Interlude - excerpt I AM

Speak these words my child, you who knows to listen with the faith that you know my voice. I am everywhere, I am the universe for it came about by the power of my words, and my word is my life, my essence, for I am the almighty, the everlasting, the God of all that is created. My word is as my begotten, it is as what I say becomes, alights, is born, is seeded, becomes the root and the flourishing branches, is of spirit, but also is of matter for matter is of spirit.

There are many secrets and I have hidden much truth in my book for instruction in righteousness, histories of the generations, in the words and breath of the prophets that even they knew not of what they wrote as they were moved by my essence, the presence and reality of my spirit. What have you to speak this day? You write what I breath as I whisper in your heart. You hear these words for I am your God. Words are what create your life yet so many do not know the power of what they say, spilling out words that form to anguished lives, tormented lies, stumbling upon the traps and litter strewn path they create before their own steps.

To know your words have the power to move to miracles, your words must be true, not just in the sense of what is honest and of a good report, but also of what is the point of power. The edge of your words are the sword, the point is the power as in the points I spoke of, glinting in the light of love. If your words are thrust planed true, your voice will be as mine, creating the great marvelous works.

Watch with diligence the words you offer, the words you say in passing, the words that have been formed of utilities, for each generation forms patterns of speaking that create the mouths of nations. Your nation is under treachery, for the spirit of lies has taken hold of the leaders, yet they believe they masquerade their intentions well. I have allowed the gilded tongues to wag, for soon they will mire themselves in a well of their own demise. But fear not of what events will occur, for I have a chosen a special voice of one who will rise and believe that power of words and the truth of words well spoken will turn the tide of the mighty land of sojourners who have sought a land of plenty and freedom. Much is to be done by a very few who hold to the truth. Your prayers in the spirit avail much for it unleashes my power in ways you know not. Keep to your consistent voice of prayer, hold to the voice you hear for I have many words to prepare this nation to rise and not fall, but for the hands that know for they too hear the voice of truth, righteous reason, infallible power, and finally the full resistance to the one who seeks to destroy.

The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone. John 1:4 NLT

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