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Almost daily I will watch a video or two or five of someone who is either o
Almost daily I will watch a video or two or five of someone who is either one on one witnessing or open air preaching. I don't do this to pass time but rather to get an insight of what to expect when I witness to others. I like to see the many different responses that people have. Doing so enables me to better prepare myself for the responses I could possibly get when sharing the gospel of Jesus with others.

Among the many different reactions, it's very clear that just the mention of Jesus puts people on the defense. People get offended just by the use of His name. The name of Jesus carries with it a tremendous amount of power and authority. Jesus is the name above ALL names and demands respect due to the unparalleled demonstration of love and mercy at the Cross. However, with all of the different misunderstandings people have of what Jesus did for us, I thought to myself, why does it offend people?

After thinking about that question, I feel the best answer is the conviction that accompanies the name of Jesus. The Holy Spirit convicts the hearts of those hearing the gospel. Pride and self righteousness is revealed and NO ONE wants to admit their wrong, much less that their works don't merit Gods grace. Because of pride and self righteousness, people end up making up their own version of God in their minds that their comfortable with. Idolatry is so common these days that it seems normal to make up a personal version of God that suits the needs of ourselves. A lot of so called Chriatians are guilty of this as well. They create a God in their mind that's ok with drinking, or gambling, or adultry of the heart, etc. The list could go on and on. Changing the truths about God in one's mind doesn't change the truths of God.

It's absolutely vital that we keep our minds on the ONE true God of the Bible and be sure to not make up our own version of God in our mind that we're comfortable with. The devil would love to see us do just this and end up serving a imaginary God. Satan constantly is trying to deceive us into doing this. DON'T LET HIM!

Just a few words of encouragement! When you wake up in the morning, go to the Lord in prayer ask Him for the hedge to remain around you. Ask Him to put up a hedge around your eyes, ears, heart, mind, and mouth. Ask Him to keep you from the deceit of the evil one. Put on the full armor of God. Remember, the war we're fighting is NOT physical, ITS SPIRITUAL. Stay strong in your faith and DON'T LET ANYTHING take your minds off the LORD.

Love and Blessings

Jesus Is Lord

Published: Jan 25 2011 11:59:53pm

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Tan Yeowhwa+ (@silverpen)

Brother Joe, yes when I do tract evangelization here, I sometimes receive looks of anger and even offence, in this country of many religions. Yet that will not deter me from doing what the Lord lays upon my heart to do. As you said, pray daily and in the morning, pray for a hedge of protection and fire to surround us. Then go and tell others about Jesus and let God do the rest.

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

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