Make my heart a place you want to be, Jesus.

I write this tonight, for one reason... I want to give all the glory to God, how amazing He is and how merciful He is when we humble our self's and let Him bring correction to our lives and hearts. The last few days have been hard ones... I have learned a very hard lesson on what sin will do when you ignore God when He wants to deal with it in privet. But for me, I did not listen the first time... This last week has been full of heartache and repentance. I got into a relationship that went to far and someone that I had told thinking that they wouldn't ever speak of it to anyone, but she did and and of all people to my pastors. By not giving me the time to go to them myself... They thought that I was trying to hide it from them and even though that was not the case they took me off of every thing I was going... and they have every right to do so. I am still working on forgiving my friend, but in the end God still did many things that I never could have known He'd do if I just moved out of the way and listened to the Lord in the first place. Now on the other side of all this... I am so amazed at what God has done with my heart. There are things I have not seen before and a few things I knew where there and just didn't know how to deal with them. One is my heart... That God wants all of my heart not some of me, but all of me... and yes there is grace, but I must now walk out the results of my miss-handling of trust from my pastors. This is not going to be fun and I don't think God means for it to be, any thing but what it is... to learn the lesson well and never ever forget it! I never thought of this until now... that when I sin big or small I not only let myself down or God but i let my whole church family down... I don't know why I never seen that before... but it sure will make me think twice about doing and being in places I know I shouldn't be, let me tell ya I have learned my lesson ! But then I was on you tube tonight and found this song from Watermark its called Come and make my heart your home. Its so where my heart is right now and once I stopped and really listened to the words, I couldn't help, but cry out to the Lord for Him to so fill my heart/life that the things of this world never trip me up that badly again. I know that I will always have to deal with sin on a daily basics but to be so filled with the Holy Spirit that I will run the other way when sin and temptation came my way. His grace really does endures forever!!!! Psalm 138:8 The LORD will accomplish what concerns me; Your lovingkindness, O LORD, is everlasting; Do not forsake the works of Your hands. Come and make my heart Your home. Come and be everything I am and all I know. Search me through and through 'till my heart becomes a home for You. A home for You, Lord. A home for You, Lord. Let everything I do open up, A door for You to come through, And that my heart would be a place where You want to be. Come and make my heart Your home. Come and be everything I am and all I know. Search me through and through 'till my heart becomes a home for You. You are my portion, filling up everything. You are the fortune that's causing my heart to sing. That it's amazing, that You could make Yourself at home with me. Come and make my heart, Come and make it Your home. Come and be everything I am and all I know. Search me through and through 'till my heart becomes a home for You

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I am listening to this song on YouTube as I write this. Yes, we sometimes must learn some rather painful lessons and sometimes the discipline of God stings. However, His love, mercy and grace for us does not cease.


K :princess:

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Our hearts are full of confusion and restlessness until we give them to Him. Let the Lord take over the throne of our lives and of our hearts for at that place is where we find rest and peace. :heart:

Thanks for sharing your spriitual journey, Sister Hispianolady

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

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