Learn to Fall in Love with Christian Blogging Websites

Yes, I suppose you are baffled with the title and I get it especially that most of us who are browsing the internet are somehow blogging in one way or another. You enjoyed Christian blogging but are you truly in love with €œblogging€? Let me lay down the reasons why blogging is like falling in love to Christian blogging websites: You strive to give the best first impression . I believe we all want to give the best first impression that we can give to our readers and visitors. Sure, you got something great to offer your visitors but if you cant catch their attention you would get rejected on the first few seconds they come visiting your website. Let me define the first few seconds €“ It is the first few statements of your blog posts and it is the immediate appearance of your Christian blogging websites. If it doesnt have any appeal to your readers at all €“ no matter how inspiring and encouraging your words are €“ they would turn away from you. Dont pretend as if you are someone else . If you are not an expert on Christian blogging, there is no need for you to pretend you are. You can just be yourself and spread out your testimony the way you want without letting someone elses expectations ruin your eye-catching and awe-inspiring words of faith and belief. I believe you would end up nowhere if you think that Christian blogging is as easy as role playing. Remember, God will guide you on the words that you write and if you pretend to be someone else nothing good will come out of it. It takes time to find the real one given by God . Just like falling in love, you need to be patient in finding the one €“ the specific niche. Well, Christian blogging is a very broad subject to cover and Im sure you cant cover everything in one shot. You need to determine which sub-topics will work just fine for you and which will not work so much considering your knowledge and humanly limitations. Always uphold a good reputation so as not to ruin your chances . There are Christian blogging websites that do not really uphold a good reputation €“ respect for humanity, differences, races, culture, beliefs and opinions. For those owners, they think their opinion is the only thing that matters but if you want to fall in love you need to exercise the things that God has graced you €“ love and just love.

Amber Raasch @prisonerofhope ·

Thanks for sharing this post it gave me some inspiration and motivation.


This is encouraging Sister Jackie-thanks for sharing and God bless you always! Dave

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