The Shack...what a book!

*I really do want to hear what you thought of book the Shack.* So... I don't know how many of you have read the book called "The Shack" but I am now re-reading it and I'm still amazed how this book bring the questions I've had most of my life and bring a real answer. For me the love of the Father has been a very hard thing to understand and except. There were some very hard things that I had to go though growing up. At times I wounder if God even wanted me at all. I knew what I had been told about Jesus and His Father, but I just never really got it for myself. Last fall is the first time I read this book, I think I read it in just a few days. It changed my life. Father-God as I now know Him, wanted me to know that He loved me and wanted me and that's why He sent His son to die for me, in my place. When I started to understand that God the Father really loved me, I found that my trust level started to increase and I then found it a whole lot easier to be loved by Father and then making even easier to except that Jesus died for me. There are a few places in the book that stand out to my even as I read it again. Staring on page 124 and ending on 127. this conversation between Mack and Papa and Jesus and Sarayu is about how Mack feels like God just lets bad things happen and how mack thought God should stop all the hurt in the world. The thing that go me was profound, a new way of thinking... over again its said that God gave humans a free will. God respect's our will and does not "make" us do what He wants us to do. Even after we give our lives to Him, God still lets us choose to do the "right" thing or in other words to do His will. He shows us what He wants us to do, but we much make that chose all on our own... I had always thought that God must be made at us, or rather me... I never really understood what the blood of Jesus really meant and what Jesus really set me free from. I used to think that I had to work for His grace or make myself suffer and "feel" the pain of my sin... the day I read this and the rest of the book, I found myself going to God and asking Him to show me in His love and what the Blood of Jesus really did for me. Here's the thing... I thought I understood the salvation message from the time I was a little girl siting on my grandma's lap, but some where in my up-bring I started thinking I had to "pay" for all my wrong doings. The Shack in its self is just another book, but God used it to brake up my strong will of I'm-going-to-do-it-my-way kind of attitude. In the last year God has softened in so many ways, I'm no where I was and that I'm so thankful for. I do have more to say, but I think I'll stop there. There are other places in the Shack that helped me understand God and why I struggle so bad with His grace... Amazing grace how sweet the sound!!! So if you've read the Shack, I'd love to hear your take on it.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

I also read it. I found it to be a lovely illustration of the love of the Father. I also enjoyed the way they wove the oneness of the Father, Son and Spirit. Though I frowned at the idea of God at any stage being a woman, I could look beyond that and see why the author worte it in such a way. For some they dont understand the love of a Father, for their father never showed love. This story took us through that and beyond.

It was a lovely wee read.

Anna Balsamo @belle ·

While I found the book well written, I really didn't care for it as much as others have. I wanted to, but somehow didn't. It did make me cry a whole lot (which I really didn't want to do), but other than that it didn't speak to my heart. I found the characters of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit portrayed strangely in physical form and I guess I couldn't get past that.


I read it about 3 years ago. All about faith. Do we trust that He will pull us through the darkness? Thank you for sharing and God Bless you richly! Dave

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