What Does It Take to Make Popular Blogs in Christian Blogging?

We all know how fast-paced the internet is and the volatility of the things involved within its jurisdiction is something that we Christians should be aware of if we decide to use Christian blogging as a means to spread Gods love and grace. The strategies that might work today may not be the same strategies that will work tomorrow. This is how extremely volatile this environment is €“ constantly changing and evolving. However, while it is true that some strategies will change, there are others that still remain intact and being used even as we speak. The thing that makes Christian blogging challenging is the fact that we have to strive in making ourselves better so that the people who read our blogs will get something useful such as learning insights. But if you know what it takes to make popular blogs in Christian blogging, you can easily keep up with the changes. Avoid walls of text I get it €“ We are all eager to share our testimony and spread His words but if readers find it hard to read line after line or paragraph after paragraph they would most likely move on to another blog not that this will always apply of course. Not all of us can create excellent posts and not all of us are writers. I get this too but if you could create a post one that is honest and coming from the heart and yet it doesnt get read the inspiring words you say will just be wasted down the drain. Edit and Edit Again The seemingly overlooked aspect of Christian blogging is that people think they can just get away with typos and errors of grammar and spelling just because the online Christian community never judges. While this is true, you would also want to set the best example so that others will follow suit. A good Christian writer can be better if you know how to edit and edit again. Interesting, Eye-catching and Accurate Titles When you create a Christian blog post, it is important that you catch the attention of your readers. Your title along with the first few sentences of your blog post is the first thing that readers will see. In order to get reader reading your entry, you need to appeal to their senses and their interest.

Joe Volpe @joe4jesus ·

My dear Sister, let me first say thank you for devotion to help. I sense your true care a desire to help others after reading this post. I do however want to comment on a couple things.

First thing is the content of our blogs should be entirely scripture based. Our words and thoughts don't hold any power without the Holy Spirit behind them. The Holy Spirit is the key fundamental, or should be, when writing to encourage other believers. The Holy Spirit works exclusively through the Gospel i.e. the Bible.

That brings me to point number 2, you mentioned popularity. It seems that this can cause quite a problem when applied to a Christian's life. If a Christian is popular according to scripture, he's probably doing something wrong. Our objective should not be for our blogs to "be popular". Our objective should be for us to be as Christ-like as possible and help lead others to be Christ-like as well. A major problem in the "Church" today is they've left the Book. In doing so there is NO POWER behind their messages and they wind up using carnal methods to attract members. Thus leading to them having to use carnal methods to keeps their members. The have end up creating FALSE FIRE and in doing so, millions have been deceived.

All in all, I appreciate your thoughts and efforts but suggesting that we should have any focus on what "attracts" people would be incorrect. Our focus should be the TRUTH, nothing more, nothing less. After all, if in all our efforts to attract someone to read our blog and we lure them in with a flashy title and content that keeps them entertained BUT LEAVE OUT THE TRUTH, we end up with blood on our hands before God. There is nothing wrong with sharing a testimony or having an eye catching title but suggesting that ANY AMOUNT of effort should go into them without stressing the importance of the TRUTH would be WRONG.

Please understand NONE of my words have a negative spirit behind them. I pray these words will fall on teachable ears and would be considered on your end, to be the truth. Blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Christ


Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

Thank you for your blog my sister. If I may, something that works for me. As God moves my heart , I write and keep it as simple as possible not just for Chrisitans but for those who will be encouraged and blessed when as they read no matter who they are. And last i make sure I dont"hit people over the head with the bible spitting scriptures at them like a machine gun cause you will overwhelm them. Hope this helps and a few blogs here were published with "how to tips" on blog writing and they are very encouraging. be blessed

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Well, I need all the advice I can get about blogging, for sure. Of course, we can't forget 'love'. Godly love, that is. God loves, but also chastises, so sometimes we might have to accept both. Still, scripture says if we can speak (write) with the voice of angels, or if we have the faith that can move mountains, and we don't have love, Godly love, it will profit nothing.

And let me be the first to acknowledge with this here comment, I need to practice as much as anyone. :eek: .. I'm a Bible thumper too, but we gotta use scripture in love always. What it says will reach a lot further than my words can. But I also see others point of view, we can't go around using it as a whupping stick. Maybe sometimes the sugar in it, will bring that ole horse to the bridle.

Enjoyed everyones comment, and your blog. Welcome! God Bless, billy

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I would like to point something else out in relation to this topic. The use of all caps means you are shouting at one another so it is best not to use that. You may not be doing so but that is what it conveys to experienced bloggers. I know... many of us have a tendency to do that, myself included but when you do so you are presenting yourself to many people as being angry. If you want to emphasize words, please used the bold or italic buttons which can be found above the text box.

