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Everyone comes across 'Goliaths' along life's journey that stom
Everyone comes across 'Goliaths' along life's journey that stomped fear and intimidation into one's soul from the get-go. Last winter in the privacy of my own bedroom in the wee hours of the morning a discovery of a the new giant appeared in my life and bellowed his name... "HERE I AM... MY NAME IS CANCER AND I AM GOING TO FINALLY GET YOU AND IT WON'T BE PRETTY!" My 'journey uncommon' began that December of 2010 morning, and 'to date' I am sure who the winner is REALLY going to be! I've read the end of the Book and God wins. So far I am 6 months into the trek with this Goliath called 'cancer' and so this true tale begins.

Last January of 2011 I was given a diagnosis of breast cancer... still in a 'borderline' small stage & non-aggressive... prepare for surgeries in the near future. Part of me, the numb and in shock part of me, was being swept along the wave of appointments and shaking my head up and down in agreement with 'the medical experts'. I was told NOT to look online for information, but that was a too late instruction. I have been an alternative enthusiast for about 10 years. I scheduled the first surgery twice and cancelled twice. This cancer had metasized to a lymph node and a few other areas lit up on the PET scan.

Before I had my core biopsy I was led by my usual daily Psalm reading to Psalm 118:17-
"I will not die instead I will live and TELL the works of the Lord." Okay, God is on my side and this is part of the plan.

I clung to that scripture for many months. I embarked on taking several alternative type supplements and protocols. I debated with God and myself about what I really had faith in for healing. I had a dream to inspire others to challenge conventional medical treatments of cancer AND how could I have a testimony if I take the typical path women take with such a diagnosis?

A short while ago the Lord gave me another scripture in Psalms 103:2,3
I will bless the Lord, oh my soul, and forget not ALL his benefits- who forgives all my iniquities and heals all my diseases.

Forgiving and healing are in the hands of the Lord!

'COMING SOON' more 'Journey Uncommon' tales. j4given

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Published: Jul 07 2011 10:57:33am

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K Reynolds+ (@kreynolds)

I am a breast cancer survivor as well. I am three years out from chemo. I was a member of CB when I was diagnosed with cancer in December 2007 and blogged throughout treatment. You can read about it in my profile and also in my blogs written throughout December 2007-August 2008. I had a 3.5cm tumor and was stage 2a. There was no detectable lymph node involvement but it was a triple negative tumor which means it is highly aggressive and likely to recur within the first two years. Like I said I am three years out from chemo now.

The decision of treatment options in regards to cancer is a very personal one for we are the ones who must live with it. I had my reasons for choosing traditional methods which so many others choose just as many others choose alternative methods. There are a lot of different things to consider and as you know breast cancer is not just one single disease. There are many forms of it.

It may sound a bit odd but God has done some amazing things for me on my journey with breast cancer and He expanded that journey to include a ruptured brain aneurysm and a stroke. It is not a journey I asked for but... I would not have missed it for the world for I have learned that God truly does turn our darkness into light (Psalm 18:28)... no matter what!

Good luck with your treatment.


K :princess:

Cj Warren (@j4given)

Hello 'K',

Thank you for responding. Your journey reminds me a bit of Pamela Hoeppner whose breast cancer was aggressive also. While she chose an alternative path, which was rather daunting with that speed of cancer, after publishing her book five years later (The Breast Stays Put) she went onto heaven relatively quickly thereafter from an infection (her cancer returned but apparently was not the cause of her death). She was pioneer of sorts in her decision and alternative treatment doesn't mean 'without struggle'.

In some ways an alternative path is 'easier' for me to navigate in that at this time in my life I find I have no family members living near me for support. My adult children live on the West Coast and both my parents who lived here (and why I returned to support) have died (from cancer also). My older sister died at the age of eight from brain cancer (as well as my mother). I have some friends but am 'inbetween' churches and consequently limited in my options. But with the Lord on my side... that's a big plus.

In my journey I am not without moments of panic with the start of some new pain or symptom. The Lord helps me figure out what's going on and so far so good. Some problems are just old problems flaring up and not cancer related at all. But a cancer diagnosis makes one very skiddish for sure.

Alternative treatments do have lysing symptoms (the body's way of processing and moving out dead cancer cells) and such symptoms can make keeping up with a career rather difficult. Sometimes I just look at the supplements I take (and pay for) and get very weary of it all but then what is the recourse to stopping my journey?

I have another site in which I am blogging my health journey. :)J4given

Ana Frankel (@pearl7)

Thank you for sharing. May you continue to "be strong in the strength of his might." (Ephesians 6:10)

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