Living In The Freedom Of Grace

The burdens people carry are many, fears, injustice and infringements they have set upon themselves, the inability to step forward tripping over their own ways, loneliness, a dimmed pallor over even joys they cannot see or experience. Your presence is the presence of light and spirit, the Christ in you that is hope. Some will reach out, ask for what is it about you, touch you, want to be in the circle of light you have brought.

Others will squirm, wanting to agree yet the evil spirits that lurk in the lives of the deceived will howl and spit at your words. A steady gaze and silent spiritual prayers will avail much, for you have been given the liberality of truth and have much to gain in remaining in a firm stance, bringing the heat of my spirit to bear. Watch as the spirits that cannot stay in the light, cause raucous as they tear themselves away. It is from the presence of the Christ in you that they cannot remain, if but for that time, for these will linger from afar, seeking a way back to torment their host.

Knowledge, how I desire that all seek the knowledge of truth, that no longer can the demonic oppressors seek to demolish lives. Seek to the saving of many, for many will hear when they hear truth spoken. Continue in the battles, I give you the circumstances to enter the frays of justice clashing with injustice till truth wins. Fight the good fight for the souls to be redeemed, that all who would be saved be on the side of truth, join the ranks of soldiers who stand with the son of glory, redeemed, set free, living in the freedom of grace, forgiven and forgiving those who set them wrong. God's glorious words of wisdom and knowledge.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John8:32 NIV

By faith in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see and know was made strong. It is Jesus’ name and the faith that comes through him that has given this complete healing to him, as you can all see. Acts3:16 NIV

 Joanne Douglas
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Kip Petzold (@peoplepower)

This, again, is the biblical definition of GRACE - far MORE than the legal concept of "forgiveness".

May we let God flow through us.

Words of knowledge, spoken through the Spirit, DO set the captives free.
But you are correct to imply that it is our VISAGE which first impacts the souls of those we meet.

Joanne Douglas (@jdjames)

"May we let God flow through us." Then it is the light that is our visage. I try to remember to pray as I enter any place, as I walk about the city, as I encounter many faces. It sure helps me not to react in worldly way, it also disarms people who want to be annoyed and nasty.

Kip Petzold (@peoplepower)

But aren't the people of New York City the most charming and friendly in the world???

My dad was going the wrong way on a one way street, and a Taxi was coming, and he wanted to meet us so badly he came up full speed and blew his horn in greeting. Then he wished us well as we return to Michigan where we belong.

And he did all this even though it was easy to see he was having a rather difficult day.
Just think how friendly he would have been on a GOOD day!

Rarely have I encountered such engaging people!