This might not seem like a very big deal but it is. I have been here at CB for over three and a half years and have written nearly 1,000 blogs. I have also been an extremely active member of the community here as well, have run some groups, moderate chat, a couple of groups and that sort of thing. I've seen a lot of people come and go. I've seen bloggers who are successful and I've seen those who are not and I've learned a few things. Normally, we communicate a great deal with our body language and the tone of our voice. These elements are missing in cyberspace. This means we give even more consideration to our words before we hit the publish button.

I must also say that I do not know a single successful blogger here who has not developed relationship with the community in some way. That does not mean they necessarily go into chat but you do see them commenting on the blogs of others, not just their own. A person might have seven comments on their blog but if six of the comments are their own, it simply means they are talking probably talking to themselves! To me that is not a good thing and I would pretty much refrain from commenting on your own blogs unless you are responding to the comments of others. When you respond, you should hit the reply to comment link so it shows up as a response to the comment rather than to your own blog.

Finally, sometimes you will not get comments on a blog simply because the people reading it feel like there is simply nothing more to say. You've written something they really like, agree with and feel like there is nothing more to say. You've said it well enough. You must also remember that most of the people who view your blogs are probably [i]not[/i] members of CB and therefore they cannot leave comments. I have had non-members read one of my blogs and join CB simply because they wanted to comment on it or be able to send me a message about it.


K :princess:

Joe Volpe @joe4jesus ·

@iraq sorry for posting this numerous times, for some the site cut off the bottom part of my reply.

My dear brother, please go back and re read what I wrote if necessary, but I never implied you were watering down the Gospel nor did I say to were talking about it. I simply said it's thinking about what attracts "customers", that leads to the watering down of the Gospel. You mentioned not having seminary or Bible training, neither do I. I study the word of God and let the Holy Spirit teach me. I mean this in the nicest, loving way possible, but maybe you should go back and read one of the 4 Gospels of Jesus Christ, i.e. Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. Jesus spoke in parables yes, but then countless time He spoke words of truth that weren't parables. You mentioned a worldly secular movie from the pit of Hell as a means for hope. Not to mention that you said that it had NO mention of scriptures. Such should have no place in a believer life. Come out from among them and be ye separate, a friend with the world makes you a enemy to God, you can't serve two masters for you will hate one and love the other. I am not pointing fingers at you personally, but watching secular worldly trash as a means for entertainment should not be part of our lives. Please understand I am not looking at any of you as if I'm better, I'm not. In fact I'm the least among you and grateful ad thankful for God's grace and mercy, without it I would be lost and on my way to Hell, where I deserve to go.

Let me share a story with you, a woman goes to the hospital and says she's experiencing some pain all over her body. The doctor decides to run some tests. The doctor gets the results back and they shock him... .a severe case cancer that will cause the woman to be dead in 3 weeks . The doctor thinks to himself she is so young and looks healthy, how could she have cancer. The doctor then thinks to himself, I dont want to hurt her feelings and offend her by telling her the results of the tests. He decides instead of telling the woman the truth in fear of how she take it and causing her even more pain, he is just gonna give her a lollipop and a sugar pill to help her get by.

Without going into all the details of what's wrong with that situation and what should of happened. Simply put the doctor should have and is required to tell the truth regardless of the results. Case and point, so are we as Christians. What good is telling someone that God loves them without addressing sin, the problem as to why we have been separated to God. Yes God loves us and greatly so. However, because God loves us, He also corrects us and shows us our errors. I fear how many on this site alone might possibaly be false converts, who think their saved and on their way to Heaven, but in reality are not. I'm am not implying anyone personally, but Jesus said, notice that once more, JESUS SAID many will say to me Lord Lord, ... . and I will say I NEVER KNEW YOU, depart from me you who practice lawlessness. In that passage Jesus wasn't speaking to UNBELIEVERS, He was speaking to people that professed his name and thought they were saved. We know this by the use of the word Lord being used twice, Lord, Lord.

A preacher once told me "the person that loves you the most, tells you the most truth". How true that statement is. I love you all very much. I pray these words will be heard by teachable hearts, teachable by the Holy Spirit not me.

In Christ

Joe Volpe @joe4jesus ·

Jackie, dear sister, let me personally welcome you to this site as well. We are privileged to have a fantastic guy like John running this site. He convinced me of his deep care and concern for us and how useful this site can be. Thanks John btw. Jackie, I look forward to your future posts.

In Christ

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