What leads to Unbelief, and how to overcome Unbelief

I believe this is something that the Lord has opened my eyes to see, and I know that you will be blessed with a key that is revealed in the faith battle of a believer.

Unbelief. The only common enemy that stops every believer from pushing forward in faith. The hardness of the heart is caused by Unbelief.

As a result of unbelief, sin was given birth, and then death the result of sin, because the flesh always cries out for justice. (sin is spiritual)

As the heart relaxes and contracts to be alive, so is how we go from belief (relaxes) to unbelief (contracts).

What is unbelief liken to be?

Unbelief is like a stumbling block to the Jews, because of Christ the King of the Jews is the greatest shame hanging over them; for the jews,

it has always been their pride that as they were the descendants of Abraham, chosen by God to be their people, Jesus their Messiah has trampled on the pride of their leaders, by becoming shame, because they chose to crucify the Son of God. (nakedness by sight, shame). The pharisees are the stony ground because they stand in the way of the sinners, causing them to stumble and fall by reminding them of the law that they have broken - the tax collector (zaccheus), the adulterer and the social outcast. (see Psalms 1:1 and the Parable of the 4 soils). The Word of God enter the Pharisees hearts, and indeed they rejoice, didn't they? Look, they become puffed up like leaven cakes, because they seem to have live their lives according to the law. This stopped them from pressing on to learn more. They know all there is to know from the Old Testament, and so their lives stop short of learning (see, their roots didn't grow deep), but began to condemn others instead to lift themselves higher. When they are rebuked by Jesus (heat of the sun), the wither easily, the pharisees are indeed greatly offended. Only one of the pharisees came to Jesus, Nicodemus, because he wanted to learn from Jesus. That's the spirit guys, don't stop learning from the Word, because Jesus always has something to teach and we are always His beloved children, listen and get ready to grow, because the spirit of learning is always how we seek Jesus. This is the way to overcome the stony ground of unbelief - don't stop learning!

and is like foolishness and nonsense (dung/sh*t) to the Gentiles because they are veiled by the Ruler of this world and cannot see the wisdom and revelation behind the mystery of God's salvation plan, so that they may listen and believe and glorify, Jesus the Redeemer of their souls. (faith comes by hearing, therefore the Gentiles are dull of hearing, and refuse to hear "nonsense" being preached to them, Christ crucified). - the Gentiles walk in the Wisdom of the world (counsel of the ungodly), therefore they have shut their ears to listen to the gospel and be saved, but are pushing towards listening to great public speakers, consultants who are being paid much to give a speech of inspiration at conferences but do not shepherd at all like the church does; for a shepherd protects his sheep, because love guides and protects. Therefore, the mystery of salvation which is like a pearl (wisdom) will remain hidden from them because as it is written "Do not cast your pearls (precious truths) to swines (gentiles), lest they what? trample them under foot and rend against you". The gentiles are the wayside (road ground), where the Word of God is landed on top of it, but do not penetrate at all, and so the fowl of the air comes along and snatches it away, because it's in plain sight; the Word did not even drop into, but only on top of their hearts and chosed to be forgotten, because they deem the precious truth as dung).

This is the greatest form of unbelief, because they chose not to listen to begin with and therefore they cannot believe at all. The wayside is the ground that has been walked over and upon alot of times, which is that they have gone through the great sufferings and loaded heap of past experiences of hardship and trouble of the world, to tell wisdom of the old – sounds like the Israelites wandering in the wilderness, doesn’t it? Teaching their children the painful lives of slavery in Egypt so that their children will lose sight of God’s promise land ahead of them.

They believe that it has loaded up great amount of wisdom, when there is none in the presence of God. This ground needs what? A soft word, but a penetrating truth. That's it. A soft and tender word, but a powerful truth why? Because (from Hebrews) the word of God is sharper than a double edged sword piercing even through the walls of unbelief to dividing of soul and dividing of the spirit, to reaching directly to the heart. The Word of God is capable to even penetrate the greatest walls of unbelief to reach to the heart of a person, because light penetrates through all darkness of unbelief and such is the power of God.

Yet the Word is soft and tender, because they truly need love and mercy. Look, they have borne upon themselves a heavy load of suffering and pain, because they have faced a terrible past and they believe no one is able to reach out to them. Soft word of truth breaketh the bones, because it is like seasoned salt, you try to rub on it, it hurts but it sanctifies and preserves and is like honey that is sweet and delightful because tender are His loving mercies on us – He Himself has borned our sorrows and carried our pains, the chasticement for our peace with the Father fell upon Him. What amazing forgiveness!


I will stop here for now, and continue tomorrow on post for: the ground of thorns, and how to overcome this ground of unbelief. Stay tuned!

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gonna save both this and the next article in Word Doc, hopefully I can produce some pictures and diagrams after that and then produce a video. Pray for me, because this truth is gonna set many believers free!

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