The spiritual reality of sin, and the servants of the world

Have you ever wondered why God would flood the whole earth and judge a city like Sodom and Gomorrhea while we experience the mercy of God today? Yes God loves us, yet he judges uprightly and justly so that no man is spared from judgment. In Genesis, it is notable that God talked with Abraham and did not hide from Abraham what he was about to do. He said that the outcry from the city comes up to God, and thus God judges the city. Indeed, He lives on another realm but it's really interesting that God can hear an outcry from the city when wickedness abounds.

When God made man, he designed them for eternity but He also gave man a gift from Himself: the conscience that is hidden in our heart. This is the treasure that God is talking about many a times that manifest as the fear of the Lord. It was the plan that the knowledge of good and evil will open this gift - the conscience that man will have to use in the course of their lives to do what's good and shun from evil (as written in the Psalms). Indeed we err in our ways, and as David said in the Psalm, there is no one faithful that seek God's face, even David himself cried out to God to not turn away from Him, because David himself isn't spared either, y'see? Yet, we should recognize the depravity of our corrupted nature.

As mentioned in the prevoious post, the thorns in the flesh, which God did not remove from us comes from the sinful nature of the flesh. All of man have an innate love for justice and sin, don't we? That's kind of crazy but it's true, and this is why the conscious becomes hurt and comes forth as a cry when we sin, the conscious cries out unto God for justice. Undoubtly, this is the spiritual reality of sin. Because sin causes great violence, unjustice has been done, but does God love justice?

We look at Noah's flood. What was the Father's response? He relented, and promised to Noah, "I will not flood the earth again." WIth the sign of the rainbow, God the Father made a covenant with humanity. Why? Because what glory does God receive from destroying humanity, all of mankind, and every living thing on the earth? What's there left that remains to give God the glory? Probably the angelic host, yes definitely. But those on the earth are wiped out and gone. It never was God pleasing will to judge, because to judge, He did it once, and would cost His only Son - a lamb spotless and without blemish, to take on the curse of sin so that we may be righteous by grace through faith unto Him.

When Jesus was at the village of the Samaritians, they saw that His face was set unto Jerusalem (the city of peace), and so he did not stayed with them, even though the people wanted him to. Thus they did not receive him, and the disciples said, "Shall we call down fire and consume them, just like Elijah did?" Jesus rebuked them saying, "You do not know what manner of spirit you are of". Indeed they needed to be borned again. The world we live in will always cry out for justice of God, when the prophet says, "who can endure the Day of the Lord? It is the great and dreadful day where every man will receive his due of judgement according to his deeds on the earth." That is definitely a terrible thing. If anyone asks you: "why if Jesus died on the cross being such a great significance, the world is in a greater state of violence and sorrow than it ever was before?"

Just simply tell them that, the world will not believe what Jesus did was significant enough, because they did not 1. understand the great love between the Father and the Son, 2. they did not believe at all that Jesus offerring Himself up as a sacrificial lamb was enough to grant us peace and favour from our Father in heaven who is merciful and willing to forgive.

As to Moses, God showed him the side of Him as a Father, not just a God of justice, but a merciful and kind Father, who gave up his Son and what? Without relenting (this is crazy man, God relented judging man for their wickedness, yet it pleases Him that He should judge His Son?) What a wonderful and fearful demonstration.

To be borned again in the spirit, is to receive a spirit of a childlikeness, to count all your past experiences and harsh lessons from the past as a result of who or whatever that caused our situation today as forgotten (that's the significance of baptism). When a person commits all his past brokeness and regrets, and sorrows unto the cross, a renewing of the heart is the result of the promise of the finished work on the cross. We live a greater promise, of which the present day church even in some parts of Asia are ignorant about, yet they can't be blamed because it can only be a gift from God that they would desire to seek after these things from HIm who gives freely.

Again, I would want to reiterate that the love of sin and justice to be done is so ever increasing on this earth but God's mercy still falls on the just and unjust in that the extend of time, His grace would lead many to repetance. That constrasted greatly from the great flood didn't it? Now believers who are the church will also glorify God for His marvelous salvation plan, for who would have thought that it were ever possible. Yet unbelief hinders our faith in his promises, stealing away the joy that was once given when being borned again, enslaving us again to be servant of the world. For the knowledge of the world profits nothing, but those (simple minded) who walk under the council of the ungodly are deceived. In the New Testament, I can remember a few couple of times about this warning "do not be deceived". I think you will agree with me, the deceitfulness of sin results in the corruption of the flesh, which Paul says, give him/her up and throw them out from the congregation; count them like a tax collector if they do not even confess privately, among a few believers, and even before the congregation. So that their flesh will destroyed by lucifer's torments on the earth, BUT his soul will be saved.

May your conscience be at rest, for God has found a perfect sacrifice for sins, yet He is our high priest today in heaven interceding for us. I pray therefore that the the Lord God our Father grant to us a desire to seek peace instead of strife, yet that the Holy Spirit will guard our hearts against the deceitfulness of sin, and renew our minds by the washing water of the Word, lest we also be servants of the world, living with the pleasures thereof, who seared their conscience with hot iron. The servants of the world are as in the Book of Daniel, the King of Bablyon at that time was humbled to a wild beast which I hope you can see coincides with Revelations, when what? They exalted themselves as God and above Him. It is the mercy of God that the King of Babylon was spared from destruction while living as a wild beast on the earth. Revelations will be as Beauty and the Beast unfold, the King beast exalted as their head over them, and they will serve their king in riches, laviciousness and promiscuity.

Dear Lord Father, I thank you for your Son whom given to us as a promise by the seal of your Holy Spirit until the day of redemption. Keep us from temptation and from the evil one, preserve and protect us I pray, and Lord strengthen our faith by your blood, that we may overcome the deceitfulness of riches and sexual sin, just as you have overcome the world. Help us in our infimirties and grant us joy each day knowing of your renewed mercy. I thank You and praise You, Amen.

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