Snipitz - Through The Generosity of Others

Right now I am siting here at a Caribou Coffee having a nice large Caribou Blend...

I have opened up my laptop and as I am about to put finger to keystroke a very happy woman walks through the coffee shop offering everyone here a piece of celebratory cake.

Most of the patrons here politely decline the generous offer...

I, however, happen to love cake and the though of chocolate cake with butter creme frosting is more than I can resist. As I accept the chocolaty goodness (a corner piece at that!!!) I ask her what she is celebrating.

She points out the window and I see the beautiful PINK Cadillac. The new pride and joy of this Mary Kay sales person. I tell her congratulations on a great job and that she should be very proud of what she accomplished. She thanks me and graciously shakes my hand.

In the past I have always equated Mary Kay and their sales ladies with the image of Tammy Fay Baker or other overly made up individuals. She, however, had used the product in such a way to accentuate her natural beauty. I smiled at her generosity and am enjoying every bite of my overly sugary treat.

As my taste buds dance with delight I begin to think about the times in my life that I have been the recipient of unexpected generosity.

The numbers are to great to even fathom. I have indeed been blessed.

One such instance stands out to me more than most, although every instance is as important as the other because all have helped in some way to make me the man that I have become.

On a beautiful June morning I decided to go out for a run. It was summer break from college and I wanted to run cross country that next year at college. I was already speed skating and had good stamina for distance races but I needed to get in shape. So off my college room mate and I went. We were staying at my parents house. He was working to earn money to back to college in the fall as was my now brother in law, by working on my grandparent apple orchard and then at Stadelman's Fruit Packing House for the cherry harvest.

Down the long steep slope of Selah Loop road we went talking as we jogged happily along. As we got to the part of our path that the shoulder was narrow, gravely and very steep to our left, I extended my leg and stepped down on a beer can that had been carelessly discarded. I can remember hearing the aluminum can crush beneath the weight of my 124lb frame.

Unfortunately I also remember that feeling of my left ankle rolling to the inside in a rather unnatural way. The rolling gravel giving way as I began to slide down the hill on my abnormally stretched ankle.

As I came to a stop in a heap at the bottom of the hill I was painfully aware of the shooting pain that emanated from my rapidly swelling extremity. I was also aware to the sound of people coming to my aide.

Soon hands and arms were under my shoulders as they hoisted me to my foot. My left foot useless. Through tear filled eyes I noticed that aside from my friend, my unlikely helpers were a young mother and two of her small girls. They did their best to help my wounded body to their station wagon and they were directed back up the hill to my home. Soon I am helped inside and as quickly as they had come to my rescue... they were gone.

Over the next three months I was subjected to ice baths for my cantaloupe sized ankle, and something they call a €œStress X-Ray€

To do the stress x ray they took my still swollen ankle...

and ankle that I could barely move... and stress it UP...

DOWN... .

to the OUTSIDE...

and to the INSIDE

with each stress of the ankle I had the privilege of experiencing a new level of extreme pain.

The pain was so intense that I had a person on each shoulder and one at each leg to try to hold me down while a nurse twisted and turned my injured appendage so the man behind the x-ray partition could take the pictures.

€œRelax€ they told me...

Instead I thrashed like a Great White Shark in the midst of a feeding frenzy. The screams that sounded so far off...

were actually mine.

Tears streamed down my face as the told me... .

€œthey didn't turn out..we have to do them...AGAIN€

At the moment... I wanted to punch everyone there right in the mouth.

Including ME.

After the second set were done and successful I was sent on my way.

Coming out of the back room with the stains from the tears evident on my face, I could see all eyes upon me...

they had all heard my screams...

hands came out of nowhere as people offered assistance, seats, tissues and comfort.

Isn't this how it should be?

That we as children of God should be ready, willing and able to reach out and give a helping hand to others. With no thoughts of what is in it for me. But instead extend our hands to our fellow brothers and sisters that need us.

That need me...

That need YOU...

Today's society has taught us that it is all about the bottom line. That it is about taking care of yourself...

That in this is all about ME.

If that were true...

then the story would have just been about...Adam.

