The Father that withhold Nothing from us

I'm greatly blessed by this mystery of the Father's love to us, amazed of how he saved and called us who were once His enemies into the fellowship of His family. But this morning, I felt impressed to shed some light on what the love of God really is like.

I'm sure that we have heard pressing questions from skeptics, that if God so love us, why he still allowed sufferring to continue to persist in the world even after the death and ressurection of His Son? Isn't it that He had such power to redeem us and save us? And why the church and the Christians are not living victorious lives. Jesus gave the one and only answer and that was: because of your unbelief.

Even after taking upon Himself the curse of death, there is one enemy that believers have to fight continuously, and that's where the gathering together is so important - so as to encourage one another, admonish one another, build up one another, spur one another unto good works.

Ok so how can this be possible if we can't grasp the heart of the Father presented by His Son? Love. What have we understood of love? That love protects one another, love gives to one another without asking return and love fight for justice, and we love the last part isn't it? Love is strong because it fights for our justice. In fact, often times we feel that God doesn't fight for our cause, or does He?

Let's take it to the perspective of the Father, as Jesus was sharing a parable of the vineyard owner who went away and entrusted the vineyard to the masters. So at a later time, the Father (who is he vineyard owner), sent out a servant to request for a portion of the harvest of the vineyard, but the masters beat him up and the 2nd servant they even sent him wonded and empty handed. Now, the Father has a Son and seeing how the masters of the vineyard treated his servants as such, says this: I will send my son whom I love, perhaps they will accept him.

You see, Jesus was all that the Father had, heaven's best. And giving Jesus the Son to His own people was the greatest expression of love, inspite of knowing the hearts of the evil masters, the Father sent Jesus anyways. The Father in the act of love should protect His Son! And judge the wicked generation but it never occurred at any point when the masters (whom are the pharisees of that time) crucified the Father's only Son, that the Father said, "No! Stop! That's enough! I'm taking my Son back!" It was like the Father willed for the death of His Son Jesus.

For a moment Jesus became the object of our judgement for our sakes, "as it was necessary for Him to suffer to enter into His glory" (quoted from Emmaus road). Jesus even pleaded for the Father, "Father, if you are willing, let this cup pass from me". Jesus as the Son was very much fleshed in the weakness of man at this very moment, and yet it pleased the Father to bruise His own Son. What kind of Father does that? I mean that's a God of compassion? I mean really, allowing your innocent son to die in the hands of wicked man, isn't that cruelty? What kind of human does that? What kind of love? Yet Jesus pleaded of the Father to have mercy and forgive us of our iniquities; wickedness of the heart. The Son did such a work that please the Father as to saving lost creation such as fallen man unto Himself.

He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities, the chasticement for our peace. It's for our peace, God didn't came into this world to make war, but peace. That's what Melchezidek the high priest of the Most High God from the city of Shalom came to Abraham for, to remind Abraham that peace has been bought for us at the price of the sacrifice of the lamb of God.

What happened to the protection, the love that fight for the justice of the righteous? Oh yes, that was the price and affliction of our sin my friends. You see, it happened that the judgement of God was so great, even as in the form of a flood, but it didn't turn man to God. Then the God revealed to Abraham how he will judge Sodom and Gomorrhea. It's very interesting that Abraham also spoke of that should God judge the righteous together with the unrighteous? Be it far from you to do such a thing. Yet in this very day, we live in a time of his great mercy and grace while great evil still abounds, because of the cry of His Son for mercy even while Jesus was bearing our judgement. Rainfall and sunshine on the just and unjust.

So love fight for justice, sure. God's will went full force in the deliverance of His people of Israel under the hands of Pharaoh of Egypt. Isn't God who performed such great signs before them by opening the red sea? Who can stop the will of the Lord? Isn't Him who is in control

You see, the Father hates sin because we have become the corrupted image of God, yet are we that precious to Him that He should send His only precious Son for us? But because it will bring us together with Jesus in glory at the very last day when the day in Christ will be raised. And we have now Christ, the perfect image of God, His only Son, perfect and spotless to shed His blood as the atonement for the sins of many that will believe in the work of His Son, and wipe away our blemishes and make us holy before the Father - "be holy for I am holy". We overcome only by the blood of the lamb.

The world today even believers are not sseeing the promise of peace and rest because we don't believe and find it hard to believe that justice has been already taken up from mankind 2,000 years ago. The heart of the Son that cries out mercy and forgiveness really does put us an edge when we always cry out if God really loved us, He will fight for us and not allow us to go through hardship, suffering and pain, but just know this: He did not spare His only Son. The heart of man cries out for justice, "Lord, should we call down fire from heaven like Elijah did?" Abel's blood cried out from the earth for justice. You see, even the disciples think that calling down plagues on Egypt could turn both Pharaoh and Israelites unto repentance, but both die by the hardness of their hearts in unbelief. The corrupted human heart always have the sense of justifying itself by working man to be the hand of God's justice, and boy has it been for Christ Jesus, and to those who believe in His Son, the world will reject Him.

The Gospel is such that it will be freely given as like Jesus was given to the world, and they will reject the gospel truth as much as they will reject Jesus, and I pray that the church will not fall into unbelief, but be renewed with oneness in the mind of Christ and transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit the hearts of stone to be made tender to love again. What has the Father withhold from us? Nothing, because He never held back His Son at all, even from the people whom He love but rejected Him immensely because of unbelief.

Romans 10:21 - But concerning Israel he says, "All day long I have held out my hands to a disobedient and obstinate people."

 If you are a parent reading this article today, I hope that the light of His word will shine in Your minds and hearts to reveal such a freely given love from the Father. Jesus pleaded for our sakes while bearing the sorrow and grief that was laid upon all mankind, the guilt, sin and shame, so that all we have to do is believe on the work of His Son, who justifies the ungodly and be able to freely receive the promises of salvation, the redemption of our bodies, and the acceptance in the family of God to literally live happily ever after as according to relevation, a new heaven and a new earth, where our will becomes united with God in oneness.

Though love wants to have control over the elements that cause us great sorrow and grief, God also demonstrated how he strived His will to bless Israel prosper them and yet judge them because it caused him great sorrow by the wickedness of their hearts to sacrifice children who are such the Kingdom of God to gods who are dumb and deaf. Salvation is infact the transformation of one's heart to be like a child again before the Father in heaven, who cries out to Him for redemption, deliverance and provision. Because years of experience in Egypt will only be a weight that will lay us down to believing that God has withhold something from us, which he did not. "For He did not spare His own Son but deliver him up for us all, how much more will He freely give you all things." The love that the world presents always falls short by withholding something from God, because man has limitations in their love, but not so the love of God. The world came to esablish the motherly figure of love as the greatest love, and obscure the greatest love that is found between the Father and the Son, because the world don't know him, so they didn't believe in him.

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Know this, if our Lord God did not withhold judgement on His Son for our sakes, so did he not withhold mercy for His sake. Open hands and open heart is freely giving and not withholding. Not controlling but allowing the will of man to be freely express by believing or unbelieving.

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