Snipitz - The Great Energy Drink Explosion

His eyes dart around the room...



The glint in his eyes reflecting the slight madness inside.

The white lab coat hanging to his knees, rubber gloves protecting his hands as one by one he looks to the shelves and mixes in the different chemicals and ingredients.

A pinch of this and a pinch of that. With each addition a slight smile crosses his lips and with the new mixture comes laughter...

growing louder and louder, the steam rising from the beaker full of bright red fluid, His eyes protrude from their sockets as he continues to mix...shake...

finally when the glass can no longer contain the bubbling liquid within, the inevitable happens the lid that had been straining to remain closed bursts open and the explosion rocks his little world. Then as the dust and debris begin to settle his maniacal cackle escalates, reverberating throughout the neighborhood.

He surveys the carnage left behind, The remnants of sticky red fluid cover the walls...

The glass

The dashboard...

and ….

The Daughter!

His laughter calms...or should I say MY laughter calms.

If you have not guessed it by now I am the mad scientist of which I write today. It is my attempt at amateur chemistry that has brought fingers to keyboard.

I am NOT a scientist, nor do I play one on TV.

However, I am a Dad and I do play scientist in the Kitchen, putting together different spices and ingredients in an attempt to feed my hungry brood.

But this particular morning I was not making dinner...

My eldest daughter and I were getting ready to visit my wife in the hospital where she was recovering from Cancer surgery.

I was tired...


and I was OUT of coffee!!!


So, chemist I became.

1 scoop of powdered pre-workout formula...


Ohhhhh yeah and 1 packet of...


ahhhhh there lies the problem.

Emergen-C is an effervescent vitamin C based drink.

I put both together and then ran out the door, dropping the shaker cup into the cup holder and starting the car.

Slowly the mixture begins to grow...

off we go, cruising down the road...


Laughing and singing along to the music on my Ipod.

Unthinking I reach to my right, grab the shaker cup and shake vigorously.

In March of 1980 Mt. Saint Helens in Southwest Washington State began to show signs of the eruption that would come to fruition on the 18th of May. The first sign of trouble was that the hot magma pushing up from the center of the earth and melting the snow-cap above.

And soon the building pressure of the ash and steam inside of the Pacific Northwest Volcano, pushed against the side of the mountain causing a bulge that was growing at a rate of 5 feet per-day.

It was like the worlds largest pimple waiting to POP!

I should have seen the signs...

I should have learned my lesson from the events of that spring in 1980.

I should have paid attention to the droplets of foam that were seeping from the seams of my ever bulging shaker cup.

I SHOULD have..

But I didn't.

The next thing I knew there was an eruption!

Mount St. Helens blew 1300 feet of the top OFF the mountain.

My energy drink shot the lid of my cup to the other side of my SUV.

Quickly I pulled over into the 7-11 parking lot and surveyed the results of what is now referred to as...

“The Great Energy Drink Explosion!”

the dash of my car, the windshield, the console, the gearshift and my daughter were now covered in the pretty raspberry red fluid.

The contrast of red liquid and my forest green SUV made the scene look Christmas like..

As I looked at Mandy and then at the mess she exclaimed...

“IT'S IN MY EAR!!” and with that we burst into uncontrollable, full belly, side splitting laughter.

She had been in direct line of the blast zone because I had been pointing the drink right at her.

In our lives we never know what is brewing and bubbling just below the level of our comfort. It could be calm blue waters running freely or it just might be the molten lava of impending disaster waiting to be unleashed.

We carry on, often unaware of the warning signs that life and God are displaying. Soon, life explodes and we are left waiting to pick up the pieces. To dust off the monochromatic ash of life and slowly rebuild. Painstakingly pushing away the darkness and letting in the light and color once again.

Each morning when we wake and face the day, our Heavenly Father picks up His pencil and sketches the new day. Then the Great Artist of life lifts his pallet of unending color and begins to paint and paint and paint.

Bringing light to what was once dark and bleak.

Color to what was once gray...

Tears of laughter from tears of sorrow...

And with the touch of his hand, or a single word from his lips...

Life to what was once dead.

God is not a mad scientist. He is the Creator of Heaven and Earth. The Master carpenter, the Alpha and Omega, our Father and friend.

I said it earlier, I am NOT a mad scientist either, I am more like the scientist we remember from the old Bugs Bunny cartoons. Crazy, bumbling and slightly insane...

Yes I said SLIGHTLY although evidence surrounding me might suggest otherwise.

God is the author of all things...

He is there sharing the good times and the bad...

but most of all he is HERE.

Right now, right here with you and I.

He knows that you will have trouble in your life, that nothing is easy. He implores you and I NOT to worry, because no one gains anything from worry.

Instead he wants to tickle your funny bone.

All around us, and in the midst of our problems and fears, there is something there that can help you smile.

You might have to look for it, you might have to change your way of thinking and you might have to force yourself to smile but you will, if you want to.

And when you do, God …



Say with a smile...

“High five...

on the Side...

Split the pickle..

Tickle, Tickle!”


Got a good giggle or two myself paid for in full at your sticky expense. Thanks. I am sure you and your daughter will always have the events of that day to share in a fresh, new belly laugh every time you remind each other for endless years to come. Things like that never lose their edge in families. I also hope all is good with your wife.

Thanks and God bless your family,


Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Very well written blog with an important message. - bibleguy64

Beth M @blest ·

Loved the mind pictures!! Oh, yes, and the message too :wink:
blessings, blest

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