3 Things I Have Learned More About God The Older I've Gotten


As we grow older we hopefully grow deeper in our relationship with Jesus Christ. Below are three ways that I have learned more about God the older that I have gotten.

  1. What matters, matters, ignore everything else. An older and great man of God that I once knew used to love saying "If the Bible makes it clear, we know the answer, if the Bible does not make it clear, we should not care." He was one of those rare few that when it came time to talk about the more, well, hot topic side of Christendom, rarely had much to say, because he understood that if there are things in this life that we as Christians should spend time focusing on, then those are those things that the Holy Text makes clear and focus on. The rest of the stuff is probably stuff that most of us should probably not spend our time on.
  2. Fellowship with God matters. It can become so easy for most Christians to slowly move away from the initial zeal they have with God. As time goes on, especially for the middle age working folks, it seems as if investing the necessary time in our relationship with God becomes less and less. The importance of spending time with God, the older we get, becomes all the more important. Do not let it go by the wayside.
  3. Peace triumphs strife. As young Christians in Christ, there is the constant progression of learning more and more. As we mature in Christ we begin to dig deeper into the word of God and our relationship with Him. An important lesson that I have learned is that, as mature older Christians, as we work with those younger in Christ, is to try to ingrain the importance that strife is just not good. Discord, that is to be expected and even encouraged in the progress of learning, but strife leads to bad blood, hostility, animosity and hampers the Holy Spirit. In all things we need to try to seek peace within our lives and to try to bring peace to the lives of those around us and to those that we minister too, be it our family, our co-workers, or the random people we encounter while out and about in life.

I am convinced that a life spent trying to focus on those things that God cares the most about, spending time with Him (which allows us to know what He cares about) and to seek peace above all else, are the three things that I have learned the most over the last decade as I have matured in Christ.

+John B. Abela

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Ah John you just pipped me - Great blog, but then you had a 'heads up.'

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

Excellent word John. Thank you. Les

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Excellent and thank you! :clap:

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Well put John I enjoyed reading this.

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