Snipitz - Of a Father and His Children

One of the things in my life that I have always loved to do is to lay down on the carpet in the living room.

I love to lay there with a pillow under my head and watch TV or listen to music€

Or play with my kids.

I have loved to entertain my kids and make them laugh. Each child had their own game they would play with dad.

Anytime that I lay down on the floor seemed to be a signal that dad needed to play! So each one of my toddlers would come over and we would play until we were both laughing so hard we would wake the neighbors or the other people in the house.

Playing with my kids was fun and I cherish each and every memory€..

Well, maybe not every memory.

Thanks to Dr. Seuss there have been more episodes of €œHOP ON POP€ than I might have wanted€.most of them occurring right after a thanksgiving or Christmas meal when my stomach was already stretched to the breaking point.

And thanks to my middle daughter there was ONE incident that will be remembered by the family forever.

My sweet, lovable middle child is very much like her daddy. Her humor is just a bit off center. We love to make people laugh and we love to laugh.

On this particular day my wife had gone into the other room to do something for a moment, leaving me alone in the living room with my 18 month old bundle of joy€..

I, being ASLEEP in the middle of the living room floor, was not aware that my wife was out of the room.

I, also, was not aware that my daughter had seen this opportunity as a chance to play with dad.

Most children at the age of 18 months have not developed the art of Stealth like maneuvers. They will giggle and laugh as the make their way towards you, unable to contain their joy. My daughter appears to have been gifted by God with Stealth Mode!

Moving swiftly, but silently towards her prey she crossed the living room floor and approached her sleeping quarry. Picking up her favorite toy she made her way to my slumbering body and poised the toy directly above me€..

My keen parental instincts knew that SOMEONE had crossed over into my personal space. The little giggle that I heard in that fleeting moment before I opened my eyes should have been the clue that something was amiss.

As I shook myself awake I was aware that my daughter was standing by my head with her favorite toy poised directly above my face!

Before I could say a word other than €œLaura, What€.?€ She had released the toy WOODEN phone and it plummeted towards me. As it did I caught a momentary glimpse of the painted smiling face and wide bulging eyes that adorned the front of the phone.

As the phone made contact with my nose I let out a YELP of surprise and pain! The phone, (which had a bell in it) clanged as if signaling that it had hit its mark, and my daughter broke out in childish laughter and glee!!!

I did not immediately share in this jolly brand of merriment. I was more concerned about the red liquid flowing from my burning and injured nose!

When she saw the blood she began to cry€..and I immediately forgot about my nose and went to hug my now sobbing child. We hugged and cried a little, but the tears were soon replaced by laughter.

She had never meant to hurt me, she only wanted to play and have fun.

As I write this I wonder how many times I have hurt my Heavenly Father. How many times have I done something simply because it looked like FUN and have ended up hurting the God I love. I have been a Christian for almost 40 years and yet I still act like a babe in Christ. Unwise and unaware of how my actions might hurt, but even more aware of the many times I have done things that I knew would cause hurt€.

And I did them anyway.

And yet€.each time€I knew

That God would forgive me, and love me anyway. He does not condone my actions, but he loves me as HIS child.

YOU are HIS child too, and he offers you the same forgiveness and love.

He is there right now, waiting for you.

Waiting to take you in HIS arms and cry with you, but also ready to laugh with you as well.

I am including a link for a follow up song. Michael Card's €œJesus Loves Me.€


Praise the Lord Jesus love me. Jesus loves you.
Daily we experience His love..

Thank You Jesus.. for looking beyond our faults and loving us.

Thanks for the reminder. How easily we forget.


Maria Abigail Guevarra @purifymyheart ·

ohh.. :)
that is so sweet!
except the "burning and injured nose" though. lol

thank you for sharing this with us!

"Waiting to take you in HIS arms and cry with you, but also ready to laugh with you as well."
-how can i not love Him??



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