them in. fun and merriment ensued and all were having a ye old fun time...

The saying goes that it is all fun and games until someone gets hurt... and someone did.

I know, cause I was there.

I was the one who got hurt.

As we played and enjoyed the day my, gifted in SO many OTHER ways, oldest daughter picked up my rather sharp edged, long range distance driver, and flung the golf disc just as hard as she could, aiming for the far side of the large yard. I stood to her right a few feet ahead of her and several feet to her RIGHT.

I should have been safe, I should have been well out of the way... .

I should have had my head examined...


I was only momentarily aware of the oncoming disc as I heard her yell.

The disc hit me just below my left eye.

Stars erupted in my head as pain seared through my face. As I crumpled to the earth.

I sat there as two of my family members (both EMT's) came over to check out the now darkening and very large black eye that was my Easter gift from my daughter.

Hey! What was I thinking before, I DID get my head examined!!

I have a long history of disc abuse.

A disc in the back of the head on the beach at Pacific City, Oregon (oddly enough thrown by the same daughter)

A golf disc in the middle of the back thrown by my Son as he putted during a practice round at Rosedale Park in Kansas City Kansas.

And other flying disc incidents to numerous to mention.

Hollywood films have even depicted the dangers of the flying pie tin. As was seen in “Back to the Future III” as Marty McFly knocked the gun out of Mad Dog's hands with the pie platter made by the, “Frisbee Pie Company”

My fear of them has grown... .or is it my LOVE for them.

Over the years I have collected the plastic cow chip, as I have heard them called. The former pie plate called the Frisbee. Twice displaying them at the fairgrounds in Yakima, Washington. A collection that included over 300 of them.

A collection that once lined my bedroom walls. Hanging on 300 + pushpins making tiny holes in the plaster, a fact which I was reminded of MANY MANY times as my father grumbled as he had to fill in the tiny holes with plaster LONG after I had moved out.

I told you this story because I want you to be aware of the pitfalls of flying discs.

Actually I told you this to make you smile and to remember that God put so many things in our lives that can be used for both good and bad. We are given our agency, the ability to decide for ourselves how to use them.

At times we use Gods creations for good, even great! At other times we use them for less than what God intended and end up with disastrous results.

Be smart with his creation. Respect his creations.

I give My daughter LOTS of respect and a LOT of room when she is throwing a disc.

In fact I am usually not in the same ZIP code when she throws.

Above ALL I give thanks to God for the ability to Laugh at my mistakes, The ability to learn from then and realize a new path if needed.

The ability to seek those gifts that he has given me by going outside my comfort zone, but realizing my limitations and having the wisdom to move on.

Right know though it is dark outside, soI am going to light up my golf disc and take it to the yard and toss it into the basket.

The only fear now is that somewhere... .somehow My daughter is lurking with another disc...

Here take the flash light a keep an eye out for me ok?


Yeah it does sound like you are having allot of dish-haps , I'll bet that you are wishing that they were mishaps instead? :)

Be blessed forever

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

:welcome: back, Dale! I doubled over laughing as I read your blog this morning. Thanks for the chuckle and the lesson.


K :princess:

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Ah, Dale, at my house they throw wooden blocks. But it sounds, to my surprise, like frisbees are much more dangerous things.
Great message in this humorous blog - thank you!
God bless,

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