Fatih at 2 in the morning!

So it 2am and I've been up thinking and talking with the Lord about a subject that I have always had a hard time really truly understanding... FAITH. Why does God make me wait until the last minute when I know full well that He could do it any time. I have ways had a hard time standing on the word as my grandma would say, I have never really been good at it. I get so up-set and impatient with waiting so long and worrying about weather nor not I'm going to make it though or not. So I've been asking God to help me understand what Faith really is(while I go though this really really hard place) So I had to start with "Do I trust you Jesus" Yes, I do. But as I was going along with my list, the Holy Spirit asked... "do you trust Me to take care of you" I replied "I trust that you saved me and I am so thankful" "But, do you trust me to take care of every thing in your life" "Well, yes...I think so, I mean, I know you love me and your grace is amazing free gift and..." "Tamara... do you trust Me to take care of all your needs" "Well hummm, no, I guess not, Lord. It just seems so hard to trust you when I see all these things coming at me. I feel like your just so far away and I'm floating out in the open waiting to be eaten by anything or anyone". .then from deep down I began to sobbing, and just sat here and listened* "I know you don't trust Me, I know you'd like to just do every thing yourself and never have to ask me for a thing, But that's not how I designed it be. Yes, I do love you, more then you will ever know. I long for a relationship with you. I long to be your everything, for I created you to love and be loved. I have plans for you that you can not even begin to imagine. I see you not as you are but as you will be. You are my beloved, my daughter, my spotless bride. Trusting Me is not something you do on your own, you must looked to Me, for I am your help in all things. there is nothing that you can do to earn My love or My grace. Trusting Me, Mean you look to Me for your stable place for I Am your rock, look to Me for I Am your strong tower and your hope. Because I loved you even before your knew Me and I died on the cross because of that love and then, giving you away to fellowship openly with Me. Trusting Me does not mean, you understand why things happen, it just simply means, you put your trust in My word and NOT in what you see. Remember my ways and thoughts are not like yours. I see your whole life, from start to finish. I know its hard to not give in to what you see around you, but take a hold of My word and except nothing less." Its amazing how God so talks our language, just so we can get what He saying. Its odd how not trusting God really make every thing else in life that much harder. I realize tonight that God has always been there, He is the same as the day I meet Him when I a child. His word has never changed. Thank you Jesus.

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

When we know the extent of God's love for us individually, we will trust him completely. Just like a father who loves his children deeply and will do all he can to meet all their needs.When we understand that kind of love of an earthly father, we will have a glimpse of the Father's love. :heart:

Yet our God is the greatest Father of all fathers and He owns the whole Universe, so what can be too difficult for Him?

Trust and obey, for there is no other way.

Thanks for sharing, Sister Hispianolady

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

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