Snipitz - God, May I Trade This Body?


If it is not to much to ask, may I trade this BODY in for a new one?

I mean, really. It has gotten out of control.

It does not move like it used to. It does not look the same when I look into the mirror, and worst of all it does not work well.

Case in point€

Spring had sprung here in Kansas City and I was feeling good. I was feeling ALIVE and young again. So when one of my then fellow airport workers suggested that I join his over 50 softball team that did not sound too bad€

Except that OVER 50 part.

After all I was only 49!

The temptation to once again lace up my shoes, oil my ball glove and purchase a new tube of Ben Gay made me giggle with anticipation.

You see God, I know whats coming.

I have been down this road before.

Just recently in fact I was in Las Vegas for the company Managers Meeting. It was a great time spent with good people. The first night we are there we spend at the ESPN Zone and have food and play games.

I dont know if you remember or not, but when you created me you put in a little thing called €œA Competitive Nature€ when it comes to sports. My mind is still as competitive as ever, my mind TRULY believes that my body can still do the same things it could at ages 16-25, and even WORSE is my mind thinks I can actually do MORE than I could back then.

Come to think of it maybe I need to trade in a piece of my brain as well!

My mind is under the impression that I am 5€10, 135lbs and ATHLETICALLY gifted!


The 4 challenges I have to faced were€

  1. A Basketball toss
  2. Air Hockey
  3. Nascar Auto Racing (a video game)
  4. Football toss.

It is going to be the top 5 cumulative scores to win a Blu-Ray DVD player!

I am a gadget and electronic junkie and I NEEDED that Blu-Ray player.

The basketball toss had me firing shots at the basket in rapid succession, trying to sink as many as I could during the prearranged time limit. My first efforts were rather meager but I am told that we get 3 chances€€


My Second and third chances were much better and I was able to get the second highest score€

I started to feel the twinge in my right arm.

Then off to Air Hockey. That went ok. EXCEPT for the one errant shot by my opponent that ricocheted off the back wall and hit me squarely in the chin!

Was THAT a sign GOD!

Nascar was a breeze coming in First in my group of 4.

Then came the football toss.

4 Advil had my aching muscles primed and ready to go.

As I readied myself I took the last sip of my evening latte and headed into the staging area.

They say that visualizing is the best way to reach your goal.

I visualized myself as Matt Hasselbeck (QB of the Seattle Seahawks)

And swipped my card.

Back and forth went the motorized men and I began to fire the football through the hoops
Short pass€..Long pass€.the ball sailed through the hoops and the points began to accumulate.

I threw long pass after long pass an in my mind I was an NFL quarterback€.hitting Steve Largent or Jerry Rice for a game winning touchdown€

I was fluid in my movements and for a moment I am the vision in my head€.

An Athlete€.

Why is it that when things seem to be going so well and we are living our dreams that reality has a way of crashing the party?

As I threw the last pass I felt something in my right shoulder go €œPOP€ and the sudden rush of pain that accompanied it made my knees go weak and my blood go cold€..

BUT€..I am a man and I could NOT let my co-workers know that I was hurting€so I packed it away in my brain and high fived my boss and others. Each strike of their hands on mine, making me long for the comfort of the emergency room.

The next evening when we had the awards for who would win the Blu-Ray players they called out the top 5 and had them stand up and wave to the group as they were recognized.

Each of the top 4 winners was under the age of 30 and waved their hands high above their heads with youthful exuberance€

I surprisingly was number 5€.

As I raised my aching body from the chair, feeling every bit of my 50 years, I attempted to wave. The agonizing groan I let out as I raised my throbbing arm above my head was enough to send some 60 managers into hysterical laughter.

And I laughed as well.

I now know the physical limitations of my body. I dont always listen, but I do know them.

They say that the body is a temple and we should preserve it and take care of it. There is NO warranty on it. There is no return until that day when it finally gives out.

So, as I sit here typing today. I have started a new journey in my life to better my body the best I can.

I now work in a Vitamin store. I am helping others to get fit, helping them with their health and wellness goals. I am not totally sure what I am doing yet, but I will get there.

God, however, does know what He is doing. He knows our limitations AND our possibilities. He does not want us to trade in our bodies. He wants us to use them. He wants us to adapt to our changing lives and bodies.

Very often I have used the phrase€€I gotta work with what I got€ or €œI have to work with what God gave me€ and most of the time they are used in resignation that I have limitations.

I was and am€


God can and will give us the ability to do whatever job is before us.

He did it for Moses€.and he will do it for you.

Moses did not speak well so he let Aaron talk.

Moses didnt know what to say€so God told him.

For every reason you have that says I cant€

He has a reason why you CAN€

You CAN be anything you want€.a butcher, baker or even a candlestick maker€.

As for me€I was an athlete again for just a little while.

For us alone some things are impossible€..

With God ALL things are POSSIBLE!

And so I prepare for the possible€.

But keep the bottle of advil close by my side€.

While it may be POSSIBLE...

€it may also be painful€.

But rewarding in the end.

Oh and the Blu-Ray player is AWESOME!!!!!

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

LOL! I just looked and you and I are nearly the same age... although with a November birthday, I am the younger one of us.

Your blog struck home with me. My body has not been kind to me over the past couple of years. Cancer and other health issues (my bio says it all) have put it through a beating. However, as my friend Linda Young (@savedbyegrace) aka Gracie likes to say, gifts sometimes come in smashed packages. :princess:

We are all on this stage called life and regardless of the physical shape we are in (or not in), if a child of God is still on the "stage" it is because God has a purpose for them to be there.

As for growing older/having physical challenges, I like to say, "The VERY best is yet to be!"... and I believe it with all of my heart!


K :princess:

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

I could feel every twinge...honestly!

[quote]Come to think of it maybe I need to trade in a piece of my brain as well![/quote]

Please don't. Been there, done that and I finally designed the teeshirt! You might have been only 49 at the time but you have waved a flag for us 'wrinklies' so I thank you most sincerely.

I am so glad you are enjoying your blue ray. We saw a stingray at the beach a few weeks ago...are they similar?

I just had a lightbulb moment! My brain was already wrinkly (by design) and now the rest of me is metamorphosing so that I am one fluid design...Isn't God good! :wink:


Susan Schneider @angelmarie ·

Wow, I was just asking this question just the other day. I get sick all the time but not from a normal sickness. It is always a combination of sicknesses. Right now i have been sick for two weeks with the flu and pharangits and it stinks. It was kind of funny to run across this because i was just saying that. It sorta hit home, because back in december i had a pastor prophesy over me ans say that i had a calling to ministry in asia. I have wanted to be a missionary for years but because of my ability to catch every sickness that has been invented. I have asked God so many times why i have to suffer from an incompetent mother. Something that may affect my ability to do what i want to do.
But anyways thanks for your post.
God Bless

Beth M @blest ·

Thank you for the many chuckles!! [quote]And so I prepare for the possible .[/quote] [quote]But keep the bottle of advil close by my side .[/quote]

blessings, blest

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I had to chuckle when I saw this blog come up from over a year ago. Advil can be a very good friend for those of us who are um... "mature"


K :princess:

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