Snipitz - From the Roller Rink

Here I stand??

I love it!!!

I am in charge, having fun and life is GREAT!!!!!




Do you have those moments? You feel like you are on top of the world doing
what you like, enjoying your life and feeling like you have it all under

Only to have God remind you who is ultimately in charge, and to remind us
that we are indeed...


There have been jobs in my life that I have enjoyed and some that If I could
reach inside my brain with a Brillo pad I would scrub all traces of them
from existence.

I have folded boxes, sorted apples, carried out groceries, made pizza (ate a
lot of pizza too, yum) and a number of other things. Hands down the most
fun I have ever had at a job was at Magic Wheels Roller Rink!

I started there as a Floor Guard. My job was to rent out the skates,
maintain them, then go out onto the rink floor and direct traffic. You know,
keep the young kids safe and under control. This also included the
chronologically older individuals who would choose at that moment to try to
recapture a youth long past, but that made them act like adolescent

They would skate too fast, play crack the whip or tag and in general become
kids again. They tripped themselves as well as others, battered and bruised
their bodies and would come off the floor with smiles the size of a Cheshire

I loved this time in my life. I was on skates everyday. I spent all my free
time there. I competed in Speed Skating and International Dance
competitions. There were however some not so good times there as well.

I fell way too much..I broke things and injured parts of my body.

One such incident was described above. I was standing near the middle of the
rink floor at the entrance. to one of the corners directing the flow of
traffic, with my black pants, Black and White striped referee's shirt with
a whistle in my mouth... I was on top of the work in a Roller Rink
in the late 70?s was like having the dream job?you were the envy of
your friends and everyone wanted to be like you. IT was GREAT.

As I stood there with my skates on looking at the skaters, lost in my dream
world...someone collided with the back of my legs.

In what seemed to be slow motion I was catapulted into the air, flying

Let me stop right here to tell you that when I think of humans flying I
think of Michael Jordan, flying high with his tongue out, gliding
gracefully like an eagle. Preparing to slam dunk the basketball through the
hoop, it is poetry in motion...

My high flying acrobatics that day were NOT was slapstick comedy
at its best. There will never be Air Dale basketball shoes, and I will never
have my smiling face grace the front of a box of Wheaties.

What there will be, for those who saw it transpire and for those of you reading this, are
images that YOU will want to scrub from your memory.

As I flew suspended over the polyurethane covered wood floor, my life
flashed in front of my eyes. My arms were flailing in a poor attempt to
catch my balance, my legs were in the air and I could see my skates in front
of me..

I thought "aren't those supposed to be on the floor??" and then "If
they are up here...what is down there??"

That was when I knew that no matter what. The landing was going to hurt!

As my whistle flew gracefully, in a perfect arc out of my mouth my back side
hit the floor with a THUD followed by an OOOFFF. I lay there stunned with
my ego and body bruised. Friends and co-workers came to my rescue and
offered hands to help me up, words of encouragement and a few hugs (from the
girls of course) I refused all of them (except the hugs, I am not a complete
fool). Insisting that I was fine, and that I didn't hurt at all.

I managed to work my way back to my feet and smile and laugh it off. I
continued to TRY to skate and act normal...I can do this, I thought, I'm
tough. No worries here...

Until I tried to sit down...

It was then I realized my hip was no longer the same size, or color that it normally was.

It now resembled the face of a prize fighter who had been badly outmatched by a larger, and stronger
opponent. I struggled to sit or walk much less skate. What a day. And yet I
still thought I can do this on my own...

How foolish we are sometimes. How many times is help offered and how often
do we reject it?

How often do we simply say "No thanks I can do this on my

I refused help that day and I struggled just to make it home, only to come
back to work the next day...and do it all over again.

Yes, I fell again, day two, same spot on my hip only now with a skeleton key in my back pocket.
This time I was unable to get to my feet without help...

I was so bruised that I could not sit with my ankles crossed, I could not
sit without a donut pillow. I had to take it to High School with me..

It was my senior year...

So much could have been accomplished if I had just accepted the help that

Perhaps I would have learned and not made the same mistake again 6
months later.

God does not want us to live in pain. God's promise to us is
that he will send a comforter to us when we have need.

He did not say in WHAT form he would send it though.

So, look for God in all of creation. He IS there, Waiting to send a loved one, or a great friend or a pastor that will provide what you need. It may not always be what YOU want, but it will
ALWAYS be what you need.


Thanks for sharing of the wisdom of why we need help from God in all that we do! God Bless you richly, Brother Dale! Dave

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