Another short story... I don't have a ending as of yet.

Well here is another one. I wrote this some time ago, but I keep trying to work the bugs out of it. Its funny I never really used to show my work, was fear what someone might say. and well I guess God has done some really deep things in the last few months and was told that God gives these kins of things to share and bless others with... so here it is. I still have work to do on it, but well I just have to step out and trust God. But please let me know what you think, feed back is a very ok thing for a want to be writer. :0) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Beloved It was love at first sight, she had been swept off her feet, It was hard for her to understand how He could love her so deeply even after knowing full well what he pass looked like. But now the time had come, He had been telling her of His love for her. Today would be the day that He would take her into the secret place and call her his own. He told her to be looking for Him at noon day, so a little before noon she walked out into the garden of roses that she had spend the last few years tending and creating delightful bouquet. There were many night that she sit in the cool of the day and sing about her beloved and his love for her, but this time was so different, so no long would she wounder when her beloved was coming to take her to his kingdom, no longer would she day dream of what life will be like to living with her true love, because her true love was coming to get her today and make her his bride, so with every ounce she could muster she took a set facing the entrance way, so she could see him when he came over the hill side, with only a few more moments to go she sat waiting. She first heard the sound of many horse's before she ever see any sit him. In what seemed like slow motion her beloved was walking towards her calling to her, while she sat there in almost disbelief that is was really him, that he was really walking straight to her. She knew what He is asking of her, but could she really give up everything and follow Him, oh her heart, conflicted with how she sees herself and how she knows He sees her. Up till now she has given almost all of herself to Him and yet the time had come for her to let go and not hold back. A few moments later He walks into the rose garden and stands in front of her extending His hand to her. She looks up at Him and starts to speak .. The Beloved: You took my breath away the very first time you passed by, I then heard you whisper to me. "Come with me, my beloved one" My King: "Yes, in deed I did". The Beloved: Oh my king, how can this be? How can you long for my fellowship and yet you know my heart. How is it that you would call me into your chambers? The sweetness of your voice melts my heart. My King : "come, come away with me, my bride, my beautiful one." The Beloved :The longing of your heart is greater them my own. My beloved king, you have captured my heart. I am never to be the same again. With just a word you draw me unto you. My King : "I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with my loving-kindness. You only have to say yes" The Beloved : I looked up as you passed by and I meet your gaze, and my heart was moved into a another level of your love. One glance from you and I turn to nothingness. Oh my beloved King, your love is so pure, so deep, so overwhelming. That just one look is all it takes and I am undone. Do you know what you do to me? Do you know what your love does to my heart? I become such a mess when I come close to you, you have ruined me for anything else. No where have I found a love like yours. I have felt your touch upon my heart, your sweet embrace, has left me wanting more of you, my king. But, how can you love me, want me, call me unto you? I turn my face from your gaze, and you, you just stand there waiting for me, to willingly give you my hand, willingly give you my heart, willingly let you touch the deepest places of my soul. You wait for me to come out of hiding. You speak in a tone of compassion. My King: "Why do you hide your face from me, beloved? oh my bride, how I love you, how I long for you, you are mine. You my fair one I have hand picked you, do not hide from me. Don't you see I could have chosen anyone that I wanted, but you beloved, I chose you. I wanted you. There is nothing that you could do make me stop loving you, or longing for your fellowship. Look into my eyes and you will see the passion that I have for you. Let me love you, let me heal your brokenness, my sweet bride, do not hide your face from me." The Beloved : I am amazed that even though you know me and all that I've done, you love me. Your words go deep into my soul, they bring light and life unto the dark hidden place s. I sit here speechless, looking at you at, what do I say to you when you speak to me in such grace and love? What is it that you see in me? My King : My ways are not yours, and My thoughts are not your thoughts, beloved one, do not trouble yourself, in time you will fully understand my heart towards you. The Beloved : I do remember your words, and my understand is not complete and yet here you are extending your hand for mine, waiting for me to rise up and come away with you. Amazing, you truly long to be with me. I cannot even begin to understand this and yet my heart, it is overwhelmed with a peace. Oh my king you have really done it this time. My King : Yes! My bride. Now you are see things the way I see them. There is nothing more then taking my hand and letting me lead you into the secret place. That is where your heart is mended and my love floods your soul. Beloved one this is where we become one. Do not be afraid, My love will replace the fear that, keeps you from dancing, walking, and fellowshipping with me. The darkness that has kept you for so long, will no longer be part of who you are. You identity will forevermore be in me. Go a head and take my hand, you can trust me. The Beloved : Yes, I do trust. So here is my hand, my heart, soul. For you chose me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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