Who Said Christian Blogs cannot be a Funny Blog?

Most people think that if you put up a Christian blog, you are already putting up something that is religiously serious. Personally, I think you could build a Christian blog that has some streak of entertainment. Who said it shouldnt be a funny blog? After all, you want to encourage other people and inspire them with your experiences. Inspiration doesnt have to be extremely serious, deep and almost unfathomable. Do you want to build a blog that encourages and inspire? I suggest therefore that you build a funny blog. What are the benefits of putting up a non-serious Christian blog? 1 €“ Laughter is the best medicine Yes, the primary benefit of a funny blog with a Christian niche is to attract people who are trying to heal whatever pain they are feeling. If they have been wounded emotionally, you wouldnt want to feed them with all seriousness in this life. It adds another pile of stress for them to deal with. Why dont you just give them your sense of humor while you provide some valuable tips or advice? That will still do and will result to the same thing, right? 2 €“ Attract more people to your blog It would be great for people to discover that they can find inspiration in humor. Any life changing event doesnt have to bring you to tears. God often reaches out to you in different manners including the moments you have been happy or even embarrassed. It is just that we are too overwhelmed and too happy that we fail to see His works and sometimes even forget completely about Him €“ who is the ultimate source of our blessings. If people were to find happiness and humor in your experience, this will branch out to even more inspiring things. 3 €“ Helps you stay young It takes 37 muscles for you to frown and the act itself is stressing and adds to the muscle strain. Smiling on the other hand will only work out 22 muscles. Therefore, it would be great if you will just smile, ease out your worries and think that there is a Big God €“ who will take care of your big problems for you. Now, who said a Christian blog should not be a funny blog at all?


Welcome aboard Sister! Ain't nothing wrong with humor and sharing a laugh, that is true! God Bless you always! Dave

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Yes, Sister Jackie, let the laughter be found in the house of God, in our homes and everywhere we go. God also has a sense of humour, I can see Him laughing joyfully at us, enjoying us for who we are. God creates laughter too.

Thanks for sharing

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Jaclyn Azuela @jackie29 ·

Hi! Thank you for the warm welcome I appreciate it a lot.


Humor is important. I don't know of anyone who said we shouldn't use it here on Christian blog. Several people have put up humorous blogs now and then. If we don't laugh once in a while, I think we'd go insane!

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