Seek first the Glory of God and His holiness

The Kingdom of God is the glory of God which was present in the beginning of the garden of Eden. Why God hate sin? Because it turned man away from seeking and giving Him glory and unto their own ways of covering their shame. That's why God hate sin, it breaks the connection and fellowship that man has with God, by causing man to be so conscious of their lack and shortcoming (fallen short of the glory of God), to ever come bodly to Him. God wanted to present with Adam and Eve all the more in midst of their falleness, but because they hid themselves as a result of being conscious of their shamefulness and nakedness in response to God's glory as he draws near to them, God allowed that sin continued to be perpatuated throughout mankind. Man's calling all along was to seek and behold His Glory and respond with worship and praise. That's why Moses grew in the desire to seek the glory of God. His request to God was, "I want to see your glory". Did God turned him down? No, not at all, in fact, God wanted to show His glory to all man, but he couldn't because of the holiness (righteousness) of his glory, that would killed us, even Moses. Just by beholding his glory, we will be enraptured in delight in the beauty and excellence and perfections, and yet withdraw in fear of Him because we will become well aware of his holiness and righteousness. And that's the fear of the Lord - it is a health reverential fear. That's why Peter realized who Jesus is came and bowed down to worsip him and said "have mercy on me, for I am a sinful man". God foreknew the fall of man before the foundations of the world, and He has already prepared a salvation plan to save mankind from their fallenness, by demonstrating the power of His love through the sacrifice of His only beloved Son. The redemption of the unworthy and lost by calling them back to Him as His own be believing in Him who saves them. What is the response of believing in God's salvation plan? To draw to Him who is able and willing to cleanse us from all filthiness and clothe us with garments of white. This is an act of gloryifying His work, by acknowledging that only He is able to do the impossible, that is to save man from their wickedness. Therefore, when Christians say to seek God first: His kingdom and His righteousness, it means to seek His Glory and His holiness. Because if you do, the auto response will be worship and adoration of the power, magnificence, beauty and splendour of His Glory. Where can we then find His Glory? In His Word, and Jesus said that He has given us the Holy Spirit to reveal the glory of God through His Word (Jesus is the Word manifest into flesh), so that the church can reflect the glory of God to the world by beholding His Word.

To the praise of the glory of His grace. Amen and Amen!


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