Snipitz - The Greatest Adventure

The search was on…

I donned the leather jacket, and attached the whip to my side.

This was going to be an epic adventure, fraught with peril.

It had to be done,

I couldn’t let it go.

I had to get it! Had to find it!

Without it the day would just not be complete. I pulled the well worn brown fedora low across my brow.

And so it began, I looked high and low, down every isle, nook and cranny.

I never really knew what a nook and cranny were…but I was going to search them anyway.

All the while looking for clues as to where this hidden treasure might be.

I HAD to be here!

The clues where leading me to the place, but alas the resting place for this chalice of golden elixir was to elude me.

The interuptions were unrelenting. Pulling me this way and that. Forcing me to change directions and tactics.

Even my hired help could not help me find my lost treasure

Sweat poured from my brow as I searched…

Over hill

And over Dale (poor Dale)

And yet I again failed in my attempt to locate it.

I was looking for the grail…

No NOT the Holy grail  of biblical fame,

But a grail of sorts that still holds the ever cooling elixir that makes my day have life.

I was, of course, looking for the “Lost Latte”

I was at work and needed my morning latte to get my body going. I had so much work to do.

Seconds turned to minutes…

Minutes turned to hours…

Until finally, almost 3 hours later, my coffee deprived brain saw it…

Perched on an endcap right where I had set it. I don’t know how I had looked over it.

But there it was, and I swear it was bathed in a golden beam of light, and a choir of angels were singing a chorus of hallelujah’s.

Ok, maybe that’s a little over dramatic but hey, this was MY adventure.

But this is what life is. A series of adventures that start when we are small.

Feeling the rush of adrenalin as we



As we pepare for those adventures to begin.

Some of my most memorable adventures included,

A trip to Disneyland in 1968, my first trip to California and to the Magic Kingdom.

I couldn’t sleep!

I wanted to ride the Matterhorn, race the cars, heck to go on every ride in the PARK!

Except maybe the Small World ride…

But we rode it anyway, over and over the words haunted me…

“it’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all, it's a small world afterall,  it’s a small small world”

great now Im going to have that song stuck in my head all week.

It was the adventure of my childhood, we went to Knots Berry farm, saw the redwood forrest and spent wonderful time with my cousins in West Covina, California.

And that fuled the fire for other adventures on the way,

Trips to the Olympic peninsula, the rain forrest.

Trips to the Washington and Oregon coast.

The Cascade Mountains,

And eventually Yellowstone park, Mt. Rushmore and small town of Parkville, Mo.

Where I would start my college adventure.

Life is like that, a series of small adventures designed to get your blood pumping, your heart rate going.

To give you a reason to get out of bed everyday.

The bible too is full of adventures,

Moses and his quest to free his people, and Jesus’s journey to save us from sin.

it is this latter adventure that provides us the Greatest Adventure of all.


A life here on earth and and everlasting life in heaven.

Life is full of ups and downs, climbing mountains so high we think we might not make it. Only to reach the summit and come sledding back down like a bobsledder in the Olympics, and then to get back up and do it all over again.

God has prepared a place for us in Heaven, The Great Adventure is getting there

We all get there is different ways…. We all look for clues to help us.

The notes are all there, already written for us.

The sidekicks, and partners are there.

The teachers, the preachers, the guides, all of them awaiting the simple words..

Lets Go!

And the adventures begin,

Today was no exception,

My granddaughters were here at the house, both of them experiencing the not so great adventure of being sick and “snicking” up for the first time in there short lives.

But still my youngest granddaughter wanted something to eat and so being the grandfather that I am I went to the kitchen to prepare the flapjacks whose recipe had been handed down to me by my father, and the maker of Bisquick before him.

I picked up the box of baking mix and heard the rattle of something inside the box…

What could that be?

Had I left a measuring spoon or cup in the mix?

As I opened the box and looked inside…

What I saw inside would end another epic search..

The Search for the lost Binkie!

My little girls favorite pacifier.

How it got there only she and Jesus know for sure.

And I laughed and laughed.

I love adventures, I love the anticipation of whats coming next.

And so I look forward to the days of putting on my gear once again and set out to see where life takes me.

LIFE is the Greatest Adventure we will ever have.

Enjoy it,

Embrace it.

And ask others to join you on the way.

Oh, and one last thing….

Bring Snacks, after all EVERY great adventure needs snacks.  





K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I love it! Yes, life is an adventure that is best done with God.

Do not include honorifics.

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