God will never leave nor forsake me...no matter what it feels like.

I needed to remind myself of this today. so I just started writing and this what came out. it helped me get out of my funk. Thank you Jesus!! I have got to step out in faith if only one day at a time, I must trust God, ON PURPOSE not because I feel like it, but it is truth I'm standing on. Its vital to our victory in every situation. Don't look at the problem, we must look to the problem solver, in Faith... NOT IN DOUBT OR UNBELIEF. It s what we choose to do, not by feelings, but by faith then believing GOD JUST BECAUSE HE SAID IT. PERIOD!! As we stay in His word and " serve Him with gladness or rejoicing and being thankful, not for the situation, but because God cares about our lives and knows very detail, even the things we don t think He notices, but He really does. Walking on the water with Him can be scary, but keeping your eye on Jesus and walking in faith and staying thankful, we can praise Him knowing that He will NEVER, EVER FAIL and He will ALWAYS KEEP HIS PROMISES. He s been with you, your whole life, He already knows what you need, before you ask it. He is saying right on, in Me you CAN do all things and have VICTORY over this situation, just trust me to keep my word and I will walk you through this place. Go rejoicing in Me, before you see the waters open, remember faith come by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. ROM 10:17

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

An excellent little blog. We need to keep in mind to always trust in God because he is ever faithful :clap:


thank you for this encouraging reminder Him always with us and Him never forsaking us! God Bless you richly! Dave

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