Fruit bearing, as By their fruits, ye shall know them.

The key to fruit bearing is found yet again in Psalm 1:1-3 (it's funny, cuz the Father knows we're sometimes not sure where to find it, so David writes them in the beginning of his Psalms).

The beginning of each book, I would say is very important because it started out how the flow of the message goes. Blessed are those who are in (d) -

Psalms 1: Who do not,

a) walk in the counsel of the godly (worldy wisdom and knowledge accumulated by years of experiences; Paul counts them as dung in the surpassing knowledge of Christ)

b) do not stand in the way of sinners: this is significant because bearing the law of God against other's weakness when we should be bearing one another up in love could lead to hypocrisy. Do not be deceive, for there is no one good on earth who can uphold the law except Christ who is blameless in all of His ways.

c) sit in the seat of mockers (scorners; unbelievers) 2 Peter 3 talks about this as well, but this actually refers to sin from the heart and the mind, where as mentioned, the love of justice and sin births forth from the flesh into the mind and heart as sinful thoughts and intentions.


d) delights in the law of the Lord, and meditates day and night.

How will they look like? They shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of living water (that is the washing water of the Word), which yields fruit in it's season; who when the heat of the day comes, they shall not feel it (their leaves do not wither), whatever they do shall prosper (they shall be favoured by God).

Looking closely, delight in the law of the Lord (the Word of God). Now this is for certain, without a doubt that it has to be a gift from God. To delight in His Word, for nourishment, refreshment and food for the soul. When it becomes a delight, it's really made easy. Just like how Jacob, oh he loved Rachel, willing to work for Laban 7 years and another 7 years because he was promised Leah first. That's the power of delight and love, it overcomes hardship in life as if they were an easy feat, and no complains. :p

This delight is possible because the Holy Spirit reveals to us mysteries of His salvation, which are rich treasures to the church of believers, to be shared (not to the world) but to each brother and sister in Christ so that we can admonish and build one another up in faith to the service of God. Meditation of the Word grows roots from the mind into the heart and soul, which in turns sustains us by the cleansing effect in the heart and renewing of the mind. If you ever felt that God is far from you, turn to His Word because I believe you will find that in one way or another, each of us may identify ourselves with Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, David and many more of them great man of faith; Ruth, Esther, great women of faith.

Fruits manifesting in it's time and season. From Proverbs 18, I have come to understand that the mouth is for declaring the Word of God, the lips is where fruit comes from, because by the fruit of the lips one is satisfied. The lips is thanksgiving. Songs of Solomon 4:11 also mentions that the lips is how we enter the promise land flowing with milk and honey. Remember when God changed Abram's name to Abraham by breathing life into him, first his spiritual sight was open and he began to see (that's revelation from the Holy Spirit). Then his and Sarah, their tongue was changed unto speaking forth their promise instead of saying that they are barren, they speak forth a nation of descendants that is ahead of their time. Therefore, by the fruits of their lips, yea shall know them. If they praise God, or do they blame Him? Be it good or bad, praise Him, not because of the situation / storms of life that we are in, but His love saved beyond heaven or hell, or height or depth or darkness or angel and his faithfulness (goodness and mercy) endures forevermore.

Then comes the tongue, the tongue is a sword: either to bless with life (like I rmbr this great illustration: how kings show that his official/commander has found favour and honor before him; approving of him, the king or queen will do an Accolade - tapping of the sword upon the shoulder). This or that: Jesus because He could not find any fruits from the fig tree, He could actually by faith call forth things that are not as though they are, barreness of the fig tree to be fruitful, just like in the beginning the Father called forth light to be existance, and light was, and that He said be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and take dominion over the earth. But Jesus response to the barren fig tree was a curse, because instead of mercy, the city of Jerusalem had a spirit of rightful justice before God.

Everyone deserve justice, thus no one deserves the mercy and forgiveness of God (the key to releasing healing and miracles).

Faith, is 1. being fully persuaded and convinced (where you get the word "convicted") the promises of God are yes and Amen (because He cannot lie), 2. calling forth things that are not as though they are (this is the greatest faith that Abraham found about God). For anything that is NOT founded on the foundation of faith, is not love but dead works.

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