Chapter 2 I AM (excerpt)

There is my light of the day, the sun, and there are my lights of the night, the stars and the moon. There are many aspects to light. Light can be many colors or light can be pure of no color or hue. I play with light in reflection and refraction, seeking to catch your eye, to fill you with many colors, pure, refreshing, cleansing. Light has many vibrations whether it is day or night for both are my creations.

Remember, you are my child. You are a child of the most high god. I knew you and loved you before I created the foundations of the earth, the heavens and the many galaxies. Can you imagine this concept? I gave you a mind to wonder, to question, to seek, to choose. I also gave you desire, to live, to create, to strive, to love, to know.

Now imagine .. breathe ... the air is but a simple yet complex gift, this breath of life. The air you breathe is held about the earth by the universe that I created, the great expanse I call heaven, in a perfect balance of air, stars, and the greater waters beyond the universe. And on the earth I separated the waters so that there would be land and many fertile places for life. And I watched as my life creations emerged through time, building upon knowledge, minds expanding to understand till the first held their heads up and began to look up at the stars and wondered.

Many events occurred predicated on true love. True love can only be when there is true will, a concurrence of sympathetic vibrations, waves, if you will, that synchronize, undulating together, symphonic, harmonious and glorious. Oh, how my heartstrings trill to the vibrations of truth and love, true unconditional love. This is what I offer, what I long to give you, my child, my lovely. And this is what I gave in the garden, my love, pure and concise. I gave of what I am, spirit and power, that I would have love, unconditional, out of free will from my children of spirit and light.

My heaven is filled with spiritual hosts, angels, who are my ministers who stand alert, waiting for my nod, my word to minister to you, to battle for you, to stand in guard and protect you. My angels swarm into battalions, ready with swords and stallions. They act and commit with unconditional love. Of their freedom they are my servants. Their voices vibrate in a synchronicity few perceive. But I will tell you more in other times and spaces.

My anguish, for I know all emotions that I am able to offer the understanding of good and evil for you to choose the path of one or the other, was the fall of my angel of light, now a dark spirit whose vibrations are static. He and those angels who followed must seek places to hide yet there are no places they can rest. My earth is not created for the errant vibrations they cause, so they must steal peace and tranquility in order to create a place of chaos, feeding on blood and flesh of those creatures I caused to walk the earth, yet always craving the power of eternal life, relinquished of their free will.

Imagine. I gave you the ability to imagine all things, and so now I want you to allow me to fill your imagination with time eternal. Imagine, as you breathe, there is an eternal seed that manifests into life and life manifests into light filled glorious life. Make it your greatest desire to walk with me in the garden, in the mist, in the warmth of the day and cool of the evening. Seek for me in the eternal garden that I created from the breath of my words. Imagine following in my footsteps and my words, and being my delight.


My spirit is yours.

Creation is yours if you are willing to be in obedience to my perfect laws.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Wonderful, wonderful to have you back again writing in the spirit of love, wisdom and knowledge of our heavenly Father. You have been missed.

:welcome: wmj
Joanne Douglas @jdjames ·

God's blessings to each of you. I look forward to being in the garden all together! jd