That's it. No Eve...No anyone.

God however wanted Man to have someone with with him...

to fellowship with him. To lend him a hand, to keep him company

And God's awesome generosity and love created Eve...

From that humble beginning man came to be what we are today... .

A mankind that tears down...destroys... and hurts.

And through that adversity comes the generosity of mankind...the Christ that resides in us.

We reach out and help.

We give, we rebuild, we laugh with each other, we cry with each other and we love.

After that injury I never ran cross-country again. My speed skating career would only last about one more meet and then I retired. I learned a valuable life lesson that day.

I need to be more giving of myself.

More willing to extend a helping hand.

Offer to give when I have extra...and even when I don't.

More willing to sit and help someone to cry or laugh...

That young mother thought her children that you stop and help even when you don't know someone.

She did not know me at all and still she helped me. She did not drive past.
In these past few years I have had to rely on the kindness of strangers ..

on their help and generosity. And now as I hopefully stand on the cusp of my life getting better...I want to give that back to all of you.

I started writing these €œSnipitz€ as a way to help heal myself... I write them now for you. Each of you.

Some of you know me... you are my close friends and family.

Some of you I have never met in person and yet you are indeed part of my family and reside in my heart for now and forever.

I love you all and I will stop and help you anytime and anywhere and in anyway that I can.

To others of you I am a stranger...I am a man that you only know by words on a computer.

And yet...I love you too and I will try to be here through these Snipitz to lend a hand, to make you laugh, smile, maybe shed a tear for as long as you choose to read them.

So today I am cutting the biggest cake ever made as we celebrate those who go out of their way to show generosity to others...

Your all invited.

And I will stand here and hand everyone of you that have touched my life or the life of someone else a nice big corner piece, tell you thank you from the depth of my heart and to give you a great big hug.

So now, My arms are open wide, the cake is in my hands and thanks are ready to be said

Who's next?

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Dear freind 'hisdisciple2':

I really enjoyed your blog adn I was charmed that your delivery of the subject kind of resembles what I would of said! And but sadly enough the response you got resembles mine from those from outside and not those really who are regulars here but a few who really make bridges with everyone possible!...

And I was prayin' like for you this 2:30 AM in the mornin' in my town! And I told God about a blog I wrote about buidin' bridges with those who misunderstand us! And I can't tell you how happy I'm in Jesus that you told your failin's to God nd' your misery of your mishap and just told how humanly we respond to mishap in a...hello?...human way!...

And God like that that God does not have to hid in heaven everytime someone just accept that God made us...hello?...human! And some here really help this site finacially and are really commendably involved in the activity here and that is a blessin' to me and everyone we reach here and outside where ever this message goes!...

And to the point I was readin' a book that asked why do people suffer? And the author took all solution to an angry God who is angry at our failin's but that is false!...

Now God has shown me that God Trinity is not angry with our typical human response, but just to let God n-o when we cross the line and make the wrong response and that is it!...

Readin' Ezequiel 8, God says that some women sat weepin' to their god Tammuz! And God is offended at that because they did not trust the creator of the universe to understand sentiment! And think that God doesn't understand the most secret thoughts and desire even we dare not confess to anyone even shrudder ourselves!...

And God is offended that we call human failin' human failure and accuse God of makin' a mistake in the way he created us...namely...weak! And we want to be macho and take on the world and even entertain the idea that the holy spirit make us a cross breed of God and human! And it may be true that we are the Temple of God to glorify God and God is not offended at those who are...weak... and confess it to others!...

Summary: Human failin' and we have all that is not human failure and much less creation failure on God's part! And we don't have to weep to another Tammuz when the livin' God is present in Heaven at all times!...

Human failin' is not Human failure at all and much less when we are weak we have more understandin' at why other suffer as well...adn this way we know what hte situation all too well and we can help in understanding other who alse suffer in this life!...


John Vorhees @john1515 ·

I liked your blog very much. I certainly will read and ponder more. John1515 :coffee:


Thanks Brother dale for always sharing of your life's journies and of putting God 1st and love for others! God Bless you and your family mightily! Dave

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